Blogging and writer’s block

Some days ago, I wrote about me struggling with writer’s block. I have been dealing with blogging and writer’s block since this COVID-19 Pandemic started. These past few weeks have been a rollercoaster for me with my feelings and emotions going up and down like a yo-yo. However, I am happy to say I have finally found my happy place again and I am now back in my working mode again. It took some adjusting with tweaks to my daily routine here and there, but my blogging routine is finally back to how it used to be sort of.


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How did I overcome my writer’s block?

My writer’s block was on and off for weeks and I just couldn’t bring myself to write on some days. On some days, I was in the mood to write but didn’t have the time thanks to all the added responsibilities. On other days, I was in the mood to write but couldn’t think or decide on what was best to blog about. I felt it would look a bit wrong blogging about skincare routines or fashion trends for spring while there was chaos worldwide. Not knowing what was ok to write about bothered me for some time. However I had to get out of that state of mind quickly. At the end of the day, my blog is my job, so writing is a must to pay my bills. Fashion and Style Police is about fashion, style, beauty, skincare, lifestyle, travel and many other topics. So those topics are expected and the show must go on. Most of the topics I now write about are a reflection of what is going on but I don’t want to blog to be just about Coronavirus issues going on now in 2020. In a few years, I want to look back and remember how I carried on thriving, working, studying and homeschooling my kids from home during a Pandemic.

Here are some ways I dealt with my writer’s block –

I stopped writing

When it comes to many things, I find that the more I resist, the more it persists. So I just stopped writing completely for days. I believe me stopping writing and not trying to force the process allowed me overcome the writer’s block quicker.

Read read read

I am still reading a book a week and that helps my creativity loads. The more I read, the more I can write. My reading helped me keep the creative writing juice flowing.

Spend time doing what I love

I spent more time doing what I was in the mood for. So apart from reading, I have been sleeping a lot. I have also been watching some interesting shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Spending time with the kids everyday is always amazing. Going for long walks and meditating has also helped my state of mind and mental health. I believe the time I have spent doing what I love has led me back to writing.

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It is good to see the back of this writer’s block. I have learnt from it and I am glad I have gotten my writing mojo back.

How are you doing?


Taking care of your wellbeing this Coronavirus Pandemic with food

Many people are worried about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it is affecting our lives. The whole uncertainty is enough to rob you of your peace of mind if you let it. This pandemic can wreck havoc on our mental and physical health, which is why we must ensure to take extra care of our wellbeing this Coronavirus Pandemic. Here are quick ways you can start taking care of your wellbeing this Coronavirus Pandemic with food –

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Avoid stressful situations

Stress is the last thing your body needs right now, so avoid anything that will increase your stress levels. Getting enough sleep is one way of getting rid of stress. To ensure you get a good night sleep, you can try a cup of chamomile tea before bed. That will help you sleep like a baby.

Eat your dark chocolate

I am sure many are surprised to see this on the list, but eating dark chocolate is one way to get rid of stress. Dark chocolate has plenty of magnesium in it, so it is not only yummy but healthy. It is also in very high in iron, copper, manganese, and is filled with prebiotic fiber that feeds your healthy gut bacteria. Just another reason to stock up on dark chocolates this period.

Natural foods are good for you

The best type of foods are the natural unprocessed ones. So eat as many natural foods you can this period to keep your body and mind healthy.

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Stay away from toxins

Staying away from all toxins would be great for your physical health as well as your wellbeing. So say no to drugs, alcohol, additives, coffee, excess sugars and the likes. This will help you stay in healthy and keep your body and mind strong.

This is not the time for extreme dieting or detoxing. Just make sure you eat a varied diet and then you won’t feel so guilty when you reward yourself with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. Everything in moderation is the way to go.


Trusting in your inner voice

It can be hard when it comes to trusting in your inner voice sometimes, especially with the loud voices around. There’s the press, social media, family and friends, and their voices can get a louder than our quiet intuition. However, listening to your inner voice is even more important when the outside voices get louder. News about CoronaVirus is everywhere and people are already starting to panic. I don’t blame those who are panicking. When you see the figures and how quickly the virus spreads, it can easily throw you off. But it is better to stay calm and informed so you know how best to protect yourself and your loved ones. Panic only leads to hysteria, and then people stop thinking logically when that sets in.


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So how fo you stay calm in the midst in chaos? How do you trust your inner voice when there’s confusion everywhere. Here are three ways you can go about doing just this –

Stay silent

Many times we are too busy waffling on to find the time to just be quiet. The more silent you are, the more likely you will hear your inner voice. That inner voice is usually very quiet. You can easily stay silent when mediating. So you need to tune in to listen and take in the message. When in doubt on the next action to take, stay silent and trust in your inner voice.

Recognise the inner voice

Most of us have heard the judgemental voice in our head that tells us how horrible we are. That voice is full of spite and hate, so it is quote easy to recognise. The inner voice is quiet and calm. It is full of love and light. From the tone of the voice, you shall know it.

Listen to your body

Sometimes our body is able to communicate what our inner voice or intuition is trying to tell us. This usually happens when we don’t stay silent enough to hear our inner voice or when we don’t recognise it. The chills you feel could be your body trying to tell you something, the tension you feel in your stomach could also be your body trying to bring your attention to something. It pays to listen to body. When all else fails, our body speaks to us loud and clear.


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How do you learn to trust your inner voice? Do you have any tried and tested tips to share for trusting in your inner voice? Please sound off in the comments section.

Have a great day wherever you are.


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