How to make your perfume last longer

As a perfume lover, the last thing I want is to spend a small fortune on the latest fragrance, only for it to not be long lasting. Over the years, I have used different types of perfumes from a variety of brands, and I have been blown away by amazing scents that stay on pretty much all day. I have also had my own fair share of dealing with fragrances that lasted only a few hours, and I have come to realise that a lot can be done to make your perfume last longer. If you have been struggling with fragrances that only seem to last a few minutes, you may find this article very insightful. Keep reading!

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How to make your perfume last longer

Here are some tips to have in mind to help your perfume stay on for much longer –

Buy quality perfumes

Like with most things, when it comes to perfumes, you pretty much get what you pay for. The easiest way to make your perfumes last longer is to go for quality fragrances. There are many reputable perfume shops where you could get quality perfumes. One website to check out is parfumdreams, as it is the one-stop online store for all things beauty.

Spray your hair

I know most perfume experts recommend spraying perfume directly on the skin. I did this in the past but for many reasons, I no longer spray perfume directly on my skin, but I spray a bit directly on my beautiful wigs. I have found my perfume stays on even longer when I spray some on my hair, and I highly recommend you try this tip if you don’t do so already. For some reason, a light spray on the hair keeps the fragrance on throughout the day.

Store your perfumes correctly

To preserve your fragrances, it is best to store the bottles in a cool and dark place. I keep mine in a dark and cool storage cabinet, and it helps preserve the perfumes. If you want your perfumes lasting longer and smelling as they should, you can invest in the right storage cabinet. There are loads of budget friendly options, so finding the right storage for your budget and your needs should not be a problem.

Get rid of old perfumes

Contrary to popular belief, perfumes don’t last forever! Fragrances like most products do have an expiry date. You may not see an expiry date on the bottle but if you have had a fragrance for years, it may be best to toss it. The longer you have a fragrance, the weaker it naturally becomes. This is why it is always a good idea to finish a perfume within a year of opening it. That way, the scent is still potent and you can get the best out of the fragrance.

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Are you a perfume lover? How many perfume bottles are you currently using? Please share your answers in the comments section below. Thanks for stopping by and have a good one.

Trends in Natural Beauty: Clean, Green, & Ingredient- Lean

From plant-based beauty products to sustainable packaging, there has been a growing demand for clean, green, and sustainable beauty products, especially among young consumers.

According to a recent survey, Gen Z beauty product users are more concerned about the impact the products they use have on their health and the environment. These young consumers are 1.3 times more likely to use environmentally friendly beauty products such as natural deodorants by AKT London.

This shift to natural beauty has seen brands in this market come up with ways of improving their products to match the demands of their young consumers.  

So, as a beauty product brand or a consumer, what are the latest trends to look out for when it comes to natural beauty? To keep you in the know, here’s a detailed look at what consumers are looking for in terms of natural beauty.

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Clean Beauty

Today’s consumers are concerned about the ingredients found in beauty products. This increased scrutiny has led to a rise in demand for clean beauty products.

Clean beauty refers to products that are made of non-toxic ingredients. The ingredients in these products should be natural, safe, and environmentally friendly. Examples of such ingredients include coconut oil, plant pigments, and jojoba oil.

Additionally, truly clean beauty products are free from potentially dangerous ingredients such as:

  •         Parabens
  •         Artificial colors
  •         Phthalates
  •         Sulfates
  •         Synthetic fragrances
  •         Formaldehyde
  •         Oxybenzone
  •         Talc
Sustainable Beauty and Packaging

Another big trend in the beauty industry is sustainability.

Consumers around the world are looking for ways to reduce waste due to the current climate crisis. This has led to increased popularity of beauty products that are innovative and environmentally friendly.

