Top 3 reasons why you should invest in the North West  

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 Are you looking to invest in property? While you may be interested in purchasing a property near your own home, you should instead consider broadening your horizons. This is especially true if you live in areas like London, where property prices are high and yields are low. Therefore, you should turn your attention to more promising locations like the north-west.


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To help you understand why the north-west is one of the best places to purchase property, read these top tips which should sway you towards the north.


Higher rental yields

 North-west cities like Manchester and Liverpool are at the forefront of property investment, with the latter showcasing yields up to 11.79% and investors receiving almost 80% return on their investment. This shows that the north-west has no intention of slowing down so now is the time to capitalise on this success.

If you are yet to find the right property with high rental yields, you should seek advice from property experts like RW Invest, who have several developments in the north-west which can offer you massive returns. Once you have invested with them and gained significant profits, you can expand your portfolio and look at their other north-west properties which will enable you to become a seasoned and successful property investor.


 Prime locations

 The key to property investment is finding properties in sought-after locations, such as Liverpool’s L7, which is a residential area close to the city centre offering access to a number of transport links, shops and leisurely establishments. It is also home to many students who opt for this location as it offers the right balance between low-cost accommodation and proximity to Liverpool John Moores and the University Of Liverpool.

Across Liverpool and Manchester, there are eight different universities which attract a mass amount of UK and international students every year. Therefore, investing in university towns should guarantee regular monthly income due to regular term times and consistent rental income that will result in ongoing profit. Manchester’s M14 is a great student hotspot, especially for university goers who are seeking accommodation in locations such as Fallowfield, where they enjoy the short walk to their place of study.


  Increased tenant interest

 As university students flood into the north-west every year, the first thing on their mind is finding a place to live, and that is where you come in. You need to make sure that your property is located near their place of study, in locations like Liverpool city centre and Manchester’s Salford Quays which are in proximity to nearby universities. You also need to make sure that your property is renovated appropriately to suit the student lifestyle by offering them everything they would want in accommodation.

If instead, you’re planning to invest in residential property, you should consider choosing young professionals as target tenants, as they are most likely to be looking for a rented property. They will most likely be looking for apartments in central locations, which may seem like an expensive option, although in the north-west you can find some very affordable central properties.




What to pack for a hot weather holiday

The proper weather is almost here. We enjoyed some sunshine and a proper heatwave over the Easter break, which was very nice. The weather is not a bit wet and chilly, which is expected in spring. But last week’s heatwave has left me even more hungry for summer. I am seriously looking forward to the lovely sunshine and being able to show some more skin, but not the hay fever bit. Has it the weather treating you at your end?

With the summer holidays close in sight, I have been thinking of places we could go with the kids. When it comes to a hot weather holiday, you have to make sure you have packed the essentials, especially when you are holidaying with kids. Forgetting the important items can put a strain on your holiday. Spending the holiday money on buying essentials you have already at home can be very annoying. Which is why you have to ensure you pack smartly for your holiday.



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What to pack for a hot weather holiday

Here are some essentials you will be needing for a hot weather holiday –



Don’t forget to take Sunscreen. It is really important you protect your skin from the sun rays, especially when you are out and about in the lovely sunshine. Whatever you do, don’t forget your sunscreen, and make sure it is dry before dressing to avoid getting marks on your clothing.



Having a couple of dresses with you while holidaying in a warm climate makes a lot of sense. Dresses are easy to wear and style up and down. I find them very comfortable in the summer months, which is why I take them on holiday with me in the summer. It also saves me more space in my suitcases. Instead of packing a top and a skirt or pair of jeans for a day, I just take a dress.

They are also multi-tasking, as I can slip a sundress over my swimsuit and seat on a beach or by the pool. I can also wear the sundress with a pair of sandals while exploring my holiday location.


The Right Footwear

You need to ensure you have packed your flip-flops for the beach and your sandals and flats for exploring. A stylish pair of gladiator sandal is always needed. Good to take more than 1 just incase. If you are going to be doing more of sitting on a beach, then all you will probably need more than  1 flip-flops.

Having the right footwear while on holiday is very important. Wearing uncomfortable or inappropriate can mess up your mood for the whole holiday. You won’t want to explore in sky-high heels for long, you won’t be comfortable.



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Sunglasses and Hats

I pack at least 1 pair of sunglasses for each one of us. I also make sure we have our hats. These are hot weather holiday essentials. Leaving home without them would be horrific. Always check to make sure your sunglasses protect against UVB and UVA rays.


Swimsuit and Swim Bag

I like taking a couple of swimsuits with me for myself and the kids so we have options. Our swim bag goes on holiday with us every time, so we can carry them when they are wet. I always make sure to give them a good rinse with some detergent after every swim to prevent chlorine or salt build-up while on holiday.


Go Maxi and Free

I like to wear maxi and free dresses while on holiday especially, when it is warm. They keep my skin covered and they feel very comfortable. Packing a couple of maxi dresses for your holiday is great. Go for maxi dresses with thin straps to show off your shoulders and back.


Do you have any summer holidays booked?


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