Product Review: MAC Amber Eyeshadow Palette

I gave away a MAC Amber Eyeshadow Palette  to a lucky winner some weeks ago, and I have finally gotten around to trying my own palette. I love trying new makeup, and I am a huge MAC fan.

MAC – founded in 1984, in Toronto, Canada, has been one of the leaders in the beauty industry for years now. I think majority of their products are great and suit my skin, so I am always keen to try something new from the brand.

If I had an unlimited budget and a bit more space, I would buy a lot more makeup. I have quite a lot of makeup at the moment. I won’t call myself a makeup freak, but I am slowly getting there. I have over 20 lipsticks, so many eyeshadow palettes, foundations and different types makeup, that my Marks and Spencer makeup bag is struggling to contain them all.


Makeup Bag Image copyMarks and Spencer Makeup Bag Image copy


I know my makeup is nothing close to what some beauty bloggers have (I know some bloggers with hundreds of lipsticks), but I still think I have a lot! Like I said, I wish I could have some more, but there is space for them. I would literally have to move house to accommodate any more makeup, lol. So for now, all the makeup I own have to be kept in this bag. I am in no mood to call the movers! Our current house may not be our forever home, but I hate moving, so I don’t see us moving house anytime soon. I can see us staying put for a bit.

Back to the MAC Amber Eyeshadow Palette review. Here is the product description:

This well-edited palette features a colour wave of amber hues that offer countless shade combinations. It provides an array of textures from matte to satin to frost for creating a variety of looks for both day and night. The saturated, soft and smooth hues are all packaged in one compact for easy portability.


MAC Amber Eyeshadow Image copyMAC Cosmetics Eyeshadow Image copy


Here are my thoughts on this palette –


  1. I love all nine shades. The natural shades suit my skin tone.
  2. The shades are very easy to apply and take off.
  3. The shades are long-lasting, stayed in place all day.
  4. It is a multi-tasking palette. It can take you from day-to-night effortlessly.
  5. It is easily accessible online and in various beauty stores.
  6. Some shades are shimmer, some shades are matte, so there is a shade for everyone.


MAC Eyeshadow Swatch Image copyMAC Makeup Image copy



  1. The palette is smaller than I expected. I expected the original MAC palette size, but this is smaller.
  2. It is quite pricey at £25 for what you get.


Overall, I do recommend this MAC Amber Eyeshadow palette. I think the shades are beautiful and great for a natural look.

What are your thoughts on this palette? Have you used it before?


•Collaborative post.


Product Review – DE’LANCI Makeup Brush Kit

I have been playing around with this DE’LANCI makeup brush kit for some days now. I won the kit in an Instagram giveaway by the brand a few weeks ago. I was very pleased about this win, I have been eyeing the makeup brush kit for sometime.


I have many makeup brushes in my makeup bag for all kinds of makeup purposes, but I had no brush like these. I have seen these oval brushes around a lot, and I have always wanted to try them. So this DE’LANCI Makeup Brush Kit came in good time.

Makeup Brushes

DE'LANCI Brush Kit

This kit contains

Oval 1 – This brush is for cheek, blush, contour, foundation, bronzer and settling powder.

Oval 2 – This brush can be used for all of the above as well as for eye shadows and concealers.

Oval 3 – This brush can be used for all of the above.

Oval 4 – This brush can be used for lip contour, eye shadow and concealer.

Linear 5 – This is used for eye shadow colour, brow colour, eye liner and concealer.\

Linear 6 – This does almost the same job as the Linear 5 but can be used with a concealer.

Circle 7 – This can be used for lip colours, eye shadow colours and concealers.

Circle 8 – This does the same as Circle 7 but can be used with concealers as well.

Oval 1 2 3

Oval Brushes

Oval 4 Circle 7 & 8

Makeup brush review

Linear 5 & 6

DELANCI Oval Brush Image copy

Here are my thoughts on this brush kit –


  1. I love the packaging of this kit.
  2. A nice variety of makeup brushes in this kit.
  3. All the brushes have multiple uses.
  4. The brushes are soft and very gentle on the skin.
  5. This kit is quite affordable at £23.33.
  6. DE’LANCI is a Cruelty free brand.
  7. You can shop the brand on Amazon and eBay.



I can’t fault this brush kit. It fulfils every promise on the pack.

What are your thoughts? Have you used makeup brushes like these before? Please sound off in the comments section.

Thank you.

Beauty Muse – Vanessa Williams

The stunning Vanessa Williams is the Beauty Muse today. This woman is a boss when it comes all things beauty.




Vanessa Williams has always been a beauty muse to me, right from when I was growing up. I think she has amazing features, and I have always admired her. She is also ageing beautifully before our very eyes, I still can’t get over the fact that she is in her fifties. I hope I look as good as she does when I am her age. This beauty muse is beauty goals in my eyes. I adore everything about her.

I remember her controversial beauty queen period (first black Miss America in 1983), and I loved how she stood tall from the drama, and went on to build a good career for herself. She is a strong beautiful woman.





I have always wanted to know more her skincare routine and beauty tips, so I was glad to find she shared some of them.


Her skincare routine 

I start my day with a glass of lemon water and an application of a skin repair serum, which helps restart the skin to its youthful radiance. My Re-Start Skin Repair Serum is a multi-purpose formulation that helps treat and protect skin against aging, stress, and harmful environmental elements. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and even and has exceptional ingredients to which I was introduced by specialists around the world.


I love the sound of her skincare routine.


Caring for the body for beauty

Staying hydrated is number one, especially for our skin. I am also a strong believer in exercise. I am obsessed with my Body Theory Drenched class and Zumba.


I am also a strong believer in exercise and hydration. I think they do wonders for her health, skin and state of mind.


What do you of Vanessa Williams as a beauty muse? Are you a fan? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Have a lovely weekend.


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