4 Gift Ideas Your Girlfriend Is Sure To Love

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When you’re giving gifts, it’s always recommended that you give with your heart. Translating how you’re feeling into a physical gift can be difficult, however. Coming up with gift ideas your girlfriend is sure to love can be tricky, but it doesn’t need to be.

Some of the more obvious ways of figuring this out are by focusing on her interests and seeing if she’s dropped any hints about what she wants. That doesn’t always happen, however, so you could have a wealth of options to choose from. 

Narrowing down your choices can be relatively simple. Once you do, picking something can be even easier. There shouldn’t be anything stopping you from finding a gift your other half will love. While you’ll need to put a bit of work into it, there won’t be anything in your way.

The smile on her face when she unwraps it will be more than worth it.

Gift Ideas Your Girlfriend Is Sure To Love: 4 Top Options
1. Mini Perfume Blending Set

Perfume is one of the most common gifts to pick up for a girlfriend. It’s gotten to the point where it’s relatively expected and almost boring. You can add a twist to this by getting her a perfume blending set. While she’ll need to put effort into making the deodorant herself, she could create the perfect one for her.

You wouldn’t need to go too large with this. Choosing a mini set can be more than recommended, as it’ll let her dabble and figure out whether she’s interested. It’s one of the more affordable ways of giving her something she can spend time on and be passionate about.

2. Intimate Apparel

When it comes to gift ideas your girlfriend is sure to love, you’ll want to make sure it’s something surprising, but in a positive way. Sometimes, clothing can be one of the recommended options for this, especially when it comes to intimate apparel.

While you’ll need to know her sizes, there shouldn’t be anything else stopping you. The likes of Bydee intimate apparel can be well-recommended. Not only will this help make her feel wanted, but they’ll be something she’ll look and feel great in. There’s no reason not to consider this.

If you do go this route, try to keep her favorite colors and styles in mind to make sure it’s something she’ll love.

3. Movie Memorabilia

Everyone wants to feel as though they’re being listened to. That goes beyond simply telling them that you’ve heard them. Why not show that with a gift by getting her something associated with her favorite movie? You could be surprised by the number of movie memorabilia you can find.

If her favorite film is an older one, you shouldn’t need to worry, as there are likely to be more than a few bits and pieces you can pick up. You could go a step further with this by trying to get something associated with her favorite character from the film, too.

Regardless of what film she likes, you can rest assured you’ll find more than a few gifts your girlfriend will like.

4. Your Hoodie

Sometimes, you don’t need to buy something to give her a special gift. Your hoodie can be more than recommended, especially on those winter nights. While this is far from recommended as a sole gift, it does add a bit more heart to whatever you get her.

You could even go further and pick up a version for her so that you can both match. Spraying it with your aftershave to make it smell like you will take this to another level. You shouldn’t have a problem worrying about whether she’ll love this, as it’s almost guaranteed.

With how often she might wear your hoodie, this could be one of the more obvious gift ideas for your girlfriend. She likely still won’t see this coming, however, so you’ll still have a bit of surprise built into this.

Gift Ideas Your Girlfriend Is Sure To Love: Wrapping Up

Coming up with gift ideas your girlfriend is sure to love can seem complicated. It doesn’t need to be, as there are more than a few options that come more than recommended. Picking between them shouldn’t be difficult, either.

3 Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors this Summer

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Summer is in full swing and I am loving the weather. Here in Cheshire, the weather is not too warm or wet, it is simply perfect and it gets really cool in the evenings. Thanks to the amazing summery weather, I am spending more time outdoors and I have spent more time in our garden this year than I have done in previous years. I hope the lovely summery weather stays on for many more weeks before the autumn strikes. If you are looking at ways to enjoy the outdoors this summer, you will find these 3 ways to enjoy the outdoors this summer post very useful.

Make the most of your garden space

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, making the most of the space is a great way to spend time in nature this season. We recently got some garden furniture and we are making the most of the shade and chairs. Having furniture in the garden encourages me to spend more time in outdoors. You don’t have to think about moving chairs or tables around once you have the garden furniture in place. This luxury rattan furniture by Bakari sofa living pictured below is a garden furniture set and it looks breathtaking. I love the stunning design a lot! I may just upgrade our garden furniture to this. What do you think of the set?

luxury rattan furniture image

Go for long walks

I get out and about in nature everyday. Nature is amazing to explore, I never get bored. I go for long walks everyday and I enjoy it. It keeps me balanced and energised. If you are looking at ways to enjoy the outdoors this summer, going for walks is a great way to soak in nature and stay fit at the same time. It is also another way to get the kids busy. The twins join me on long walks regularly and they enjoy it. They like to take their binoculars and look out for birds, bugs and the likes. It is amazing to look at the world through the eyes of a happy child. It makes me appreciate the world a lot more.

Join an outdoor sports team

We have an outdoor sports team in our town area and many people speak highly of the team and workouts. If you have one in your local area, you could explore it if you are into working out in nature. You could also work out in your garden or join an online yoga class from the comfort of your own outdoor space.

The list is endless when it comes to finding ways to spend time in nature. There are so many more things you could do outdoors, but these three here are my top 3 tips for enjoying the outdoors.

How do you spend time in nature? What do you like to do? Does your garden furniture encourage you to spend more time in your garden? Please sound off in the comments section below. Thanks for reading. Have a lovely day wherever you are. Stay safe.

Colouring Books for Women

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Hey peeps! Happy Friday! I have recently fallen in love with colouring and I am really enjoying it. Colouring for me is very relaxing and therapeutic. I try to find time to colour every week. My daughter is so into colouring and she colours beautifully. I think I have now caught the colouring bug and it is helping me loads. If you are stressed, tired, bored or you just need to keep yourself busy and relaxed at home, I would recommend you get a colouring book and see how you get on with it. If you asked me some years if I would ever get a colouring book, my answer would be a clear no. I would say I won’t have the time or desire to colour, but life has changed so dramatically and I now find myself enjoying things I wouldn’t have dreamt of trying.

Colouring Books for Women

If you are after colouring books for women, here are some ideas for you:

The Grown Girl: 52-Week Devotional, Journal and Coloring Book

The Grown Girl: 52-Week Devotional, Journal and Coloring Book picture

This is the colouring book I am currently busy with and it is so good. It is for women who are interested in colouring alongside Christianity. There are loads to do in the book – colouring, devotional, journalling. You can grab this colouring book by Tiffany Buckner below –

lluring Portraits – Beautiful Women Coloring Book: Amazing Young Beauty, Gorgeous Girls With Flowers – Face Sketches

lluring Portraits - Beautiful Women Coloring Book: Amazing Young Beauty, Gorgeous Girls With Flowers - Face Sketches picture

This colouring book is another great option for women looking for a colouring book. It is filled with amazing portraits that would definitely keep you busy colouring. You can grab this colouring book below –

Large Print Easy Color & Frame – Calm (Adult Coloring Book)

Large Print Easy Color & Frame - Calm (Adult Coloring Book) picture

This Large Print Calm Easy Colour and Frame  is filled with 31 relaxing colouring pages that will keep very busy in a good way. I love the prints. I can see myself grabbing this next. You can have a look via the link below –

What do you think of these colouring books? Did any catch your eye? Have you read my previous post? It is all about the Rosemary Essential Oil. Catch up here.

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely weekend.

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