What I am binge watching on Netflix

There are so many amazing series and movies to watch on Netflix. I am not a TV person but when I do have the time and I am in the mood, I like to binge watch interesting series and movies. My watch list on Netflix is forever growing! There are just so many shows to watch, I wonder if I would ever get round to watching them all. Here is a short list of what I am watching on Netflix –

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African Queens Njinga

I have watched a couple of episodes already and I am really enjoying this series. It is quite informative and very interesting. I love discovering other cultures and their histories, and Africa Queens Ninga is defintely worth watch if you are interested in African cultures and history. Plus, the cast are very talented and amazing to watch. Have you seen this series?

Workin’ Moms

The new series of Workin’ Moms is on Netflix and I have seen a few episodes of it. I need to get back into it. The cast are funny as usual with their storylines. If you want a quick laugh, Workin’ Moms is the comedy series to watch. Do you agree?

Virgin River

This is anther series I need to get back into. I have seen a few episodes of the new season of Virgin River but I got distracted and abandoned it. It is worth watching if you enjoyed the previous seasons, but I find this latest season a bit slow and difficult to get into, but will give it another shot. Are you a fan of Virgin River?

You Don’t Know Me

I finished this series yesterday and it was a good watch. I enjoyed the suspense and the cast delivered. This series was quite easy to watch, I finished it in a few days. I wonder how it really ended for the ‘Hero’ and which ending was the right one? Definitely worth watching, if you haven’t done so already.

Angela Black

Angela Black is another interesting series to watch on Netflix. I recently finished the series and I found it very entertaining. I liked the ending and the fact that Angela got some justice for what happened to her. This series is another one to watch for sure.

What are you currently watching on Netflix? Have you watched any of these series on Netflix? pPlease sound off in the comments section, let’s chat!

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