Blogging tip – Why you should run giveaways

I have been running giveaways on Fashion and Style Police for years and I love doing them. It is a blogging tip I picked up in the early days and I am glad I did. Running giveaways is my way of giving back to my readers. It feels great to give back to people who read my blog on a daily basis. It also allows me obey the law of giving. The prizes I offer vary from cheap to average prices, and sometimes luxury items. It all depends on whether I am working with a brand or funding the giveaway by myself.


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I know some bloggers are against running giveaways. They believe it doesn’t do your blog any favours and all that. I disagree. Here are a few reasons why you should run blog giveaways if you are not doing so already –


It introduces you to new readers/subscribers

Giveaways introduce your blog to new readers who may end up subscribing for real and reading every blog post. I have met and come to know many readers online thanks to running a giveaway. If you feel like your blog needs to be read by more people and you want some new subscribers, try hosting a giveaway. The results may surprise you.


Running giveaways allows me obey The Law of Giving

If you know me well enough, you would know I am a very spiritual person. I believe in certain Laws of Success, and The Law of Giving is one of them. For those who are not familiar with this law, here’s a brief description of what it is all about –

The act of giving has to be joyful. The frame of mind has to be one in which you feel joy in the very act of giving. Each time I meet someone I will silently wish them laughter, joy and happiness. I will give something to everyone I come in contact with. Be it a card, flower, gift, compliment or silent prayer. 


The Law of Giving for me encourages me to run more and more giveaways, regardless of the price tag. As long as I am giving away joyfully, I fulfil that law in a way and it works wonders for me.


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More traffic on the blog

Running giveaways brings a good number of traffic to my blog, which is amazing of course. If done properly, giveaways can take your blog views to dizzying heights. Just another reason to host them if you are not doing so already.


I could go on and on about the amazing benefits of running giveaways. The benefits are too numerous to mention. I am glad I started this in the early days and I plan to carry on hosting giveaways on this blog. The benefits are just so amazing not to, and if you run the giveaways properly, using the right prizes for your blog, you could take your little corner on the big wide web to a whole new level.

Speaking of giveaways, do make sure you enter my current giveaway to win an Apple Watch Band by JORD.

Also, I have been nominated in the 2019 Brilliance in Blogging Awards by Britmums. I am in the Lifestyle Category and I would love to win. You can vote for me here. Thanking you!



Back to School Essentials for University

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As many of you may already know, I am going back to university this October. I am excited to go on this journey and really can’t wait to get started. It is a distance learning degree and it is my first time studying this way. Study has been fun. I have started studying already as I like to be ahead and so far I am I am getting a hang of the systems and what studying from home actually looks like. Since I am a work from home mum, I already know all about being isolated and being able to motivate myself is no issue. I have been stocking up on some back to school essentials for university.

Here are the items I have got or have on my Wishlist –


datAshur PRO²

datAshur PRO² picture


I really like this datAshur PRO². The available capacity for the one I got is 128gb, but it also comes in 4gb, 8gb, 16gb, 32gb, 64gb, 256gb and 512gb. So there should be a size for everyone. It is safe and easy to use with the 7 -15 digit pin. I also like the fact that it works on any device with a USB port. No software required at all so it is super easy to set it up and running.

I will be using this smart gadget for a lot of my uni work. It is definitely one of the best in secure USB flash drive technology. I am loving it already.


Oxford Campus Wirebound Notebook, A4 Size – Assorted Colour

back to school essentials for university image


I love this set of A4 notebooks. They are so useful and handy for note taking. I love the fact that they come in different bright colours. The quality of the paper is really good. I like the fact that they are ruled with a margin and perforated. They are super easy to use for notes and put me in the mood to write. You can also scan your notes with the Scribble app which makes it even better.




HP Deskjet 2630 All-in-One Printer, Instant Ink


HP Deskjet 2630 All-in-One Printer, Instant Ink picture



Having a printer is a back to essential for the university, especially for when you are going down the distance learning route. I have always had a printer. It makes my a lot life easier. I can easily print out study materials from the comfort of my home. My printer is a copier and scanner, so I get to do a lot more with it. Plus printers are so cheap to buy and run these days. There is no excuse not to have one as a university student. It saves you the trouble of going to the library every time you need to print, scan or make a copy.



NUBWO Over Ear Headphones with Noise reduction Mic


Over Ear Headphones with Noise reduction Mic picture


With distance learning, I have to log on to watch online lessons. Having a headset means I can join in with online and take part in the classes. This NUBWO Over Ear Headphones with Noise reduction Mic is a great option. I love the fact that it is super affordable and easy to use. 




These are my going back to school essentials for the university. What do you think of them?


Going back to school this October

Yes you read that heading right and if you have been keeping tabs on my Instagram page, this won’t be a surprise. I am going back to school this October and I can’t wait to get started. I have been thinking of going back to university for sometime now. There has been a degree on my mind to study and I have finally decided to take the bull by the horn, and run with it. Life is too short not to follow your heart. When you follow your hearts, you don’t have any regrets.


Going back to school this October

This October, I will starting my first degree in Bsc (Honours) Psychology with The Open University. I have had an interest and a natural flair for Psychology for as long as I can remember. It has always be on my mind. I find the science of the mind very fascinating and I am super excited about pursuing this degree and life after. The fact that I am now going down this route after 2 degrees doesn’t really surprise me. Deep down, I knew this would happen at some point in my life. It was just a matter of when.



How to prevent sleep lines image


Business as Usual

Going back to school and doing what I do will be a test but I know it will all be fine. I will be posting on the blog as regularly as I can. Looking at it all, I still aim to post at least once a day on here. I also plan to keep posting content on my YouTube channel and social media platforms. It will take a lot of planning and determination, but this blog and my other online jobs are important to me. Which is why I plan to keep on going. I enjoy my online jobs, so apart from them being sources of income, they will also be a good distraction from my books.

Adult education is becoming more and more common thanks to the wonders of technology and flexible degrees/universities. I won’t have dreamt of starting a degree from the comfort of my home and being able to join in online with others n the classroom. Just like I won’t have thought of earning an income from home 15 years ago. None of that was possible in my reality back then, but times have changed for the better and I am making the most of this flexible life. Wish me luck 😊




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