Product Review: KTC Pure Almond Oil

I wrote about the many Hair Oils available some weeks ago, and the best Hair Oils for growth. Well I have been experimenting with a few new hair oils to discover the best hair oil for our hair (that is myself and my baby girl).

I have used quite a few already, but I was not 100% sold on any until I tried this KTC Pure Almond Oil.




Pure, undiluted Almond Oil is the best for my hair and my daughter’s hair. I have only good things to say about this amazing hair oil. It is so good that I have had to buy 2 more bottles immediately, just so I don’t run out.

Here is a brief product description –

  • ALMOND OIL AS COOKING OIL This oil was extracted from sweet almonds, it is quite clear, pale yellow, low viscosity and mild pure flavor, so it comes as high-quality edible oil used. It is suitable for fresh salads, fruit salads, sauces and sweet dishes, also for frying or for fondue. In Indian cuisine, it is considered a “staple”.

  • OR FOR PERSONAL HYGIENE It is also suitable for a natural, native and mild type of skin care. It is neutral in odor – without chemical additives. Because it is quickly absorbed into the skin like almond oil, used as body and massage oil.







  1. It is a great multi-tasking oil. Fabulous for moisturising he skin (I add it to my regular lotion), conditioning he hair (I use it in my spray bottle with some water), and cooking.
  2. It is pure, undiluted oil. No chemicals, no fragrance.
  3. It is so affordable at only £3.20 for a 200ml botle.
  4. It is readily affordable on eBay, Amazon, Superdrug and many other online stores and regular shops.
  5. It feels great on my skin. It absorbs quickly, leaving my skin feeling moisturised and looking smooth.
  6. It is so good for our hair. I have noticed a massive growth in our hair, especially my daughter’s, since we started using it.






This product is THE TRUTH! I can’t see myself using any other kind of oil. I have used them all, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil; and this Almond Oil is the best oil by far. I love it. My natural hair has had a full transformation. I am still transitioning, but I can see my hair fully transitioned in about 3 months.




What are your thoughts on Almond Oil? Have you tried it before?



Best Hair Oils for Hair Growth

Believe it or not our natural hair goes through a lot of strain. Harsh chemicals from hair care products, constant styling and environmental changes can really affect our natural hair growth. When you add stress from work, school or family life and a poor diet or eating habits, it’s not surprising why hair loss is slowly becoming a major concern.




Thankfully, nature has come to the rescue. It has been discovered that natural oils contain potential elements like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can add life, lustre and shine to our hair. Of course, these natural oils work excellently for hair growth as well as providing additional benefits. The best part about these oils is that they are completely natural. So, no need to worry about your hair being damaged by harsh chemicals or horrible side effects.

Here are some of the natural oils that you should get your hands on if you want to have beautiful long hair.


  1. Olive oil

Extracted from the olive fruit, olive oil has been known for centuries for its amazing health benefits. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E which does wonders to moisturize your hair and scalp and sealing in the moisture. This gives the hair the right environment to grow healthily.

Olive oil also helps to prevent DTH Hormone production. The DTH hormone is the one that causes the hair follicle shaft to narrow. When this happens your hair thins out and loses its lustre.




When shopping around for olive oil make sure you go for high quality virgin or extra virgin olive oil to get the best results for your hair.


  1. Coconut Oil

I am a huge fan of coconut oil. I love the fact that it is so versatile. I like to have a few jars of coconut oil in my house.

Just like olive oil, it helps to moisturize your hair. The fatty acids contained in the coconut promote hair growth. It does that by working with the natural proteins in your hair to strengthen and protect it from breaking.

When you massage the oil on your scalp, it boosts blood circulation. This makes the blood vessels on your scalp come to life, making it easier for the nutrients in your blood flow to the hair follicles and promote hair growth.

Consistent application of coconut oil will make your hair thicker, healthier and longer.


  1. Almond oil

Although used for aroma therapy, almond oil does wonders for the hair.  The vitamins in Almond oil helps to strengthen, nourish and smoothen the hair. The Vitamin E contained in almond oil makes it an excellent hair conditioner, leaving your hair nice and soft.

Almond oil also penetrates deep into the hair follicle providing the hair cuticles the needed nutrients to keep it strong and promote hair growth.


