Money Saving Tips for the Self Employed

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Working for your self can be very tricky. One month can be very busy with you making more money than you know what to do with it. Another month can have you literally surviving with the coins in your wallet. Which is why you have to be savvy with your money to survive as a self-employed person. You can not afford to spend every penny you make because you never know how busy or not busy the next month would be.  This is the reason why many people cannot afford to work for themselves.

When there is no steady pay check, many people will struggle to manage their money. They may easily find themselves struggling to pay their monthly bills, when work is quiet. Which is why I am grateful there are credit facilities like CashLady and Credit Cards to use on essentials when money is tight. You never know when you will need services like them, so it is good to know they are available.


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Here are some money saving tips for the self employed –


Buy everything you need online

This may not sound like a money-saving tip but trust me it is. I do 99% of my shopping online. The 1% is when I am out and about and need to grab something. Or the odd time we run out of groceries, and I need to head out to our local supermarket to grab some essentials. I do all my shopping online because he saves me money. Shopping in the stores is way too expensive for me. Apart from the fact that I have to get to the shops physically, which costs money obviously, I am usually tempted to buy more than I planned to buy. Shopping online keeps me focused. I buy exactly what I need without wasting money on what the shops want me to “need”.


Do it yourself

I try to do all I can myself. So childcare, cleaning, cooking and everything in between, I do myself. Managing my time and working from home helps me sort out my chores and daily activities. That way I save my money. Outsourcing jobs like these means you spend more money. So doing it myself helps my money go for longer. It also allows me spend more time with my growing kids. I am proud to say I have never paid for childcare, thanks to me being able to work from home.


Meal Plan

To avoid wasting food and eating out way more than you can afford to, you need to have a weekly meal plan. My health  and wallet has changed for the better since I started planning meals in advance. Meal planning gives me the opportunity to include all I need in the weekly online shop. It also allows me cook from scratch because I know what needs to be done and I plan my days towards getting them done. If you don’t meal plan, I suggest you try doing this now and see how much money you save. Also, food wastage would be a thing of the past as you would only buy want you need for your meals.


What do you think fo these money-saving tips?

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  1. I agree with you and do the majority of my shopping online too. I am not a person for wandering round shops anyway so shopping online suits me as I can do it in my time, anytime, alot cheaper and less hassle. I can go between pages looking for the best deals too.

    Are you signed up for the Top Cashback? Its well worth signing up for and installing and you can set it up so whenever your on a site that does Top Cashback you are automatically told by a flag up and dont need to keep checking the site for whom they use and you have no worries of forgetting about it.

    I only signed up this year as I have tended to avoid these sites as scammy. This one isnt. If your shopping the www you night as well earn cash for the click of the button.

    Think I have about £20 the last time I looked I can cash out. I am saving it along with surveys and nectar and will cash them out together towards Christmas presents later in the year

  2. I really do need to think about doing more about buying things online, especially if I can get my groceries cheaper. I think this would help me out a lot with my parents.

  3. I do a mix of on and offline. I go where the great deals are and they can be had on and off. I don’t shop as much this year and that’s a good thing for me.

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