Beauty Muse: Selena Gomez

The stunning Selena Gomez is a Beauty Muse. This pretty young woman grew on TV before our very eyes, and has transformed into a stunning beauty muse. I remember watching her on TV – Barney and Friends. She was a cute little girl, and she still has her cute features. She hasn’t lost her baby face yet, she could pass for a teenager easily. I love that about her. Many of her peers are walking around looking 10 times older with all the “work” they have had done already, but Selena Gomez is a natural!




I am not a fan of Selena Gomez’s movies or songs. But I do admire her beauty. I read up some recent interviews she had, and got some of her beauty tips and tricks for your reading pleasure –


Worst Beauty Advice She Ever Received

I just can’t understand when—and no offense—people have to wear makeup all the time, and they’ll say, ‘Oh, you can sleep with a tinted moisturizer or a self tanner on your face and you can wake up.’ For me, I just think that’s not my vibe, plus I do breakout. I don’t know if it’s bad advice, I just think it’s kind of to each their own. For me, I can’t really sleep with things on my body or tinted things just because I get worried. It’s not my vibe.


I am exactly the same. I can’t sleep with makeup on, but I can apply a light moisturiser.




Her Skincare Routine

I like to have a good morning regimen. I use my Clarisonic in the shower with the Clarisonic Sonic Radiance Skin Renewing Peel Wash. I do that maybe four or five times a week, so my skin has a chance to breathe before all the madness starts. Dr. Dennis Gross Clinical Concentrate Radiance Booster on your cheekbones and around your eyes helps make you look alive. But what’s really great is First Aid Beauty’s Eye Duty Triple Remedy—if you get dark circles, it’s the shit. I’ll put it on, it feels all good and cold, go have a coffee, and that’s the bomb. The Biore Deep Cleansing Strips make me feel really accomplished when I do them, too—plus they work!


I like the sound of her skincare routine. It sounds really good. What do you think?




What do you think of Selena Gomez as a Beauty Muse?







How to Care for a Dehydrated Skin

Ever noticed your skin looking dull and hollow? Are you seeing more fine lines or wrinkles on your face than before? Does your skin bounce lazily back after pinching your cheeks? You most likely have dehydrated skin.

Most people get the term dehydrated skin confused with dry skin. Dehydrated skin is when your skin lacks moisture and it’s a skin condition while dry skin is a skin type.




A lot of things can lead to dehydrated skin, such as low humidity where there’s a lack of moisture in the air, cold weather and even sunrays.

The reason why dehydrated skin goes unnoticed is because many people mistake the oil on your face to mean that your face has enough moisture. Flaky skin, dull-looking colour and fine lines are key indicators of dehydrated skin. Since dehydrated skin is skin that’s in great need of water or moisture then the most effective way to deal with this condition is to restore the moisture back to the skin. Most people believe that drinking plenty of water will help bring back the moisture to the skin. This is true, but there should be a form of skincare routine in place to help bring the moisture to the skin.

If you’re suffering from dehydrated skin, then here’s how you can bring back the moisture your skin craves:

Make moisture your friend

Moisturizers contain the right ingredients that will help your skin retain the moisture it really needs. Moisturizers penetrate deep in your skin and once absorbed it locks in the moisture. This helps to keep your skin hydrated for several hours.

When choosing the right moisturizer go for the ones that contain either glycerine, hyaluronic acid or squalene. These powerful ingredients help lock in the moisture. No wonder many moisturizers contain at least one of them!

To get maximum benefit from your moisturizer apply it on your skin one layer at a time. This will give your skin the opportunity to properly absorb the moisturizer. It also prevents your face from looking shiny or oily.

Another great tip is to apply moisturizer at least 3 minutes after stepping out of the shower. The moisturizer will retain the water on your body that did not completely dry out.




Have a skincare routine that focuses on rehydrating your skin

With an effective skincare routine you can correct almost any skin condition. All you have to do is be consistent. Start off your mornings with a nice cleansing. Use a cleanser that contains glycerin as that will help moisturize your skin as you cleanse it. Next apply moisturizer taking it one layer at a time.