  1. Avocado oil

We hear a lot about avocados being used for facials but it works just as well on our hair too. Avocado is a conditioner and it helps to restore moisture to your hair. It gives your hair the needed strength and lustre to make your hair grow faster and healthier.





How to Apply the Natural Oils

Those were just some of the amazing natural oils that help with hair growth. Now you need to know how to apply it correctly to get the  best results. The steps are quite simple and they work for almost any natural oil.


Step 1: Warm the oil

Natural oils are more effective when they are warm. All you have to do is pour a dollop of oil in your palm and rub your hands together to warm the oil.


Step #2: Massage your scalp with the oil

The target is your scalp. That’s where the growth happens. Use your finger tips to massage the oil in, then spread the excess oil on your hair, most especially the tips. The tips of your hair are the driest so you’ll need to make sure it gets some oil to keep it moist.


Step #3: Wrap your hair with a warm towel

This will give the oil time to penetrate into the hair follicles and deep condition your hair. You can leave your hair covered for 15-20 minutes or even overnight to give you maximum results.


Step #4: Wash thoroughly

Wash out all the oil from your hair using warm water and your favourite shampoo. Once well washed, air dry your hair or pat with a towel.


Which hair oils do you swear by?

How to Lighten your Underarms

50 Shades of Blue Image


Dark underarms can be so embarrassing. It prevents you from wearing those gorgeous sleeveless tops or dresses you want to wear in the summer. You end up feeling insecure and self-conscious about your dark underarms, and this can slowly start to affect your self-esteem.

Shaving, use of harmful chemical substances from hair removal creams, deodorants or antiperspirants are major causes of dark armpits. Thankfully, there are effective home remedies that can help make your underarms lighter. Using natural products is the best way to lighten your underarms as chemical products will do more harm than good. I’ll share some natural home remedies that will help lighten dark underarms.

You can lighten your underarms naturally in 3 ways:

1. Bleach your underarms

Certain foods contain bleaching agents which help to lighten your skin. Lemon is quite effective when it comes to bleaching dark areas of your skin. The acidic properties in lemon help lighten your underarms and exfoliate dead skin cells.

Lemon Application:

Rub a lemon segment directly on your underarms or apply lemon juice with your finger tips. Massage it in for a couple of minutes before you take a shower. Do this daily. Lemon has the tendency to dry your skin. So, moisturize your underarms to prevent it from drying out.

If you have sensitive skin, lemon may cause an irritation. This is because lemon is extremely acidic. Potatoes are a great alternative to lemon as they have mild acidic properties. This makes potatoes ideal for lightening sensitive skin.

Potato Application:

Rub a slice of potato on your underarms for 5-10 minutes, then wash it off with warm water. You can also grate the potato to extract its juice and apply the juice on your armpit. Do this morning and night for best results.

2. Exfoliate your underarms

When dead skin cells accumulate on your underarms, it can make it look dark. Gently exfoliating the area removes the dead skin and makes your underarms look lighter. Baking soda is an effective exfoliant. Aside from the fact that it’s natural, baking soda acts as a natural deodorant and antiperspirant. It even prevents odours.


Mix baking soda and water together to make a thick paste. Then apply the mixture on your underarms. Using your fingers, gently scrub your underarms for some minutes and then wash off the mixture with some warm water. Make sure you don’t scrub too hard to prevent any injuries.

3. Oil your underarms

Interestingly, oiling your underarms can lighten your skin. Coconut oil is rich with vitamin E. The Vitamin E in coconut oil helps to lighten your skin naturally. Just another reason to stock up on some coconut oil.


Rub some coconut oil on your armpits before you take a shower. Massage the coconut oil for a few minutes, then with a mild soap and lukewarm water, wash the oil off from your skin.

To experience the direct effect of Vitamin E, you can buy Vitamin E in a capsule, puncture it and apply the oil on your underarms. Massage the Vitamin E oil on your skin, and then wash it off. Do this daily for best results.

I have used these tips personally, so I know they work. May not work for you or suit your skin but it is worth a try if you are struggling with dark underarms.


What are your thoughts? Have you heard of or tried any of these tips before?