My Natural Hair Update

I have been rocking my natural hair for some years now and I am loving it. It took some time to fully transition from my chemical damaged hair to my natural hair now. I didn’t go down the big chop route  and that is partly why it took forever to transition. But I am happy with how my hair is currently looking. There was some hair breakage earlier in the year, thanks to a crotchet braids hairstyle I had on that wasn’t right for my hair. But it is slowly growing back to how it was prior to that and I am hoping to see a significant hair growth before the end of the year. I have so many hairstyles I need to try. I just need my hair to grow some more.

My greatest hair muse is my beautiful daughter. Her hair is hair goals for me. She was born with amazing hair and I have found it very easy to nurture and maintain for her. Her hair reminds me of how my hair was when I was her age. It was natural, soft, long and chemical free. Her hair is one of the reasons why I decided to be free from all hair chemicals and damaging hair weaves. I have never seen any hair so beautiful. This photo does not do her hair justice.


Natural hair image


If I could go back in time, I would take better care of my hair. But since I can’t, I have to ensure I right my hair wrongs. So far, it has been a journey I would never forget. It just confirms the saying that whatever you nurture grows and stays healthy.

My hair routine is very simple. I don’t do much with it or to it. I usually have my hair in cornrows and I wear wigs. Sometimes I have my hair braided in big weaves or crotchet braids, which I have now stopped doing because crotchet braids damaged my hair. I think the big fat needles used put too much pressure on the hair. So although it is a quick way to have your hair done, it is not the best for my hair type. For now, I am sticking to simple corn rows style. They suit me and mine. And that is what I have on at the moment.



Afro hair image

Natural cornrows image Hair style natural hair image


When it comes to hair products, I use a couple of Cantu products. I also use SheaMoisture products. And you can click on the links to read my reviews on the hair products.

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Skincare Routine – How to Use Your Skincare Products in the Right Order

You may have bought all the right products but did you know that the efficacy of your skincare products has a lot to do with the order in which they are applied? Paying attention to how you apply your skincare products is very important in determining how effective your skincare routine is.

Failure to apply your skincare products in the right order will harm your skin, cause irritation and even dryness. To get the full benefit of your skincare products you need to know how to layer them in the right way. Here is the exact order you must follow in your skincare routine.


skincare image


Step #1: The Cleanser

You may have washed your face, but you must not apply any products on your face without first giving it a good cleanse with a cleanser. The cleanser goes deep into your pores to get rid of any dirt, grime or oil that the soap and water wasn’t able to wash off.


Step #2: The Toner

This step is essential to enable your skin absorb the other products into your skin. Toners help to balance the pH levels and restore the skin after cleansing. It also gives your complexion that needed boost.


Step #3: The Serums

Serums contain a lot of rich and powerful ingredients like antioxidants, retinol or ceramides. So, it’s wise to apply serums after toning to allow those ingredients to seep into the skin.

To ensure that the serum gets into the skin, it’s best to pat them into your skin. Just like other skincare products, it’s also important to note the order in which you layer your serums. You need to apply serums with a lighter consistency first before the ones with heavier consistency. This will ensure that both serums work effectively without overshadowing the other.


Step #4: The Eye Cream

The skin around your eyes is thinner and that area needs more tender love and care. Eye creams are usually lightweight to ensure easy absorption of nutrients into the skin.

Eye creams are never slathered under the eyes. That could irritate the delicate under-eye area. Just like serums, eye creams should be gently tapped into your skin but this time with your ring finger.


Step #5: The Moisturizer

Hydration is extremely important for your skin. Moisturizers provide you with the hydration your skin needs to look its best. If you have dry skin, you’ll need a lot more than other skin types. You could apply facial oil for added moisture.

Most people with oil prone skin feel that they can skip this step but that would only set their oil glands into action. This would cause more pimples. A lightweight moisturizer is ideal for you if you have oily skin.


Step #6: The Sunscreen

The last layer must always be sunscreen. Prolonged sun exposure can be harmful for your skin and is oftentimes the cause of premature ageing. Consistent use of sunscreen will help reverse the signs of ageing.

Make sure that you choose a sunscreen with a high SPF for better protection from the sun. Never leave your house without applying sunscreen, even in the winter.


Want younger looking skin? Read this first.

There comes a point where we really have to start thinking about our skin routine. Did you know that as soon as you hit 21 your skin is classed as “mature”. Shocking, right? Your skin might feel drier, your foundation might appear patchy on your face, you might have sudden blotches or red marks, or even oily, shiny patches that can ruin a good photo. So when your skin does hit its “old age” what can you do to keep it looking at feeling youthful? Switch up your moisturiser for something that targets dry skin? Get more facials? Discover the best bb cream for combination skin? With so much to think about and so many products to choose from it can be difficult to know where to begin. But don’t worry.

Read on for some skin maintenance tips and beauty ideas that will keep your skin looking as young as you feel!


UK British Blogger Image


Avoid those long, hot showers!

We all like a hot, steamy shower to help wake us up in the morning – it’s almost as crucial as a cup of coffee. But you might want to swap those long hot showers, for shorter, cooler sprays if you want to keep your skin looking and feeling soft and young. Hot showers strip your skin of their essential oils and effectively dry out your skin by stripping it of its moisture. So keep the shower cool and keep it to about ten minutes.


Look for the signs

Unsure if you need to exfoliate? Or need to moisturise more? Take a finger and lightly scratch your skin, if it leaves a white mark then your skin is not only dry but crying out for you to rid it of all those dead skin cells. Get yourself exfoliated and moisturised, pronto.


Keep it simple

When it comes to beauty products for your face, the simpler the better. Steer clear of products that contain perfume, colour, bubbles and anything that claims to be anti-bacterial. All these will irritate you skin and might make blotchy red skin look angrier.


Want soft hands and feet?

If your hands are dry and your feet not much better, then this little trick will help. On an evening before bed, slather lots of moisturiser on your feet and hands, then cover with a pair of light fabric gloves/socks. When you wake in the morning, your skin will feel incredible.


Get sweaty

Surely getting all hot and sweaty will clog your pores right? Wrong! Did you know that working up a sweat is a natural way to eliminate the toxins that build up under your skin. And, regular exercise gets your blood pumping – which means better circulation and blood flow – which is good for your skin!

Skin destroyers

We know the dangers of tanning and UV rays but so many of us take the risk. If you want youthful looking skin then you must steer clear of these infamous skin destroyers: tanning beds, smoking and sunbathing. All of these age your skin prematurely!


Do you have any skincare tips to share?


*Collaborative post.


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