Skincare Routine – How to Use Your Skincare Products in the Right Order

You may have bought all the right products but did you know that the efficacy of your skincare products has a lot to do with the order in which they are applied? Paying attention to how you apply your skincare products is very important in determining how effective your skincare routine is.

Failure to apply your skincare products in the right order will harm your skin, cause irritation and even dryness. To get the full benefit of your skincare products you need to know how to layer them in the right way. Here is the exact order you must follow in your skincare routine.


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Step #1: The Cleanser

You may have washed your face, but you must not apply any products on your face without first giving it a good cleanse with a cleanser. The cleanser goes deep into your pores to get rid of any dirt, grime or oil that the soap and water wasn’t able to wash off.


Step #2: The Toner

This step is essential to enable your skin absorb the other products into your skin. Toners help to balance the pH levels and restore the skin after cleansing. It also gives your complexion that needed boost.


Step #3: The Serums

Serums contain a lot of rich and powerful ingredients like antioxidants, retinol or ceramides. So, it’s wise to apply serums after toning to allow those ingredients to seep into the skin.

To ensure that the serum gets into the skin, it’s best to pat them into your skin. Just like other skincare products, it’s also important to note the order in which you layer your serums. You need to apply serums with a lighter consistency first before the ones with heavier consistency. This will ensure that both serums work effectively without overshadowing the other.


Step #4: The Eye Cream

The skin around your eyes is thinner and that area needs more tender love and care. Eye creams are usually lightweight to ensure easy absorption of nutrients into the skin.

Eye creams are never slathered under the eyes. That could irritate the delicate under-eye area. Just like serums, eye creams should be gently tapped into your skin but this time with your ring finger.


Step #5: The Moisturizer

Hydration is extremely important for your skin. Moisturizers provide you with the hydration your skin needs to look its best. If you have dry skin, you’ll need a lot more than other skin types. You could apply facial oil for added moisture.

Most people with oil prone skin feel that they can skip this step but that would only set their oil glands into action. This would cause more pimples. A lightweight moisturizer is ideal for you if you have oily skin.


Step #6: The Sunscreen

The last layer must always be sunscreen. Prolonged sun exposure can be harmful for your skin and is oftentimes the cause of premature ageing. Consistent use of sunscreen will help reverse the signs of ageing.

Make sure that you choose a sunscreen with a high SPF for better protection from the sun. Never leave your house without applying sunscreen, even in the winter.



Fashion and Style Police Reviews Emani & Rosehip Plus

I had the lovely opportunity of trying an Emani Foundation and a Rosehip Plus Oil, and they are now one of my current favourites products. Let’s talk about this Emani Foundation first. For those who have never heard of this foundation, it is a luxurious foundation infused with Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Nutrients and High Impact Pigments to give the skin an instant radiance. Hyaluronic Acid is such a great skincare ingredient to have in a product. It fortifies the skin’s natural barriers by penetrating and infusing all layers of the skin with rejuvenation moisture.


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I have used this Emani foundation for weeks now and I have quite a lot to say about it. The shade I have here is Sand Beige and it suits my skin tone perfectly.


Here are the pros and cons.


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  1. I love the packaging. The bottle is beautiful and the pump is easy to use with no messes.
  2. This foundation is a 100% vegan, gluten free, and cruelty free formula.
  3. It is very long lasting; it stays on all day.
  4. I love the medium coverage with dewy finish. It diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and skin pores.
  5. A little goes a long way with this foundation. I only use a tiny portion for my entire face and it is more than enough.


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I really like this foundation. It is a great 12 hour Hydra Liquid Foundation. I would recommend it 100%. You can grab it for £34 from Love Lula and Mahi Naturals and Amazon.


Rosehip Plus Oil Skin Boost Roll On

Rosehip Plus Oil Skin Boost Roll On is a 100% pure and natural Certified Organic oil, cold pressed from the seeds of the Rosehip (Rosa Canina). It helps the skin look healthy and shiny. It can be use on the face and body. I have used it a couple of times now and here are my thoughts.


  1. I like the compact packaging of this skincare product.
  2. It is very easy to use. You just roll it all around where you need it. Which is handy when you want to target specific areas.
  3. The fragrance is nice.
  4. It keeps my skin moisturised and silky.
  5. This product promotes skin elasticity and texture.
  6. It is a great travel beauty product as it is tiny and it won’t leak.


RoseHip Plus Review ImageBeauty Blogger Picture






I really like this product. It is great for my skin and very affordable at only £10 for a 15ml tube. The RosehipPLUS range is now on Amazon.


Have you tried any of these products before? What do you think of them?



*PR samples.

My Very Own Fragrance

If you remember, some weeks ago, I mentioned the fact that I have been trying my hands on creating my very own fragrance. I created the perfume in the comfort of my bedroom with my daughter’s input thanks to The Perfume Studio. For those who have never heard of The Perfume Studio, the brand stocks exquisite range of blends sourced from the world’s finest ingredients to create personalised fragrances.

I had the privilege of getting the Exotic Collection, which had 6 carefully selected blends – Fruity Amber, Musky, Exotic Floral, Spicy, Amber and Gourmand.


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How I Created My Very Own Fragrance

I stated on a smooth flat surface with some kitchen towels close by. After taking a quick sniff of each of the blends, using the scent strip, I noted my favourites and stated the process of filling the perfume bottle with the blends using the pipettes provided in the box.

I wanted a floral scent to match the current season, so I started with the Exotic Floral Blend. The blend is dry, sweet and floral. I poured in about 7ml of the Exotic Floral Blend as I wanted it very summery and I needed the gold colour of the blend to reflect in the final look of my perfume.


Fragrance Tip 1 – Keep some coffee beans handy to help neutralise the nose in between smelling the blends.


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Then I went for the Gourmand Blend next. This blend has a stronger scent and I didn’t want it overpowering the floral scent. So I poured in only 4ml of this blend.

The Musky Blend went in next. I needed only 2ml of it as I didn’t want it overpowering the overall floral fragrance I was going for.

I love the sweetness of the Amber Blend scent a lot. 5ml of it went in next, with another 5ml of the Spicy Blend going in to add some spice to the final fragrance.

Finally, 4ml of the Fruity Blend went into the perfume bottle.


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I really like this fragrance I created. The final scent is just what I wanted – sweet and floral. I also got the gold look I wanted as well. If you are interested in creating a unique fragrance, I suggest you check out The Perfume Studio. I enjoyed my first experience of creating my own unique scent. And I am looking forward to creating many more scents.


Fragrance Tip 2 -Keep your perfume in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and temperature changes.




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