How Has Vaping Taken The Pop Culture Crown Away From Cigarette Smoking?

Cigarette smoking for more than a century now has developed a reputation as the constant companion of the cool and the socially successful. Whether you’re chilling in a pub, a club, or even just at a friend’s house, it seems that someone always whips out a smoke or two which if you’re not a smoker, can be quite a pain.



Unless you already partake in the habit, being slowly covered in clouds made up of various chemicals is something that can easily kill your vibe. We’ve all been to events where the room’s taken on something of a divide, between smokers at one end and non-smokers at the other. Not the best atmosphere for getting the party atmosphere going.


Yet what you may have noticed recently amongst your social circle is that more and more smokers are putting down cigarettes in favour of E-cigarettes (e-cigs). These nifty little guys can completely simulate the act of smoking, but do so using flavoured vapour in place of tobacco and all the other nasty bits that go into a regular cigarette.


The act of smoking these e-cigs is known as ‘vaping’, and has gone from the signature accessory of the hipster to something that is now enjoyed by those from all backgrounds. Plenty of A-listers have also made the switch, so you might have seen regularly a few cheeky puffs here and there across pop culture.



Why Is Vaping So Popular?

Several factors have contributed to people switching from cigarette smoking to vaping.

The main thing that has led to vaping spreading so rapidly, is because of how similar it is to smoking a cigarette. You still go through the same routine of taking a few puffs with just the click of a button, and the ‘hit’ from the smoke is just as good-and tastier with such a wide range of e-liquid flavours on offer. This means that for those looking to quit smoking for good, vaping is a really good way to put down the cigarettes, without going cold turkey from the start.

It’s also pretty cheap, and will save you from having to constantly queue to buy more and more packets of tobacco and other smoking bits. Whilst picking out the right e-cig for you can take a while and cost a bit, it’s a one-off expense that you won’t have to repeat for quite a while.

Also as various governments keep taxing tobacco more and more, vaping is being viewed more and more as the healthier and hipper alternative. Even the NHS thinks that the new kid on the block is 95% safer than regular smoking, and they don’t just support any old thing without a lot of research! Whilst many fail to quit using nicotine patches, nicotine gum and other similar methods, vaping has helped so many people finally overcome their demons.



Cigarette Smoking Is Old News

Unfortunately, the standard of education around the world to do with smoking isn’t all that great. Big tobacco companies have been accused for years of trying to hook the young to get them started early, so it’s crucial that an alternative is found for them ASAP. These dirty tricks are luckily being found out thanks to social media, and more than a few smokers are no longer so keen to give their money to such an uncaring bunch.

There has also been a lot of shake-ups done again by various governments, who have put laws in place to restrict cigarettes from appearing as they once did in the media. Gone are the days where cigarette brands would be plastered on ad boards, sponsor sporting events and even portray themselves as kid-friendly, they are now kept well out of sight and even hidden in supermarkets behind the counter.

Out and about as well, the owners of various social scenes are turning their back on smokers who no longer make up such a key part of their clientele. Traditional smoking is banned in the vast majority of bars, nightclubs, etc., whereas vaping although not permitted everywhere, is much more tolerated thanks to its lack of second-hand smoke.

Therefore, where once smoking was the thing to do if you wanted to fit in socially, things are now actually working the other way around. As our knowledge of the impact of smoking on the body has improved, collectively the habit is nowhere near as accepted as a harmless pastime as it once was. E-cigarettes totally remove this issue, as the vapour it gives off has virtually no effect unlike regular smoke which can wreck your lungs and those of your friends in an instant. Vaping therefore has become the best of both worlds, providing both smokers and non-smokers alike with a happy middle-ground.


What are your thoughts on vaping?


*Collaborative post.


Why I Read Over 20 Blog Posts Every Day

I love reading. It is one hobby I truly enjoy, and as a Blogger and Freelance PR Consultant, I have to read as many blog posts as possible every day. Reading and writing is second nature to me, which is great because my job relies on it! So if I am not able to put on my Kindle because of a busy schedule, I can guarantee I would be able to read some blog posts during the day.



I read over 20 blog posts a day because there are so many amazing blogs around these days, it is so easy to read as many. I also comment on as many blog posts as I can.

Many bloggers underestimate the power of the blogosphere, and just instead stay busy publishing post after post on their blog without reading other blogs, which I find very funny. Except you are in the Mega Blogger Category (Is there such a category?), you should be reaching out to as many bloggers as possible, because the blogosphere world is really small, especially in the UK. We all need each other in a way.

The power of commenting on blogs is so underrated, that many bloggers don’t know the value of it. Apart from the fact that you are reading and gaining knowledge, you leaving a quality comment would probably put a smile on the blogger’s face, it would lead some traffic to your blog, which may lead to you having some loyal blog followers, brands/PRs could find your blog from a comment left on another blog, and so on. The benefits of reading and commenting on blogs you enjoy are too many to list.



I enjoy reading a variety of blogs from fashion and beauty, to lifestyle and even parenting. I also enjoy scrolling through food blogs. They usually make my mouth water and leave me hungry, but I gain so many recipe ideas from them, so I can’t be without reading them.

What sort of blogs do you enjoy reading?





My Experience of Mobile Working

I started Fashion and Style Police in 2012, but I still held my full-time job working as a customer service advisor for a big multinational in Manchester. The job looked liked the best thing ever but the reality of it was that I hated it and I hated working there, so I focused on building my blog alongside a regular paycheck. This was a good idea because I made less than £100 in my first blogging year. Leaving the security of a regular paycheck then because I was frustrated with my job would have been very stupid.



After blogging for a year, I went on maternity leave and I never looked back. I knew I was never going to step into that office as an employee again. I knew there was something bigger and better for me, but I just didn’t know what it would be. Definitely didn’t think it was going to be blogging or working as a freelancer. I didn’t honestly believe I could start earning a full-time wage from my online hustle, but then I started to eventually.

While on maternity, I put all my leftover energy from caring for my twins into my blog. So while they slept in the day, I ignored the books that told me to sleep too (this is not advisable), and hustled like mad. My twins are over 3 years old now, and Fashion and Style Police has grown and it is still growing like weed. I have also gone into freelance writing and outreach for companies, and it has been a great experience so far!

Working for myself has its pros and cons as expected. I written about this a few times already; I even had a proper moan about it some days ago in The Ugly Side of Freelancing post. But 1 thing is for sure, I would not change my mobile working conditions for anything! The fact that I can decide to work 1am or 1pm from my sofa or bed is amazing. Mobile working is the best thing ever since WiFi!




However, one of the main issues that concerns me as a freelancer is the fact that I could lose all my work if anything ever happened to my laptop, camera or mobile phone. I carry my iPhone with me everywhere, and I am usually with my camera and laptop when we go on holiday, so I need to ensure my work stays stay. Also, we all know how easy it is to have gadgets stolen when we are out and about, and how easy it is to have our laptop or phone flooded with coffee. Well, this is where InMyBag comes in. This company is like the Messiah for us mobile people.

InMyBag can cover your mobile devices from loss, theft and damage so you can carry as normal. They guarantee same day resolution which is fantastic, and you can enjoy the same service abroad as you would do at home for up to three months a year.

This is 1 service I see myself forever having as a freelancer. I think it is smart to have a cover like this as a freelancer because you never know.

Do you have your mobile devices insured?


*Collaborative Post.