Road Trip from New York to Maryland

After spending 48 hours in New York City, our next stop was Maryland. We decided we were going to drive down, so we rented a car from Enterprise. The process of renting the car was smooth and straight forward. The car was in a good shape, and car seats were provided for the kids as requested.

The road trip was fun overall. The kids didn’t bug as much, so it was a good journey. As soon as we got out of New York, and got into New Jersey, there was difference. The air felt different. The people looked a lot happier. It was like a breath of fresh air. We stopped over at a service centre in New Jersey, so I had the opportunity to take in the city and observe the people. People watching is one of my favourite things to do. I also got the chance to grab a New Jersey souvenir. It would be amazing to spend a few days in the city one day. I am sure there would be a lot to see.


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Driving in the US is always fun. The driving rules are different from the rules in the UK, so you have to pay attention. The roads are so wide in comparison to the tiny roads we have here. And there were quite a few toll gates on our way, but it was all good. We all enjoyed the road trip, and I can see us doing it again, from other cities.


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I know we are a bit adventurous when it comes to how we holiday. And I like that about our trips. When the kids get older, we plan to be even more adventurous. I would love to visit California one day. The distance is putting me off, but I am hoping we could make the trip when the kids are a bit older. There is a lot to see in the world and I plan to see as much as possible.


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You can see more of my trip on my 48 hours in New York and Madame Tussauds posts. I will be writing more on my stay in Maryland. I didn’t get to do much of exploring. Majority of my time was spent shopping. We planned to take the kids to see the White House and other parts of Washington DC, but we didn’t get the chance to do all that. It was my 3rd time in Maryland so I have done most of the tourist stuff already but maybe when next we are in the area, we will get to do more.


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Have you had a road trip from New York to Maryland? What do you think go both cities?


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  1. Take the train next time! There’s a lot to see in both places. Gas stations aren’t the most exciting and the train is really the best of all modes – coming from someone who did this trip as a commute sometimes.
    To go to Cali though, fly – London is about the same (maybe less) flying time from DC as DC is to California.
    Next time message me!

      • Yes do! It’s not all intuitive for sure – I honestly benefited from a work travel service. And the trains look ridiculously expensive sometimes if the trip is coming too soon up. That route is generally great for trains and especially great if you plan a few weeks in advance.
        But in general, and for anyone else about to travel, I’d recommend reaching out to any bloggers that have done consulting. That’s where travel and efficiency come in.
        I just happen to know the areas you mentioned well because of where I grew up/worked/traveled. Not site-seeing in New York so much..but Maryland and dc yup! Hope you had fun. Road trips can lead to unexpected treasures

      • Yes we had a lovely time. The road trip was good fun. Had the opportunity to take in my surroundings.

      • You did benefit from better than normal weather for this time (sort of – it’s been cooler but the humidity is worse). I forgot about the tolls but they can hurt during that route.
        Hopefully next time you can see DC! And well honestly California is probably way prettier..
        I saw you were in Laurel. Super close to my parents!
        I’ve done the trip via car and traveling through multiple states is pretty interesting for sure.

      • Yes it was interesting. Yes we were in Laurel. The weather was up and down all week. California is on my next travel list. Thanks.

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  4. We are planning a driving holiday to the US and I am nervous of driving on new roads, but looks like they are fairly simple

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