Our Stay at Novotel Hotel Sheffield


We got the lovely opportunity to spend some nights at Novotel Hotel in Sheffield last week thanks to Red Letter Days. It was our first time visiting Sheffield and we had a lovely time. The road trip was fun; the kids had been looking forward to it and so have we. It was just under 2 hours, so not too long. We found the hotel quickly thanks to Google Maps.


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Checking in and first impressions

Getting to the reception to check in was a bit tricky as the lift was out of service, but thankfully the lovely ladies assisted us in getting our boxes up the stairs. Checking in was quick. We got all the information we needed and the ladies at the reception desk were quite helpful. The reception hall is beautifully decorated and very spacious. The kids enjoyed playing around with the interactive board game table. There is also a section for children with books and toys, which I think is great.


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Our Family Room

The room was a decent size. The beds were a nice and very comfy. All the basic amenities were in the room except air conditioning. We had to request a table fan from the reception because it got a bit stuffy. I was also not a huge fan of the interior decor in the room. It looked like it needed an update but I liked the fact that there was a fridge and coffee machine available. Also, the toilet is separate from the bathroom which is so handy when you have kids. The WIFI was also very reliable. We didn’t have any problems using it.

Check out the room below –


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The Staff

The workers were truly amazing. They always had a smile on their faces. Nothing was too much trouble. They were always happy to help and they all made our stay at Novotel Hotel even more memorable.


The breakfast was good. It was a buffet and we all enjoyed it. It was quiet most of the time, just the way I like it. We pretty much had the restaurant to ourselves, I guess because it was the bank holiday weekend.


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The Facilities

I didn’t get to use any of the fasciities but M did. He had fun swimming and even used the steam room which he loved. I took a look at the pool and it looked amazing. I didn’t have swimming wears for myself and the kiddies so we couldn’t take a dip, but it looked really inviting. I wish we had our swimwear with us.


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The location of the hotel is in the middle of the city centre so we have access to all the tourist spots in the city. We visited a few places and there were many things for the kids to do. I am glad we got to finally explore Sheffield.

Overall we enjoyed our time at Novotel Hotel Sheffield. It was a fun trip with a lot to do in the city. I will be writing up posts on what we got up to, so look out for more travel posts on Fashion and Style Police.

What do you think of this hotel? Have you visited Sheffield? What are your thoughts on the city? Do sound off in the comments section below.








5 Places to visit in Northwich Cheshire

I have lived in Cheshire for almost 10 years now and I love it here. It is quiet and peaceful, with a laid back approach to life, which is how I like it. Northwich is a small town in the Cheshire county. It is a peaceful place to explore and live in, which is why it was named as one of the best places to leave in the UK by The Sunday Times. If you have had the opportunity to visit Northwich, you would know why this little town is a rare gem. I discovered the lovely place back in 2010 and although it was so different from what I was used to back then, I knew there was something special about the town.



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Here are some fun places to visit in Northwich, Cheshire –


Delamere Forest

We have had the opportunity to visit Delamere Forest and the twins really enjoyed it. They really loved the Gruffalo Trail in the forest. They enjoyed following the signs on the trail and discovering the characters. It is a fun place to visit if you are around the Northwich area. You can easily spend the whole day here with your family.

Delamere Forest that would interest both adults and children. If you are into being outdoors, exploring nature, Delamere Forest would be a great place to visit. It is one of the top 10 places to visit in Northwich on the Trip Advisor website and and the general reviews are fab.


Northwich Memorial Court

Northwich Memorial Court is another replace worth visiting in the town. It is a brand new leisure and entertainment centre, home to 2 swimming pools and a 95 station gym. You can exercise, swim, rent a hall for a party or yoga here. There are usually loads of shows/activities going on in Northwich Memorial Court on weekly basis. The centre has completely changed Northwich for the better.


Arley Hall & Gardens

Arley Hall & Garden is a beautiful garden in Northwich. It is another Cheshire tourist attraction worth exploring. It is one of the most attractive stately homes in the North West, which is why it is a popular filming location. Peaky Blinders, The Voice, Coronation Street, Hollyoaks and many more TV shows have been filmed at Arley Hall & Gardens. It is truly a tourist gem. We love it!


Lion Salt Works

Lion Salt Works is a tourist attraction that tells the story behind the salt making industry in Northwich. I think it is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area and you are interested in the history of the town. You can easily spend about 2 hours here exploring the amazing museum.


Barons Quay Shopping Centre

Barons Quay Shopping Centre is home to Odeon Cinema, Costa, H&M, Asda, Sports Direct and other shops. It is a beautiful new shopping centre and we love visiting it. The stunning design of Barons Quay catches my attention every time I visit. It is clear a lot of thought was put in while designing the shopping centre.


So these are my top 5 places to visit in Northwich. What do you think of these places? Have you visited any of these tourist attractions in Northwich? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week ahead.








What to pack for a hot weather holiday

The proper weather is almost here. We enjoyed some sunshine and a proper heatwave over the Easter break, which was very nice. The weather is not a bit wet and chilly, which is expected in spring. But last week’s heatwave has left me even more hungry for summer. I am seriously looking forward to the lovely sunshine and being able to show some more skin, but not the hay fever bit. Has it the weather treating you at your end?

With the summer holidays close in sight, I have been thinking of places we could go with the kids. When it comes to a hot weather holiday, you have to make sure you have packed the essentials, especially when you are holidaying with kids. Forgetting the important items can put a strain on your holiday. Spending the holiday money on buying essentials you have already at home can be very annoying. Which is why you have to ensure you pack smartly for your holiday.



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What to pack for a hot weather holiday

Here are some essentials you will be needing for a hot weather holiday –



Don’t forget to take Sunscreen. It is really important you protect your skin from the sun rays, especially when you are out and about in the lovely sunshine. Whatever you do, don’t forget your sunscreen, and make sure it is dry before dressing to avoid getting marks on your clothing.



Having a couple of dresses with you while holidaying in a warm climate makes a lot of sense. Dresses are easy to wear and style up and down. I find them very comfortable in the summer months, which is why I take them on holiday with me in the summer. It also saves me more space in my suitcases. Instead of packing a top and a skirt or pair of jeans for a day, I just take a dress.

They are also multi-tasking, as I can slip a sundress over my swimsuit and seat on a beach or by the pool. I can also wear the sundress with a pair of sandals while exploring my holiday location.


The Right Footwear

You need to ensure you have packed your flip-flops for the beach and your sandals and flats for exploring. A stylish pair of gladiator sandal is always needed. Good to take more than 1 just incase. If you are going to be doing more of sitting on a beach, then all you will probably need more than  1 flip-flops.

Having the right footwear while on holiday is very important. Wearing uncomfortable or inappropriate can mess up your mood for the whole holiday. You won’t want to explore in sky-high heels for long, you won’t be comfortable.



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Sunglasses and Hats

I pack at least 1 pair of sunglasses for each one of us. I also make sure we have our hats. These are hot weather holiday essentials. Leaving home without them would be horrific. Always check to make sure your sunglasses protect against UVB and UVA rays.


Swimsuit and Swim Bag

I like taking a couple of swimsuits with me for myself and the kids so we have options. Our swim bag goes on holiday with us every time, so we can carry them when they are wet. I always make sure to give them a good rinse with some detergent after every swim to prevent chlorine or salt build-up while on holiday.


Go Maxi and Free

I like to wear maxi and free dresses while on holiday especially, when it is warm. They keep my skin covered and they feel very comfortable. Packing a couple of maxi dresses for your holiday is great. Go for maxi dresses with thin straps to show off your shoulders and back.


Do you have any summer holidays booked?


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