5 Ways to Support STEM habits in Children

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Since I ventured into the amazing world of STEM some years ago, I have grown more and more in love with it. The Kiddies are very much into STEM. It comes so naturally to them. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and my children can spend hours exploring tech, maths and science topics, and I am finding more and more ways to nurture their interest. If you are wondering how you could support your children’s STEM habits, here are 5 ideas for you –

5 Ways to Support STEM habits in Children

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Get children involved in STEM related events

If your children’s school supports STEM, then you are in luck as there will be lots of STEM related activities and events to nurture their growing curiosity. However, if this is not the case then it makes sense to find events that will support their learning. A quick online search for STEM events in your area should be sufficient as there are usually loads of options and opportunities to support learning. For more ideas, you could look into attending a family medicine conference that would suit the needs of you and your family.

Shop for STEM toys

Children learn through play and this is why shopping for STEM toys is a great way to support their STEM habits. There are loads of online and in-store retailers for STEM toys so there should be loads of options. I use a few online and the Kiddies love them. It is best to explore the shops based on your children’s ages and the areas of STEM your children are interested in.

Chat about it

As a parent, being involved or interested in STEM helps as you can have great conversation around it with your children. Children can pick up a lot from conversations here and there, so being involved in their daily lives and chatting about things they are interested really supports them. Getting involved in the lives of your children helps nurture their skills and abilities.

Look out for STEM shows

Children spend time watching TV, so another way to encourage their interest is to introduce to age appropriate STEM shows or YouTube channels. That way you can squeeze in more learning time into their screen time, and then it is a win-win. There are so many amazing shows online and on the big screen, so browse for relevant options for your children.

Get STEM games

Getting STEM games is another easy way to support your children’s learning. There are many options when it comes to STEM games. So a quick search on the platform you should deliver loads of ideas. STEM games are great as they help children deliver critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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These ways can help you support your children’s STEM habits, so it is worth exploring if your little ones are interested in science, technology, engineering, or maths!

How do you support your children’s learning? Please share your thoughts in the comments below, let’s chat. Thanks for reading.

Kids Director Chair

We are almost halfway into the summer holidays and it’s been fun. The twins are staying busy with all sorts of activities. It is not an easy feat to entertain two energetic 8-year-olds, but we are having a great time just relaxing and taking each day as it comes. How are you enjoying the summer holidays?

The twins are so into tech, recording and editing videos, and other creative activities. They have been into these activities since they were very little and it’s been fun to see how these mini directors keep improving their skills. They really enjoy make-believe directing; role-playing and the likes. It is fun to watch them bring their amazing ideas to life. It is amazing to watch.

We finally got around to updating our YouTube page. It has been quiet for many months, but it looks like we will be having regular fresh content now thanks to the kiddies so keep your eyes on the channel.

Kids Style Picture

Kids Director Chair

The video below is one of the videos we uploaded this week. It is all about the journey of some snakes and some monkeys on a ship, and how they kicked the pirates off the ship. The narration was done by my daughter. I found it really funny and the graphics are so beautiful. You can watch the short fun film below.

The video below is all about a robot doggie and his journey into space. The narration here was done by my son. It is a funny story with beautiful graphics. I really enjoyed watching it. The robot doggie and the teacher scenes were entertaining. You can watch the short fun film via the YouTube link below.

You can follow The Kiddies YouTube channel here to stay updated when new videos are up. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great one and stay safe.

Introducing Eves Party Packs and Souvenirs UK

Party Packs and Souvenirs are really important when organising a party or an event. One of the reasons why the kiddies love attending parties aside from the games and fun, is the party pack they get at the end of the party. That is one of the main highlights for them and many children. Which is why party packs are party essentials.

Souvenirs are also very important. They work as a token; a great way of thanking your guests for gracing your event. Which explains why they are very popular.




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Party Bag Image





Eves Party Packs and Souvenirs UK

However, when it comes to party packs and souvenirs, attention to detail and great quality is everything, which is where Eves Party Packs and Souvenirs UK comes in. This British brand was set up earlier in the year. The focus of the brand is delivering amazing party packs or bags for parties and  souvenirs for different types of events, and it does just that.

I spent hours scrolling through the brand’s Instagram feed thanks to the uniqueness of the party packs.They definitely caught my attention. Every party should have a theme which extends to the party bags and souvenirs, and this party pack brand ensures this theme follows through with the souvenirs/party bags.



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Message from the Brand

Eves Party Packs and Souvenirs was birth from my passion for the putting together of a kid’s party of which the giving of party bags  at the party plays an integral role.

It makes me happy seeing kids light up at a party when they open their party packs or bags and see all kinds of exciting toys, items for school, snacks and many other types of useful goodies.

I simply enjoy the act of putting together different party bags for different themed events.

With the party bags also comes souvenirs which could be personalised for various events for children and adults. It could be a birthday celebration, a wedding, a graduation party, a bridal shower, a baby shower, a baby gender reveal party. We can ensure that we add a bit of colour and sparkle to the event by sealing it with a take home personalised souvenir and/or party bag for the guests that come.

Our party bags come in different packages suit the event and we are always on hand to discuss with the client in more detail.



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Take the stress away from party planning

If you are based in the UK, and are after party packs for your parties or souvenirs for your events, you need to contact Eves Party Packs and Souvenirs. The brand takes the stress away from party planning by taking care of your souvenirs and party bags. The are 3 packages available:

  • Standard Party Bags starting from £9.
  • Executive Party Bags starting from £15.
  • VIP Party Bags starting from £22.


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I love the sound of the 3 packages. Good to know there is a party bag package for every budget. The prices for souvenirs vary depending on type of souvenirs you want and the number you need for the event. You can contact Eves Party Packs for more information regarding what you will get in each party bag. Email the brand – evespartypacks1@gmail.com.

You can also contact the brand via their Facebook Page and on Instagram.

What do you think of Eves Party Packs and Souvenirs? Do your kids get excited about party packs?


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