The Kiddies Channel on YouTube

Hey friends! The kiddies have been very busy on their YouTube Channel – The Kiddies Channel for almost a year now, and the channel is growing steadily. There are over 100 videos on the channel, and new videos are published every 3 days or so. It has been fun watching our little channel on YouTube grow.

My twins are very passionate about recording new videos and their creativity is off the hook. I am super proud of how they have taught themselves to create new cool videos from scratch using amazing apps, and how quickly they get the videos edited and ready to be published.

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The Kiddies Channel on YouTube

My little ones have really inspired me to get back into creating content on YouTube. Their passion, dedication, and creativity fills me with so much inspiration. I have not added a new video on Fashion and Style Police YouTube channel in years, but now I am feeling inspired to get back into the game, so watch this space.

For those who are yet to keep up with The Kiddies, here are some of the most popular videos on The Kiddies Channel on YouTube –

Kids Travel for Christmas Holidays Part 3

Blob Emoji Adventures Episode 3 Lost and Found

Fun IOS and Samsung Emojis

Many of the videos on our YouTube channel are centred around emojis. My little one loves his emojis, so you will find loads of emoji videos on The Kiddies Channel and much more! There are a couple of other series your little ones may find interesting so go check out the channel here for exciting content.

Please also like and subscribe to help grow our channel on YouTube. Also, do remember to hit the bell to get notifications when a new video is uploaded. Until the next post, thank you, take care and stay safe.

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