Product Review: Pevonia Youthful Glances Christmas Collection



I recently received the Pevonia Youthful Glances Christmas Collection and I was super excited to try it out. The range came in a very pretty, white, quilted bag, and it included an eye makeup remover 50ml, evolutive eye gel 30ml, evolutive eye cream 30ml and an eye massage wand. I have used these products for weeks now and I have quite a lot to say about the collection but before I get into it, let’s read what Pevonia has to say about this it:

Featuring the best-selling Pevonia C Evolutive Eye Gel and Eye Cream, containing botanical ingredients to minimise wrinkles and maintain a smooth and youthful eye contour; the Pevonia Eye Massage Wand which stimulates micro-circulation and intensifies the absorbency of your Pevonia® Eye Product of choice; and the essential Eye Make-up remover, along with the white quilted bag.

Pevonia’s Youthful Glances Collection is your best friend when it comes to this Christmas party season, making late night tired eyes a thing of the past.


Now here are my thoughts on the products:



  1. I love the feel of the massage wand. It relaxes me, stimulates circulation, and intensifies the absorbency of the eye cream or gel, so use an eye product before using the massage wand. I used the cream, gel or both before using the wand.





Pevonia Range



I love this eye gel. I have used it every morning and most evenings for weeks now and I have only good things to say about it. I apply a small quantity around the eye with my finger tips and I let the magic begin.


  1. This eye gel is the best thing ever. It helps add some sparkle to the eyes, especially when you have had a few late nights, like I have been having.
  2. It helps maintain a smooth and youthful eye contour.
  3. It also serves as a great makeup base for a long-lasting look.
  4. It reduces puffiness and dark circles.





This eye makeup remover is so fabulous. I apply it on some cotton wool and wipe gently.


  1. It is the gentlest eye makeup I have ever used. I wear contact lenses, and I felt no sting whatsoever.
  2. It took off ever trace of makeup off my eye lids and eye lashes.
  3. It takes off waterproof makeup as well.





This eye cream is a must-have this season. I have used this product everyday and I can say it has done the job.


  1. This eye cream is great when used with the eye gel, It wakes up your tired eyes.
  2. It is non greasy.
  3. It feels great on the skin.




I recommend this Youthful Glances Christmas Collection to anyone in need of a gently eye makeup, eye cream, massage wand and eye gel, these products perform brilliantly. The only issue I have with this collection is the price £110, but then again, good things never really come cheap, and the quality of these products speak for themselves, so it is worth it in my book. Our skin deserves the very best.

This collection would make a lovely Christmas present, do you agree? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend.


*PR Samples.





YES, I Do Want My Body Hairs Off!

Yesterday, I wrote about my Laser Hair Removal Treatment, and I got all sorts of comments both online and offline. Some comments reassured me, some made me laugh out loud, some made me rethink the entire treatment, some scared the living daylights out of me, many were very informative, some were just curious, and a few just pissed me off. One of the cons of having a blog is everyone has an opinion on what you write, which is a good thing and a bad thing at the same time, and that is fine, I usually delete ignore most of the bitter, negative comments I get on the blog and in real life, but some did get to me and that has triggered this essay, please stay with me.



We are all entitled to our opinions, but I think there is a fine line between sharing your 2 cents and forcing it down on others, and many of us tend to force our opinion down on others, consciously or unconsciously. Many women struggle to come to terms with their body hair, and refuse to talk about them or even acknowledge their existence, they prefer to live in denial, and that is quite understandable. On the other hand, I also know many women are happy with their body hairs and see no point in getting them off permanently. I used to be one of those women, but not anymore. I am a 28 years old woman and I have come to point in my life where I now want some of my body hairs off. To be more specific, I want my chin hairs off. The hairs on my legs, hands, underarms and everywhere else I can live with, shaving once in a while will sort that out. I hardly have the opportunity to show off bare legs in the UK anyways, so I am not missing out too much as far that part is concerned, but with the chin hair, I can’t live with it anymore and I am not ashamed to say it. YES, I do want my chin hairs off!

Laser Hair Removal


I am not ashamed to say I don’t like the sight of body hairs, I actually very find them very annoying, and I am always in a hurry to get them off as soon as they crop up. I never had hair on my chin, well that changed some years ago, they just came from nowhere and have refused to go away, so getting rid of them permanently, and only having tops up after some years, if necessary will be a bliss compared to waxing and threading every 6 weeks. I do envy women who do not have to worry about body hairs, I want to be one of those women again…….


The good thing about all this is there is now a treatment available for those who do want their body hairs gone for good, so thank God for that. You can have the treatment done on all skin types, and on almost every part of your body. You can even have a Hollywood Laser Hair Removal done, popularly known as ‘Hollywood’, which is where all hair is removed from your bikini line, from the front to the middle and to the back. That may be the next area from me, who knows, never say never……..LOL.


If you had the opportunity, would you go for a laser treatment hair removal if needed? Sound off in the comment section please. Thanks for reading.



My Laser Hair Removal Journey: The Patch Test

Laser Hair Removal


If you a frequent reader of Fashion and Style Police, you would know about me wanting to get my body hair taken off permanently. I have previously written about laser hair removal treatment a few times now (click here and here if you missed the posts); I have been obsessed with the treatment for a while now, so you can imagine my excitement when I had the golden opportunity to try it out with Laser Chic Clinic in Didsbury, Manchester.

Laser Chic


Laser Chic Clinic is a skin clinic specialist in laser treatments, such as hair removal, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation, facial and leg veins. I went in for a patch test session last week Saturday and it went great. For those who do not know, a patch test session is simply an initial consultation to determine if the laser treatment is right for you. I filled out forms, and had a long chat with a lovely lady. She explained the entire process in detail,a and answered all my questions. Then, I made myself comfortable on the green chair as you can above, ready to try out the laser hair removal machine for myself. I decided to have the treatment done on my chin, I am sick of having to wax or thread every month, and the hairs really annoy when they crop up.

Laser Hair Removal Laser Chic

The patch test itself was done in about 5 minutes.  I removed the makeup on my chin with a cleanser provided by the clinic (the area has to be makeup free or the machine could spark), I had my eyes covered with a pair of glasses, then I felt some cool air, and then the heat. The laser machine was used for a few seconds on three parts of the chin – the left, middle and right.  It felt strange, painful but bearable, if you can bear threading, then you can bear this. It was over quickly, and then some ointment was applied on it.

Hair Removal


What to expect? There was a bit of redness immediately as you can see, but that disappeared in minutes and I have had no issues with the area so far, burnt hairs; I could smell them, and my chin had a goosebumpy appearance for some hours. I have to wait for 7 days before I go for my next session, and I have that booked for this Saturday. I am looking forward to it. I will fill you guys next week on how my first full session goes so keep your eyes peeled.


What do you think? Have you had a laser hair removal treatment before? Sound off in the comment section. Thanks for reading.


*I was offered the treatment in exchange for a review, all words are MINE.





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