A Beginner’s Guide To Getting Free Makeup Samples

It can be very challenging to find the correct product for our skin tone. I had to learn this the hard way, and ended up with various makeup products that didn’t suit my skin tone. However, all this changed when a sales associate at a makeup boutique offered me a lesson on getting free makeup samples.  Since that day, I have received handfuls of samples and this article will provide information on how to get these samples.




Firstly, here are four makeup products you can receive without having to pay anything.


  • Foundation

A professional makeup artist who stated that she pays for more for certain products, such as foundation, that are in close contact to her skin.  For other products, she will tend to use drugstore brands.  By choosing the correct product for your skin, it is important you opt for the correct color or you will be wasting your hard-earned cash.

To avoid making an incorrect choice, it is recommended that you try a sample of the product before committing to the makeup item.  This is particularly true if you are using a department store brand.


  • Mascara

The flirty lashes are a must-have for almost all women, but some mascara can result in clumpy messes instead of long lashes.  To avoid this issue, it is recommended that you ask for a sample instead of using the testers others have used at the store.  The eye area is a highly sensitive one and you do not want to catch any infections from previous testers.  I was able to get a free version of Lancôme’s High Definition mascara from their counter when I asked for a sample.


  • Perfume

A person’s skin reacts differently to different perfumes; therefore, it is essential that you request a trial size before purchasing the perfume itself.  Before committing to L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani, I asked for a sample and received one.


  • Skin Care Products

My skin is sensitive and this means I can use only certain skin care products.  By using sample products before purchasing the full item, I am able to determine whether or not the product is suitable for my skin.  At the moment I am trying Bare Essentials’ cleanser and moisturiser before deciding on whether or not to purchase the full bottle.


  • Be Friendly

The first point to consider when trying to receive a sample is to be friendly to the person behind the makeup counter.  A sales person is more likely to assist individuals who are polite and courteous instead of rude and arrogant.  Of course, this friendliness must not be faked or you will not receive any samples.


  • Make Conversation

Some of the sales people are amateur makeup artists and will enjoy sharing their secrets, so it is recommended that you make conversation to “pick their brains” regarding makeup application.  For example, one sales associate tipped me to use Stila’s convertible color on my cheeks and lips.


  • Ask For The Samples

The aim of the conversation is to ultimately ask for samples, and it is as easy as asking for them.  The majority of makeup boutiques will have samples for customers wishing to try a product and all you need to do is request them.  However, if you are not keen on speaking to a sales person, it is possible to obtain free samples from a online free stuff website or makeup store websites.


  • Make A Purchase

While asking for samples is fine, it is recommended that you make a purchase as well and not use samples only.  This will help you build a relationship with the sales associates at the makeup boutiques and could lead to more free samples.


I hope you find these tips useful, and I get as many makeup samples as possible.


*Collaborative post.


Product Review – LOLA Matte Lipsticks & Lash Extension

Hey makeup lovers, this product review post is for you. You should all know by now about me being a beauty blogger for the LOLA makeup brand. I mentioned that some weeks ago, and I promised regular LOLA makeup reviews. I have been using some LOLA Makeup, Matte Lipsticks and Lash Extension Mascara, and I have a lot to say about them.

LOLA Makeup Matte Lipstick Image copyLOLA Products Image copy

I received the Lash Extension Mascara in this new kit, but I have reviewed it before, so catch up on that review post if you missed it.

So about these Matte Lipsticks, I received two different shades from the LOLA Matte Lipstick Limited collection, Purple Rock and Deep Plum.

LOLA Lipstick Swatch Image copy

LOLA Lipsticks Image copy

About this LOLA Matte Lipstick Limited Collection –

This velvety cream lipstick provides an inmaculate matte finish and intense enduring colour.

Nicknamed the “Ultimate long-wear lipstick” by Pro make-up artists, it has blend of polymers and emollients which provide a smooth appearance and fuller looking lips. Non-drying, moisturising formula is enriched with Vitamin E and Jojoba oil.

Here are my thoughts –


  1. I love both shades on me, especially the Deep Plum shade. I think they are stunning shades.
  2. They are both long-lasting. They stayed on for hours.
  3. I found both lipsticks very easy to apply. I didn’t even need a primer.
  4. There are various shades in this LOLA Matte Lipstick Limited Collection, so there should be a shade for everyone.
  5. These lipsticks also moisturise the lips, which is a massive plus.

Wearing LOLA Deep Plum

LOLA Makeup Matte Lipstick Image copy

Wearing LOLA Purple Rock

LOLA Makeup Lipstick Image copy


None. I love both shades a lot.

If you like what you see, do go on LOLA Makeup by Perse website to shop the limited collection. You can also make use of this 10% discount code – policelola10 ​

Happy shopping and do share your thoughts in the comments section.

Thanks for reading.

*PR sample.

Product Review – Rimmel London Ultimate Summer Glow Collection

Another week, another product review post. Rimmel London is one of my favourite drug store makeup brands. I love the fact that their products are quality and very affordable. I remember spending a good portion of my pocket-money on Rimmel London while I was at the university, and it is still also one of favourite makeup brands today.

Makeup Picture copy

I have been using some of these new Rimmel London makeup products and I am loving it.

Rimmel London Makeup Picture copy

Rimmel London Radiance Brick Multi-national Shimmer Powder

I find bronzing powders very useful, especially in the summer months. I find that they create a stunning bronze look, which I really like. I got the 002 medium shade. Here are my thoughts.

An ultra-fine, multi-tonal bronzing powder for soft shimmer effects and a glamorous, healthy looking glow.

Rimmel London Radiance Brick Image copy


  1. I like the fact that this shimmer powder comes in various tones.
  2. I like the sun-kissed look the powder creates.
  3. It is a multi-tasking product, it can be used for contour & highlight.
  4. It is affordable at £5.99.

Rimmel Swatch Image copy


None. I love this product a lot.

Rimmel London Kate Sculpting Palette

This clever combination of 3 powder shades – a highlighter, shading brush and blush is smart and handy to have around. I got the 002 coral glow shade (comes in 2 shades) and I am loving it so far.

Rimmel London Palette Image copy

The palette works with every face shape and skin tone, adding definition and structure. It seamlessly blend with your natural skin tone to create a contoured look.


  1. I like the fact that it is a multi-tasking palette. Why carry 3 kits when you can just take 1!
  2. I found the shades easy to blend.
  3. The shades look great on my skintone.
  4. I love the sleek packaging.
  5. It is so affordable at £6.99

Makeup Selfie Image copy

Rimmel London Makeup Img copy


None. This palette is the dream. I cant fault it.

Rimmel London Insta Duo Contour Stick

Rimmel Duo Stick picture copy

This new Duo Contour Stick was also included in the pack I received from Rimmel. I reviewed this Contour Stick some weeks ago, so you can catch up on that. I think it is a fantastic contour kit. It is so easy to use and has made my makeup application a lot faster.

Rimmel London Sunshimmer Instant Tan

Now the jury is still out as to whether women of colour use a tan. I have personally never thought of using a tan until I received this Sunshimmer Instant Tan by Rimmel London. I have used it a few times now and I like the highlighted skin tone it gives me.

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan Image copy

Ultra-blendable formula that instantly illuminates, leaving skin with an all-over matte sun-kissed glow.


  1. I love the pretty packaging.
  2. I like the price at £6.99.
  3. It is water-resistant.
  4. It washes off quickly with soap and water.
  5. It leaves my skin glowing.

Tan Image copy



Have you tried any of these products?

*PR samples.

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