If your skin is flaky you may have to exfoliate it at least 3 times a week but make sure you moisturize each time you do.

Be conscious of how your skin feels

Usually when your skin dehydrated, you’ll feel your skin tighten. Whenever you feel it go tight, apply a nice amount of moisturizer. If you’re not sensitive to how your skin feels then take care to take note of your environment. If you find yourself in an air-conditioned room for a long time make sure you apply moisturizer as the air conditioner soaks up moisture from your skin. Where the temperature is low or the humidity is low, moisturize to avoid dehydrated skin.


These tips will surely help any dehydrated skin.

Do you suffer from dehydrated skin? How do you deal with it?

Turn Your Passion for Beauty into a Career

You love all things beauty – from nails to lashes, massage to makeup and everything in between. For you, beauty isn’t a chore – it’s second nature. You’re up to date with all the latest fashions and styles and will always be the first to volunteer to do your friend’s makeup for a big night out. Beauty is your passion.




So, in the world of work, what could be better than pursuing your passion and making it your career? Passion is a funny thing – what really gets you going and fired up at the very thought could be another person’s idea of an insignificant pastime. But that’s the beautiful thing about following our dreams and desires, we’re not out to gratify the world, we’re out to please ourselves – we should pursue our passions.


We’ve all, at one time or another, been guilty of proclaiming ‘I’m going to change’, ‘I’m going to pursue this’, ‘this is what I want to do!’ – but all too soon our declaration is forgotten. Once again our dreams are put on hold; shoved to the bottom of the pile, the rest of life taking priority.


And we do this time and time again, even if this means dealing with the day-to-day grind of a lackluster job, which pays the bills but doesn’t satisfy our thirst for something more meaningful, something that we are more passionate about.


In the words of Steve Knox – ‘shut up and act’ – this is the only way to ensure that we prioritise our own dreams and stop putting our own lives on hold. Enough of the talk, it’s time to do something.


According to David Lucatch, the people who he has seen as having the most success in both their work and personal lives are the most passionate, who have a read ‘zeal and zest’ for their work and people. He goes on to say that there are three main reasons as to why passionate people tend to be more successful in their endeavours, these are:


  • ‘Passion fuels confidence’
  • ‘Passion creates excitement’
  • ‘Passion is contagious’


So, passion is clearly a key motivator in those who do well within the workplace and in motivating other around them. It enables progression, confidence and excitement in the workplace – but how do you transform your passion for all things beauty into a career?


Actioning Your Passion for Beauty

At this point you’re probably wondering how you can play on this passion and turn it into a successful career. A course in Beauty Therapy is a great place to start…

The Training Room has been connecting its students with opportunities for over 10 years and has helped over 10,000 students into employment in their chosen fields; including Beauty Therapy, through the ITEC level 3 course in beauty therapy. The course itself is very comprehensive covering both level 2 and level 3 certifications, which will give you solid foundations on which to build your career. In addition, you will receive an additional CPD course in GelColor by OPI to give you the edge in the job market.


At The Training Room we believe that life shouldn’t stand in the way of pursuing your passions and your dreams, which is why over the past few months we’ve been addressing the question of ‘How Do I Become a Beauty Therapist’, the issue of funding and how to afford your training, as well as enlisting our talented tutors to tell you how you can land your dream career in the beauty industry.


We pride ourself on our student support – which is why from registration we will give you 3 years of career support to help you into your dream career. We also offer a guaranteed interview with one of our corporate partners to give you a little extra help along the way. Connecting you with the opportunity to connect with your passion sooner, rather than later.


In addition, after you’re qualified there are opportunities to work abroad, from home, in salon/spas and health clubs, as well as within the film/television industry as a beauty therapist, nail technician or in other specialised roles.


It sounds good – doesn’t it?


Do You Want To Find Out More?

If you feel that it’s time to give yourself the career you deserve then give The Training Room a call today or fill out an enquiry form on the website and we’ll call you! Our full-time and part-time beauty therapy courses are a great place to start. So give yourself a chance to pursue your passion for beauty, your new career is waiting for you.


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