Life Is Expensive Enough, Don’t Let Your Car Add To It!

Buying a car is always going to be a pretty serious expense that most people will have to deal with. Of course, when people think about the cost of a car they usually only think about it in terms of what you pay when you actually buy it. But the cost of owning any vehicle actually extends beyond that. In fact, your vehicle can end up costing you a lot more than you thought in a lot of surprising ways. Here are just a few ways that a car will end up costing you money and how you can reduce it.


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Insurance is probably the largest and most obvious expense that comes with owning a car for a lot of people. The insurance that you pay will depend on a lot of different factors. It’s a really good idea to shop around to try to find the best deals on insurance if you can. Places like Sainsbury’s car insurance are a great starting point since they often offer some great deals.

It’s also worth considering whether to pay it yearly or monthly. Paying a large sum of money in one go might not be possible for a lot of people but paying your car insurance all at once actually works out cheaper than paying it monthly since you will usually end up paying interest on it if you split the payments up. Of course, your insurance will always depend on you as well. The kind of driver that you are, as well as your age, gender, and location, will all have an impact on how much your insurance costs. This is a great incentive to drive carefully and avoid any speeding tickets or traffic offenses since those can drive the price of your insurance way up.


Payment plans

A lot of people assume that a payment plan is automatically the best option when it comes to buying a car. After all, if you’re avoiding the major issue of having to pay for the car upfront, then you’re in a much better position right? Well, that is definitely true, as long as you find the plan. The wrong finance plan can leave you paying far more in the long run than you ever intended. Check the interest rates on any plan before agreeing to it. The last thing you want is to end up paying twice as much as you planned on.


Car Fuel

Fuel prices go up and down all the time but filling up your car is always going to be a pretty hefty, regular expense. Again, this depends on the car that you own; smaller cars will obviously cost less to fill up. Then again, if you’re doing a lot of motorway driving, then a smaller car will actually burn through fuel a lot less efficiently. Don’t just assume that because each fill-up costs less than your fuel costs are automatically going to be lower. Figure out what you’ll be using your car for and factor that into calculating your fuel costs.


Of course, for a lot of us, there really isn’t much that you can do in order to avoid paying for a car. It’s a pretty essential part of most of our lives after all. However, at least with things like this, you can try to at least reduce it the costs and make life a little easier for yourself.


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Boosting Body Confidence After Pregnancy

Carrying a baby for 9 months is no joke. Our bodies literally expand to grow life and all that takes a toll on our fragile bodies and body confidence. Having said that, pregnancy is such an amazing experience. I remember how fascinating I found my body changes while pregnant with the twins. The books did not prepare me for how much my body changed.

It took me such a long time to get used to my new pregnant body. And it took me even longer to get on with my new body post pregnancy. The stretch marks, sagging bits, hyperpigmentation, you name it, I had to deal with after pregnancy and it did shake my body confidence. It took me sometime to embrace my new body and work on the parts that needed improvements.


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While working on my body, and soaking in all the knowledge I could find, I discovered ways to boast my body confidence after pregnancy. Here are some things that worked for me.


Get a great bra

Once you give birth, you should find the time in the midst of the chaos to get a great supporting bra. If you only have money for one thing for yourself after pregnancy, you should go for a bra. A good supportive comfy will give your breasts that carriage they would need after a pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Wearing a lovely dress with a terrible bra underneath would just ruin the look completely. Many women take their underwear for granted and instead splurge on pieces everyone can see. But what they don’t understand is that the underwear is the foundation of your entire outfit and it has to be right for you to slay the look.

There is something about wearing a good bra. A good comfy bra would lay the right foundation for your clothes, which would do a lot for your body confidence. If you are clueless when it comes to shopping for great bras, you can try using a comfortable bra like this 8-In-1 Evolution Bra. It is a very comfortable bra with an innovative design that supports without uncomfortable wires or padding.



Once you are able to, start having some form of exercise. It could taking gentle walks, jogging, swimming, going on the treadmill, or whatever you are comfortable with. The important thing is to ensure you are exercising. Regular exercises will help the post pregnancy body tone up, so those tangling bits would be back in shape in no time. And exercises would also help your mental health. So it is a win-win.


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Play dress up

I know how easy it is to live in the pjs once you give birth. It is so tempting. With little sleep and a demanding baby, it can be hard to even find the time to take a shower. But dressing up every now and again is needed to help you feel good and boost your body confidence. So ensuring you have a shower in the morning once you can and putting on some form of makeup would help.


Did you struggle with your body confidence after pregnancy?


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Autumn Road Trips

The weather is gradually getting colder, especially in the mornings. Autumn is around the corner and I am kind of looking forward to it. Summer has been amazing. We made the most of it with various trips and activities. I am looking forward to the relaxing Autumn season. I have been thinking of our Autumn Holiday plans. What to do over the mid-term break and all. We have a few road trips planned before the end of the year, and I am also looking forward to that.

I enjoy road trips a lot more now that the kids are older. We don’t have to stop as many times as we used to before and they seem to enjoy the long car rides.

A lot of planning goes into our road trips. There are a couple of checks we have to make before we start our journey. Luckily we have a Kwik Fit centre very close to us. Which means we can pop into the centre quickly if we need to sort out anything car-wise. We also have to ensure we have all we need for the journey, depending on how long it is.


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Here are the top 5 checks we make on our car before embarking on a long journey.


Check the Tyres

We check all the tyres before we set off on a road trip. Long road trips usually cause the tyres to wear out so it is best to ensure the tyres are in good condition before starting the journey. You can check your tyres with a penny or a tread gauge.

Make sure you have at least 1/16th” or 1.6mm tread left. If the tread is less than 1/12″ or 2.5mm, you should consider replacing your tyres before embarking on a road trip.


Give the Car a Wash

Washing your car before embarking on a long journey would ensure your windscreens have great visibility. It would also ensure your plate numbers are visible. You should also check the condition of your wiper blades and replace them if required.


Check all Lights & Signals

You should check to make sure all lights and signals are working as they should, and replace what needs replacing before setting off. You can also take with you spare bulbs for each light.



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Change the Oil

You should get the oil changed before you go on your road trip, if it’s almost time for an oil change. The oil change will get rid of sludge from old used oil, and keep the car working efficiently. Also have the oil filter changed when you change the oil.


Check the Fluids in the Car

Before starting a long journey, it is wise to check all fluids in the car. So apart from the oil, you also need to check the coolant, brake fluid, windscreen wash levels, clutch fluid and power steering fluids, if fitted.


What do you check before going on a long trip? Do you do any of these? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading.


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