Should Kids Study During The Summer Holidays

The kiddies have been on summer holidays for 2 weeks now and loving it. We have tried our best to stay busy mentally and physically. And I think we are doing a very good job. The summer holidays in the UK is for 6 weeks, and that is a very long time. I know it is longer in the US and other countries, but for most of us here, 6 weeks is more than enough time.

The twins start Reception aka Big school in September, and we have been working on getting them ready for the many changes ahead. I have been working on getting them as independent as they can be for a 4 year old, and it has been a rollercoaster but a good one. They are learning very quickly and I know they would be more than ready in September on the big day. How are you all enjoying the summer vacation?


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Should Kids Study During The Summer Holidays?

One question I hear among parents a lot is whether the kids should study or do any type of school work while on summer holidays. And my answer is and has always been yes. I was very studious as a kid and I took that habit to adulthood. It has helped me achieve so much in life. I got all my GCSEs at the age of 15 (a year earlier). And I got my first degree in Accounting at the tender age of 19. I got my  second degree in International Human Resources at the age of 22. Having the studious mindset helped me achieve this. I have never had an issue with exams and studying for them, and I want that for my kids. I want them to excel in whatever career they choose and starting young with them is the best way to achieve this.


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The good thing is that the kids love it. They love the idea of studying. It is not hard work for them. It comes naturally and I want to encourage that a lot. Which is why we practise our all sorts. From Maths and English, to Music and Arts. They are picking them up real quick and already have favourites.

They are good with numbers and words, and are already starting to read and white even though they are yet to start school. Pre school did help but they did more of playing and growing up than learning over there. I like the fact that they are ahead of what they need to know and are loving it. The fact that they love school work at 4 years is a blessing, and I hope they take that mindset through primary school, high school and all the way to the university.

It is still all fun and games though. We always have to make room for that. We have had all sorts of family days out and activities in between, and we still have many days out planned.

Hope everyone is having a lovely summer holiday, regardless of how you decide to spend the time.



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  1. I was actually encouraged by my son’s preschool teacher here in Portugal to help him practise is pen control and writing over the summer. I have the wipe-clean books, I just have to coax him into doing it now!

  2. It’s an interesting debate – I agree though, if you have a child going to school in September then it can really help to get the prepared 🙂

  3. I think it is important to keep their brains ticking over and although school based work is a no no for me, reading and fun learning at museums and days out is great

  4. We’re trying to get our love of maths back this holiday – I’m a huge maths geek but school seems to have tripped my boys’ love of it from them :/ Lots of games and maths stories for us!

  5. For me, it is about finding a balance. My children are 14 and 12 and I get the younger in Primary to do Kumon daily except weekends. The older does Project Maths daily except weekends. They play outside, play their games and all. It is finding balance for me really.
    Great post. Great suggestions by everyone.

    • I agree. It is finding the right balance. We don’t do any school work during weekends. But we try to do an hour or 2 of school stuff everyday when we are home.

  6. We don’t study as such, but I realised that we have wipe clean books for flights, and we do ‘numbers’ on car journeys i.e. what’s 2 + 5. So we’re studying without realising it.

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