Best Tech Gifts for Easter

I am slowly becoming a tech freak, I am usually not bothered with gadgets and all, but these days I find myself lusting after various cool gadgets. I am currently in need of a few new gadgets, so it has got me spending me more and more time on various tech websites, so I thought writing a Best Tech Gifts for Easter post would be a great idea, since that is all I do nowadays.

I am currently lusting after these –


Ion Max LP Dark Wood USB Conversion Turntable


This Ion Max LP Dark Wood USB Conversion Turntable reminds me of my childhood. Music is one of my first loves, I grew up listening to music so this gadget here does not surprise me. We had a similar one growing up, and I remember listening to cool jams on it. I really like the dark wood finish and the fact that it has built-in stereo speakers. I think it is really cool!

I would love to have this in my home. It currently retails on HMV for £79.99, and I think that is a great price for it. What do you think?


Canon EOS M10


I have my regular Canon DSLR but I am now in need of a compact system camera that is light weight, with all the features of a DSLR and with WiFi. Is that too much to ask? Well Canon doesn’t think so since they have created just the camera I need. I came across this Canon EO3 M10 and it looks like just what I need and more. I just need it to go on sale now.

It currently retails at £279 in most tech stores which is a great price but I would love a sale price all the same. Do you own a compact system camera?


Canon EF-M 22MM Pancake Lens


I will want this Pancake Lens to go with my Canon Compact Camera. I have heard great things about this lens and I have seen firsthand what stunning images it can take.

I think it would be a great travel companion, alongside the Canon EOS M10. It currently retails at £179 in most stores. Have you tried this lens before?


Apple Macbook Air

My HP Laptop is slowly driving me crazy. It keeps restarting itself multiple times a day. Sometimes I end up losing my work in the process and it has become very frustrating using it.

I have heard a lot of good things about the Apple Macbook Air, so I am seriously contemplating getting one. If you own one, or any other Macbook, pls tell me what you like and don’t like about it, so I decide on which one to get.


What do you think of these gadgets? Which gadget catches your eye the most?

Please drop your comment in the comments section below. Thank you for reading.

Happy Easter!


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The World’s Coldest Location to Visit

Would you like to experience the opposite to a tropical vacation spot? The Oymyaokn village, known as the Pole of Cold, in Russia, is considered to be the coldest inhabited place in the world.

Therefore, whether you are bored with warm and relaxing resorts or you just met the man or woman of your dreams on a Russian dating website like and plan to visit Russia, you will be satisfied with this trip and will have a unique experience.



While U.S. kids are riding horses, Russian kids in Oymyaokn are busy riding deers. Don’t think the Oymyaokn residents are doing nothing but sit indoors and keep warm. Not even close! They live their lives just as other people around the world do.

It is obvious that Oymyaokn is not an agricultural village, so people mostly eat meat and fish. Their local milk is really nutritious, so locals don’t get that cold in Oymyaokn and easily substitute fruits and vegetables.

So here are some fun facts you should know about Oymyaokn –

  • Once you are in Oymyaokn, you won’t have a great variety of malls or stores to go shopping, sorry Fashionistas. There is only 1 single shop in the village, providing locals with all the necessary stuff.
  • Power works perfectly well.
  • The station also uses coal and wood. It is really important for the station to work constantly. If the power ceases, all the utilities and pipes get frozen and crash in about 5 hours.
  • Most locals still use outdoor toilets.


So why is Oymyaokn so attractive to tourists?

The main attraction is Oymyaokn’s freezing temperature. The constant frost makes the village look like a fairy tale. Everything – from trees to cars – is covered in hoarfrost. Thus, every little spot is sparkling in a sunny weather, which is a beauty to behold!

Another attraction is Oymyaokn’s thermal spring. The thermal springs is so popular because the average temperature is -52 C. It is the only place where farmers can graze cows actually. The thermal spring for locals serves as a kind of oasis in a desert.

One more spectacular thing to view in Oymyaokn is the Road of Bones. You can view this beautiful spot right on your way to the village. The thing is that the fir trees are totally covered with a thick layer of graze, which makes them look like white bones of some huge prehistoric animals on the white snow.

It would amazing to experience the freezing lifestyle of Oymyaokn’s people. It sounds and looks like a scene from the Frozen movie. I can see myself loving it.



If you are in need of a frozen holiday, go to Oymyaokn or Yakutsk, the nearest city, and have a feel of how the locals live their lives. Where else on earth will you see owners running their cars all the day long for fear not to be able to restart them? I can only imagine.

What do you think of this cold destination? Please drop your thoughts in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading.


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Health, Fitness & Skincare Journey

One of my new year resolutions was to take my fitness and general health very seriously. Last year, I saw the consequences of not being fit, and I never want to experience any of that again. The body pains and the extra weight were not my cup of tea, so I rather be fit and healthy!

One of the issues with working from home is that it is so easy to be on your laptop, on the sofa all day, which is horrible for the body as you can imagine.

These days, I have been going on daily walks/runs; I easily go pass the 10,000 recommended daily step and I am loving it. I feel better, I look better and I am happier. I guess being fit has a way of doing that to you, plus the amazing scenery at the moment is priceless.




Apart from having a balanced diet, I have also been taking vitamins supplements, and trying to get as much beauty sleep as possible. I am currently taking Vitabiotics WellWoman Vitamins Supplement and Natures Aid Chewable Vitamin C, and I think they are both doing the job, I just need to remember to take them everyday.



So health and fitness aside, being in my 30s also means I need to step up my skincare routine, and start experimenting with various anti-aging skincare products, which is what I am doing at the moment. I have a few anti-aging products I am testing out and I will be reviewing soon, so keep your eyes open.

The way I see it, health, fitness and skincare are always going to be a journey, and not a destination, because they never end.

How is your health, fitness and skincare routine? Any major changes this year? Do sound off in the comments section below, and please remember to share. Thank you.


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