The Kiddies Channel on YouTube

Hey friends! The kiddies have been very busy on their YouTube Channel – The Kiddies Channel for almost a year now, and the channel is growing steadily. There are over 100 videos on the channel, and new videos are published every 3 days or so. It has been fun watching our little channel on YouTube grow.

My twins are very passionate about recording new videos and their creativity is off the hook. I am super proud of how they have taught themselves to create new cool videos from scratch using amazing apps, and how quickly they get the videos edited and ready to be published.

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The Kiddies Channel on YouTube

My little ones have really inspired me to get back into creating content on YouTube. Their passion, dedication, and creativity fills me with so much inspiration. I have not added a new video on Fashion and Style Police YouTube channel in years, but now I am feeling inspired to get back into the game, so watch this space.

For those who are yet to keep up with The Kiddies, here are some of the most popular videos on The Kiddies Channel on YouTube –

Kids Travel for Christmas Holidays Part 3

Blob Emoji Adventures Episode 3 Lost and Found

Fun IOS and Samsung Emojis

Many of the videos on our YouTube channel are centred around emojis. My little one loves his emojis, so you will find loads of emoji videos on The Kiddies Channel and much more! There are a couple of other series your little ones may find interesting so go check out the channel here for exciting content.

Please also like and subscribe to help grow our channel on YouTube. Also, do remember to hit the bell to get notifications when a new video is uploaded. Until the next post, thank you, take care and stay safe.

5 Ways to Support STEM habits in Children

*Collaborative post.

Since I ventured into the amazing world of STEM some years ago, I have grown more and more in love with it. The Kiddies are very much into STEM. It comes so naturally to them. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and my children can spend hours exploring tech, maths and science topics, and I am finding more and more ways to nurture their interest. If you are wondering how you could support your children’s STEM habits, here are 5 ideas for you –

5 Ways to Support STEM habits in Children

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Get children involved in STEM related events

If your children’s school supports STEM, then you are in luck as there will be lots of STEM related activities and events to nurture their growing curiosity. However, if this is not the case then it makes sense to find events that will support their learning. A quick online search for STEM events in your area should be sufficient as there are usually loads of options and opportunities to support learning. For more ideas, you could look into attending a family medicine conference that would suit the needs of you and your family.

Shop for STEM toys

Children learn through play and this is why shopping for STEM toys is a great way to support their STEM habits. There are loads of online and in-store retailers for STEM toys so there should be loads of options. I use a few online and the Kiddies love them. It is best to explore the shops based on your children’s ages and the areas of STEM your children are interested in.

Chat about it

As a parent, being involved or interested in STEM helps as you can have great conversation around it with your children. Children can pick up a lot from conversations here and there, so being involved in their daily lives and chatting about things they are interested really supports them. Getting involved in the lives of your children helps nurture their skills and abilities.

Look out for STEM shows

Children spend time watching TV, so another way to encourage their interest is to introduce to age appropriate STEM shows or YouTube channels. That way you can squeeze in more learning time into their screen time, and then it is a win-win. There are so many amazing shows online and on the big screen, so browse for relevant options for your children.

Get STEM games

Getting STEM games is another easy way to support your children’s learning. There are many options when it comes to STEM games. So a quick search on the platform you should deliver loads of ideas. STEM games are great as they help children deliver critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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These ways can help you support your children’s STEM habits, so it is worth exploring if your little ones are interested in science, technology, engineering, or maths!

How do you support your children’s learning? Please share your thoughts in the comments below, let’s chat. Thanks for reading.

Kids Director Chair

We are almost halfway into the summer holidays and it’s been fun. The twins are staying busy with all sorts of activities. It is not an easy feat to entertain two energetic 8-year-olds, but we are having a great time just relaxing and taking each day as it comes. How are you enjoying the summer holidays?

The twins are so into tech, recording and editing videos, and other creative activities. They have been into these activities since they were very little and it’s been fun to see how these mini directors keep improving their skills. They really enjoy make-believe directing; role-playing and the likes. It is fun to watch them bring their amazing ideas to life. It is amazing to watch.

We finally got around to updating our YouTube page. It has been quiet for many months, but it looks like we will be having regular fresh content now thanks to the kiddies so keep your eyes on the channel.

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Kids Director Chair

The video below is one of the videos we uploaded this week. It is all about the journey of some snakes and some monkeys on a ship, and how they kicked the pirates off the ship. The narration was done by my daughter. I found it really funny and the graphics are so beautiful. You can watch the short fun film below.

The video below is all about a robot doggie and his journey into space. The narration here was done by my son. It is a funny story with beautiful graphics. I really enjoyed watching it. The robot doggie and the teacher scenes were entertaining. You can watch the short fun film via the YouTube link below.

You can follow The Kiddies YouTube channel here to stay updated when new videos are up. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great one and stay safe.

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