Product Review: Untamed Hair Dryer

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These days, I am paying special attention to my haircare routine and I have started noticing a massive improvement in my hair. It just confirms that good care can grow almost anything and that includes my very disobedient hair! My natural hair has not been growing as fast as I wanted. I only just realised the reason it wasn’t growing as quickly as I wanted was because I wasn’t caring for my hair the way it needed to be cared for. Nowadays, I pay special attention to any product I use on my hair and I can hardly recognise my hair now.

I was super excited to try out Untamed Hair Dryer. Prior to trying out this lovely machine for myself, I have read some amazing reviews about it so I was super keen. Untamed Hair Dryer is so different from the other hair dryers I am used to. This fantastic hair dryer doesn’t just dry your hair but it also moisturises thanks to the mini Argan Oil . It comes with a special nozzle that allows you to attach a bottle of Argan oil. This allows you multi-task by drying and nourishing your hair with the Argan oil. It is such an amazingly smart machine.


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  1. The first thing I noticed was the lovely packaging and the salon length cable. It is a great length for when you need to use the hair dryer away the socket.
  2. I love the fact that it is a multi-tasking hair dryer. It is my first time using a hair dryer that also moisturises with Argan Oil.
  3. It comes with 3 nozzle – a slim nozzle, a super slim nozzle, and a nozzle for holding a bottle of Argan Oil.
  4. The hair dryer has a cold shot feature which allows you settle the cuticles with some cold air after drying. It is such a cool feature and it is great for the hair.
  5. This powerful 2000W Untamed Hair Dryer dries the hair pretty quickly. It is just what I need when I need to dry and moisturise my hair quickly.



None. I love everything about this wonderful hair dryer.


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I really like this Untamed Hair Dryer. It is such a fab hair dryer with amazing features and it stands out from the regular hair dryers around. I am now looking forward to many hair wash days with this game changer! It retails at £69.99 and you can grab on Untamed website or Amazon.



Coconut Hair Oils for Hair Growth

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I recently started experimenting with Coconut Hair Oils. My hair gets really dry and I have struggled with various hair creams. Many of them don’t do much so I started investing in hair oils instead. Previously, I have tried Almond Oils. I used them for many years but I found them a little too greasy for my hair. My hair is quite dry but not dry enough to get away with using Almond Oils for too long. So I stopped using them and decided to stick to using only Coconut Oil for sometime. I usually mix my hair oils with water in a spray bottle, to allow me spray when needed but I decided to use the oils even more. A few weeks ago, I started moisturising my hair and scalp with some coconut oil, after using the spray bottle and I noticed my hair really started to grow.


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The Coconut Oil Hair Growth Experience

I realised my hair needed some extra moisture in addition to the spray bottle and I am so happy to have found what really works for my hair. My hair loves some coconut oil and it really works. The hair oil leaves my hair soft, manageable and healthy. My hair has really grown so quickly in the last few weeks. I will be showing off the length and thickness in my next hair post. It is currently twisted up underneath a scarf and I am too lazy to undo it all and take a photo. Another thing I discovered my hair likes is some natural heat. Once I take a protective style off, I rock my natural hair for sometime to enable my hair recover from the previous style. This allows me also clean and moisturise it for some weeks. When I moisturise with water and some coconut oil, I pop my silk hair scarf on for some hours while working from home. I believe this has also helped in growing my natural hair.


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I currently use this Naissance Fractionated Pure Coconut Oil. It is an amazing oil and the brand has other oils I am experimenting with as well. I will be writing a review on those soon. You can read the full review of the Naissance Fractionated Pure Coconut Oil and shop this Coconut Hair Oil below.

Have you tried any amazing Coconut Hair Oils?


The Benefits of Epsom Salts

I have been using Epsom salts for years now and it is such an amazing addition to my skincare routine. It also does wonders for my lifestyle and I cannot see myself not using Epsom Salts now that I know all the amazing benefits. Epsom Salts has 2 main ingredients – magnesium and sulfate. Magnesium is a natural substance that helps many different body functions, including the removal of toxins. While sulfate strengthens the walls of the digestive tract, which aids the release of toxins. Both ingredients are incredibly helpful for the mind and body, which is what makes Epsom Salts so popular.


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The Benefits of Epsom Salts

The benefits of Epsom salts are numerous, but I will mention some of the benefits I have personally experienced.

It soothes the skin

I add a bit of Epsom Salts into my bathwater and it helps soothe my skin. It is great for relieving rough and dry skin. It exfoliates dry skin cells and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. I love how amazing my skin feels after a bath with the salts.


It reduces stress

After a long day, one of the fastest ways to relieve yourself is having a warm bath with Epsom Salts. The Epsom Salts helps reduce stress thanks to the Magnesium, which induces sleep and reduces stress. When I needed to recover from a long stressful day, I go have a warm bath with some Epsom Salts. It works every time.


It reduces soreness

If you are struggling with soreness and pains, Epsom salts are great for combating body aches and pains. A quick warm bath with it does the trick!


Removing splinters

Getting rid of splinters can be tricky but it is a lot easier when you soak in warm water and Epsom Salts for a few minutes. This reduces the inflammation and softness the skin, which makes it easier to remove the splinters.


It is worth stocking up on some Epsom salts now that you have heard a few of the amazing benefits. I always make sure I have some Epsom Salts in my bathroom cabinet for when I need it.

Are you a fan of Epsom Salts? Do you have any benefits to share?




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