The Kiddies Explore the City of London

The Kiddies have been reading about the City of London in school. So we decided to explore the buzzing city over the Spring break. We were in London and Essex for the 2 weeks holiday, and we had a lovely time. It was so much fun that it felt kind of weird coming back home to our usual routine. For our London tour, we decided to hop on a train to the centre of the city, starting off from Buckingham Palace. The twins are forever talking about the Queen and her guards, so we knew we had to see the Palace. I have never seen the palace in real life before, so I was excited about seeing it all too!


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The trip was worth it. We had the opportunity to watch the guards move around and see the lovely in real life. The Kiddies were eager to see The Queen, and were a bit disappointed she wasn’t outside to receive them. We had to cook up a story to explain that, but they didn’t dwell too much on that thankfully. Seeing the stunning Palace was more than enough to satisfy them.


Taking in the Magnificent Buckingham Palace

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The whole area was filled with tourists as expected. It was hard work getting some pictures taken. But we made the most of our time there. Once we left Buckingham Palace, we walked into St James Park, and took in the green land. It is such a beautiful place to just sit and appreciate nature. Then we walked around the area and spotting London Eye, Big Ben and many red phone boxes, which the kids found fascinating.

Once all that was done, we decided to stop for a lunch break at a pub. It took ages to get a seat as it was literally packed with people. After like forever, we got a tiny table and quickly got something to nibble on.

After lunch, we got on a London Bus and headed to Tower Bridge. The London Red Bus was the highlight of the day for the kiddies. We went up to the top deck and they made sure we sat right at the front. It was fun just watching how excited they were about the little things.


Strike a Pose


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Overall, we had a lovely time. We were very exhausted at the end of the day, as expected. Exploring the City of London requires a lot of walking, which left us really tired. But we wore comfy shoes and were ready to explore. The only issue I had was I was not dressed as warm as I would have liked.  It was quite cold on that day.  A lot colder than I expected. Luckily the Kiddies were dressed up so I didn’t have to worry about them. But I would have preferred to have my Uggs on and probably a wholly hat to protect me from the chill. It was freezing!


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We will definitely be visiting London again. The Kiddies had an amazing time and we the grownups enjoyed ourselves as well.  I love visiting London every now and again. Even though I find the city overwhelming. It is so different from the little Cheshire village we call home.




Why I can never Iive in London

I remember how I always wanted to live in London. Growing up, I spent most of my summer holidays in East London. And it was great for me back then. I was young and free, and found the city fun. There were no bills to pay. All I had to bother about was my shopping money for clothes and shoes to take back home.  I had zero responsibility. But years later, after I have grown up a little and my family moved out of London into Essex, I discovered why I can never live in London.

However, when I first started blogging, I thought I had to live in London to be successful. Most of the bloggers I followed then were based in London. So I thought I had to be living in a city to make it BIG as a blogger. I was eager to get fashion week invites, meet London-based PRs, and get into the swing of things. Thankfully, I got the right information and saw the light. I didn’t need London or any city to make my blog successful.


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Now don’t get me wrong, London is attractive. It is one of the greatest cities in the world. Which is why it attracts millions of tourists come in to discover London every year. It is a lovely place to holiday. There is a lot to see and the transport service is second to none. I live in Cheshire and the transport system here is shocking. Which is why I miss living in London sometimes. But that is the only thing I miss in London.

So why can’t I live in London? Here are the main reasons why.


London is too expensive

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. The “slums” in London are even very expensive. I get more value for money in the North West, and I won’t trade that luxury for any part of London.

Getting accommodation in London is super expensive. Properties for rent or for sale don’t cheap. Which is why many people barely survive from pay check to pay check in the city. Living in London could mean you saying goodbye to your disposable income.


London is congested

I find London crowded. I like to have a bigger house with a back garden. The small properties in London don’t work for me. I prefer the country life, where I get more space and not as many people around. The air feels different here.


High crime rate

There is a higher crime rate in London than in Cheshire where I stay. I like the peaceful steady life. So sometimes the madness in London gets to me.  The hustle and bustle is a little too much. And the scary crime news I keep hearing worries me a lot.


Rude people everywhere

Londoners are popular for being very rude. In a day, you are sure to come across at least 1 rude person in the city of London. Either on the tube, on the bus, or even at the grocery stores. London is filled with rude and depressed people, and who can blame them. Life in the city can be very hard.


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The only people who can live and enjoy London are those who are super rich. Everyone else is just in denial. There is no way out of the rat race in London, if you live in the city. What the smart ones do these days is to work in London and live outside the city, so Kent, Essex, Milton Keynes are popular options for those who want that sort of life. London is a commercial city, so it is filled up with job opportunities. It is easy to find a business in London, which is why many people relocate to London, but it usually doesn’t work out in reality.

They said never say never, but I know I can never live in London. Even if I was super rich, I would rather live somewhere else. The city has too many flaws. I can’t see myself raising a family there.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Please sound off in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading. Have a lovely weekend.


*Collaborative post.




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