The Kiddies Explore the City of London

The Kiddies have been reading about the City of London in school. So we decided to explore the buzzing city over the Spring break. We were in London and Essex for the 2 weeks holiday, and we had a lovely time. It was so much fun that it felt kind of weird coming back home to our usual routine. For our London tour, we decided to hop on a train to the centre of the city, starting off from Buckingham Palace. The twins are forever talking about the Queen and her guards, so we knew we had to see the Palace. I have never seen the palace in real life before, so I was excited about seeing it all too!


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The trip was worth it. We had the opportunity to watch the guards move around and see the lovely in real life. The Kiddies were eager to see The Queen, and were a bit disappointed she wasn’t outside to receive them. We had to cook up a story to explain that, but they didn’t dwell too much on that thankfully. Seeing the stunning Palace was more than enough to satisfy them.


Taking in the Magnificent Buckingham Palace

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The whole area was filled with tourists as expected. It was hard work getting some pictures taken. But we made the most of our time there. Once we left Buckingham Palace, we walked into St James Park, and took in the green land. It is such a beautiful place to just sit and appreciate nature. Then we walked around the area and spotting London Eye, Big Ben and many red phone boxes, which the kids found fascinating.

Once all that was done, we decided to stop for a lunch break at a pub. It took ages to get a seat as it was literally packed with people. After like forever, we got a tiny table and quickly got something to nibble on.

After lunch, we got on a London Bus and headed to Tower Bridge. The London Red Bus was the highlight of the day for the kiddies. We went up to the top deck and they made sure we sat right at the front. It was fun just watching how excited they were about the little things.


Strike a Pose


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Overall, we had a lovely time. We were very exhausted at the end of the day, as expected. Exploring the City of London requires a lot of walking, which left us really tired. But we wore comfy shoes and were ready to explore. The only issue I had was I was not dressed as warm as I would have liked.  It was quite cold on that day.  A lot colder than I expected. Luckily the Kiddies were dressed up so I didn’t have to worry about them. But I would have preferred to have my Uggs on and probably a wholly hat to protect me from the chill. It was freezing!


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We will definitely be visiting London again. The Kiddies had an amazing time and we the grownups enjoyed ourselves as well.  I love visiting London every now and again. Even though I find the city overwhelming. It is so different from the little Cheshire village we call home.




The Kiddies Review Johnson’s Products

*PR Samples.

The Kiddies got the lovely opportunity to try some of the new and improved Johnson’s Products. They have been using these products for many days and they really like them. I must confess I like them as well. This new range is definitely a lot better than the old one.


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JOHNSON’S® 2 in 1 Shampoo

This Shampoo is really good for the kiddies, especially more son. He loves it. It Hypoallergenic and Paediatrician-tested. You can grab it in 300ml and 500ml bottles.


JOHNSON’S® No More Tangles™ Kids Conditioner

This Kids Conditioner is so handy to have around the house. I like that it is Hypoallergenic** and pH balanced. It is available in 300ml and 500ml bottles.


JOHNSON’S® Strength Drops Kids Conditioner

The Johnson’s® Strength Drops Kids Conditioner is enriched with Vitamin E and it is great for conditioning and strengthening the hair. We have been using a lot of this conditioner.


JOHNSON’S® Strength Drops Kids Shampoo

This Johnson’s Strength Drops Kids Shampoo cleans the hair and helps it stay healthy and strong. It is one of our favourite from the new Johnson’s range. I think it is a fantastic product for the kids.



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JOHNSON’S® Shiny Drops Kids Conditioner

If you are after a conditioner that will leave your child’s hair silky and shiny, then you will need to try this JOHNSON’S® Shiny Drops Kids Conditioner.


JOHNSON’S® Shiny Drops Kids Shampoo

This Shiny Drops Kids Shampoo by Johnson’s is enriched with a drop of Argan oil and touch of silk protein, which does wonders for the hair. It is another lovely shampoo from the new range.



We are huge fans of the Johnson’s Baby Oil. There is always one in our house even though it is a baby product. It is one of those multi-tasking products we always like to have in the bathroom cabinet.


JOHNSON’S® No More Tangles™ Kids Shampoo

This is another Johnson’s Shampoo we have been trying our hands on. It is a great product, and I can see it over and over again.


  1. I love the packaging of these products. I think they are colourful and stunning. They will definitely catch my eye when out shopping for toiletries.
  2. The products are really mild and gentle for the skin and hair. But they do a thorough job still.
  3. I love the light and soft fragrance of the products. They smell nice but not overpowering.
  4. The shampoos and conditioners for the kids are free from dyes, parabens, phthalates, sulphates, alcohol, and soap, which is lovely.
  5. The NO MORE TEARS® formula is as gentle to the eyes as pure water, which makes hair wash days a lot easier. Some shampoos and conditioners really sting the eyes, so it is great this range does not.
  6. Many of the products are Paediatrician and dermatologist-tested, with all being Paediatrician tested, which gives that added peace of mind.



None. We can’t fault these products. They are really good.


I am giving away some Johnson’s Baby Products. There is still time to enter the giveaway, so do so if you haven’t already.


What do you think of this new and improved Johnson’s range? Have you tried any of the products?




Children thrive when there is a routine

The Kiddies were on holiday until this week. They had their spring break earlier this year, and were back to school this Monday. Usually during the holidays, we have a very flexible routine. There is more time to get things done, so I usually have a relaxed approach to our routine. This works okay for the first 2 days or so, and then it usually becomes really chaotic. Children thrive when there is a routine in place as they know what is expected and what needs to be done. But when there is none, things can easily get crazy, which leads to tantrums, more tantrums, use of the naughty step and over tiredness.


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The Importance of Routines

Many families still have the go with the flow approach when it comes to raising up kids and running the home. The children eat whenever, sleep whenever they decide to fall asleep and pretty much do whatever they want to do at home, with no clear set times for anything. They don’t see the importance of having a routine. Instead, they prefer to let things happen “naturally”, which usually never works in the real world.

Here are some of the reasons why having a routine for your children is really important –



Routines give children a sense of security. It also help them develop self-discipline which is a life skill we all need to prosper. I have had a routine for the twins since they were 3 months old. The routine has been tweaked here and there from time to time, as they have grown older. I can’t imagine us not having a routine. A routine helps the child feel safe and secure, which helps them handle day-to-day life better.



Having a routine offers the child structure. This helps them manage themselves and their surroundings better. I feel better when my days have some form of structure. Structured days are always very productive for me, and it works the same way for kids. Having a routine, and knowing what needs to be done, and planning towards takes away power struggles you may be experiencing with your children.



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Children learn to be more responsible and take charge of their activities when they have a routine. They know they need to lay their beds when they wake up for example, because that is the first thing they do with mum everyday. When there is a routine, you don’t need to go on and on about what needs to be done because the children know already. Children corporate better when there is a routine, which means fewer tantrums, stress and anxiety for everyone involved.


Have you experienced the power of having a routine? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.




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