Some sustainable beauty trends to look out for include:

Sustainable packaging – Beauty product packaging has a great impact on the environment. More beauty product brands have embraced refillable packaging, allowing users to refill products at refill sites. Brands such as Versed have recycling programs that encourage consumers to recycle their empties. Other brands use biodegradable packaging materials such as paper, bamboo, and cardboard

Products that come in nontraditional forms -To minimize the use of plastic and promote zero waste, we see more beauty products that come in nontraditional forms. For instance, brands are creating shampoo bars and cleansers that dispense powder instead of liquid.

Zero waste – Zero waste seeks to eliminate waste from a product’s supply chain in order to reduce its environmental impact. The beauty industry has many zero-waste innovations, including upcycled cosmetic products that use leftover ingredients. Another example is dissolvable beauty which refers to products that are made up of ingredients or packaging that gradually dissolves or melts after use

Organic and natural ingredients – Natural and organic ingredients protect the environment, ocean, waterways, and food chain. Such products are also kind to your body. Most beauty brands that use natural ingredients in their beauty products also go further and ensure the ingredients they use are grown using sustainable methods and transported or produced using renewable energy

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Green Beauty

Green beauty involves the production of beauty products that are made without artificial ingredients. These products are made up of:

  •         Natural ingredients
  •         Vegan ingredients
  •         Healthy ingredients
  •         Certified organic ingredients

To be considered a green beauty, 70% of the product’s ingredients must be made of organic or natural materials. These products are also designed with zero-waste or recyclable packaging. 

Further, green beauty also favors the use of responsible suppliers and producers. Brands of green beauty products are also transparent about their ingredients and their commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Blue Beauty

Blue beauty is a sustainable beauty trend that focuses on products that are good for the oceans. It involves limiting plastic waste and protecting oceans from chemicals found in beauty products.

Some of the best blue beauty practices include:

  •         The use of organic and wild-harvested ingredients
  •         They use of minimal, biodegradable, reusable or upcycle packaging
  •         They use zero plastic in the manufacture of beauty products
  •          Supply chain transparency

To sum it up, the skin is the biggest organ and consumers are taking a keen interest in how the beauty products they use on their skin affect their health and the environment. If you’re a beauty product brand, the above natural beauty trends can help inform your product line so that you can meet the demands of the modern consumer.


How to pick the perfect foundation shade

Picking the right foundation shade is crucial when it comes to applying the perfect makeup. Your foundation can either make or break your look, so it is super important to ensure you pick the perfect foundation shade. Thankfully, the world of makeup has evolved, and there are loads of different shades for various skin tones. This means there is a shade for every one. Having said that, finding the perfect shade of foundation can be tricky and overwhelming sometimes.

If you are wondering how to go about getting the right shade, here are some tips below to help you.

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How to pick the perfect foundation shade
  • Use your jawline to determine your skin tone

The first step in picking the right foundation shade is to determine your skin tone using your jawline as this part of your face is the most accurate representation of your skin complexion. Once you have established your skin tone, that information can guide you in selecting your foundation.

  • Try different shades as close to your skin complexion as possible

Now this is the fun part. Once you have established your skin tone, it is time to try various shades as close to your complexion as possible. Sometimes you may find that you need to mix 2 different shades of foundation to achieved desired results, which is why testing similar shades is an important step in picking the perfect foundation shade.

  • Select the right coverage

If you want your foundation to stay on all day or you have hyperpigmentation/skin issues you want covered, then you may want to go for full coverage foundation. If you are unsure of the type of coverage you would need, then you can opt for light or medium coverage as you can wear your foundation lighter or heavier with more application.

  • Get the right finish for your skin type

When it comes to selecting the right foundation finish, you would want to opt for the right type for your skin. For oily and combination skin, matte finish are usually best, while dewy foundations are usually more suitable for normal and dry skin.

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  • Make use of virtual try-on tools

Many beauty brands and retailers now provide opportunities to try out makeup virtually. This is a great idea if you rather try makeup from the comfort of your home rather than going in stores. Plus, it is a lot healthier for the skin as well as you won’t have to worry about how frequently the makeup brushes are cleaned and all.



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