How to get your child to stop sucking fingers

My son sucked his fingers from when he was around 3 months old to 3 years. I ignored the habit for the first year as I knew it provided him some comfort. But when he turned 2, I wanted him to stop. I didn’t want him going to pre-school and still sucking his fingers. And after a routine dentist appointment, I knew I had to do something quickly about the finger sucking habit before it became a serious dental issue.


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After a some research, I found a product that would help him stop sucking his fingers, but I needed to wait until he clocked 3 to try it on him. The product – Mavala Stop, helps discourage nail-biting in adults and in children above 3 years. I figured it would work for great for sucking as well, and it did.  My son LOVED sucking his fingers. He could do it all day if we let him. So I was quite impressed when Mavala Stop helped him break the habit within days.

For those who have never heard of this Mavala Stop, it is a nail-biting (and finger sucking) deterrent. It is a completely harmless product which has the appearance of clear enamel.

How to use

All I had to do was apply a coat of Mavala Stop every day over the entire nail surface. It has a distinct bitter taste which will discourage anyone from putting the fingers into the mouth. I tried it on my nails myself and couldn’t bear to have my fingers in my mouth.


I only had to apply this product on my son’s nails a handful of times to get him to stop sucking his fingers.  He completely stopped sucking his fingers in under a week.



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I would recommend Mavala Stop to any parent dealing with fingers sucking or nail-biting. It also works great for adults. I know some people will shy away from getting their kids to stop sucking or biting by using a product like this, and I am not here to tell you how to raise your kids. But if you are in search of what to use to help your child break this habit, then you should try this product.


Do you have kids that suck their fingers or bite their nails? How did you help break the habit? Please share your tried and tested tips in the comments section below.


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The Kiddies go back to school in style

The Kiddies resumed school this week and it has been extremely busy over here. We are getting into a new school routine and they have handled pretty well. It is their first year in Primary School. They rounded up Pre School in July and they have been counting sleeps to their first day in Big School for about a week now. I am happy they are loving school as much as they are. It would have been extremely hard if they didn’t like it so much. I don’t know how I would have handled it if they started to cry or didn’t want to go into their classrooms. That may have been the end of the whole back to school 😂


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But thankfully we didn’t have to deal with any tears or tantrums. The first day was quite emotional as expected. I was feeling all sorts of emotions at the same time. A part of me was happy to see them go and another part was wishing I had them for a few more weeks. This thing called motherhood is just too hard 😢


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We got some first day at school photos taken (We had to get that done, they looked too cute in their school uniforms) and off to school we went. I almost started balling at the school gate thanks to a little one not wanting to let her mummy go. But thankfully I held it together. The last thing I needed was for them to know how much I was struggling to let them go.

Day 2 went quite well. We didn’t have the rain to deal with, which was good. And we all knew what was expected already. I am happy to see them settling into school and the new routine.


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My prayer is that they carry on loving school as much as they do. Their love for school and learning new things amazes me. I know they are going thrive and show everyone just how amazing they really are. And I am eager to see where this new journey takes us all. The world is now your centre stage my loves, go and shine brighter than diamonds.


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How are your kids finding the first week of being back to school?

Should Kids Study During The Summer Holidays

The kiddies have been on summer holidays for 2 weeks now and loving it. We have tried our best to stay busy mentally and physically. And I think we are doing a very good job. The summer holidays in the UK is for 6 weeks, and that is a very long time. I know it is longer in the US and other countries, but for most of us here, 6 weeks is more than enough time.

The twins start Reception aka Big school in September, and we have been working on getting them ready for the many changes ahead. I have been working on getting them as independent as they can be for a 4 year old, and it has been a rollercoaster but a good one. They are learning very quickly and I know they would be more than ready in September on the big day. How are you all enjoying the summer vacation?


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Should Kids Study During The Summer Holidays?

One question I hear among parents a lot is whether the kids should study or do any type of school work while on summer holidays. And my answer is and has always been yes. I was very studious as a kid and I took that habit to adulthood. It has helped me achieve so much in life. I got all my GCSEs at the age of 15 (a year earlier). And I got my first degree in Accounting at the tender age of 19. I got my  second degree in International Human Resources at the age of 22. Having the studious mindset helped me achieve this. I have never had an issue with exams and studying for them, and I want that for my kids. I want them to excel in whatever career they choose and starting young with them is the best way to achieve this.


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The good thing is that the kids love it. They love the idea of studying. It is not hard work for them. It comes naturally and I want to encourage that a lot. Which is why we practise our all sorts. From Maths and English, to Music and Arts. They are picking them up real quick and already have favourites.

They are good with numbers and words, and are already starting to read and white even though they are yet to start school. Pre school did help but they did more of playing and growing up than learning over there. I like the fact that they are ahead of what they need to know and are loving it. The fact that they love school work at 4 years is a blessing, and I hope they take that mindset through primary school, high school and all the way to the university.

It is still all fun and games though. We always have to make room for that. We have had all sorts of family days out and activities in between, and we still have many days out planned.

Hope everyone is having a lovely summer holiday, regardless of how you decide to spend the time.



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