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The kiddies start Reception aka Big School in September, and they are really looking forward to it. We have been busy shopping for back to school items in time for the school term. And I proud to say we now have all we need for school. I rounded up the school shopping some days ago, and I just need to find the time to label all the items with name tags in time for school. I did most of my back to school shopping online and only popped into shops for school uniforms and a few other school essentials.


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What we got from Tesco

We had the opportunity to try out Tesco F&F School Uniforms some weeks ago thanks to some Vouchers we got from Tesco. So we popped into our local Tesco store to pick some school uniforms. We got 2 packs of white polo shirts, 1 grey pinafore dress and a pack of grey trousers from Tesco F&F Back to School range. The first thing we did as soon as we got home was to try every item to make sure they were the right fit. The kiddies were really excited to try out their new uniforms (anything Big School related is a hit at the moment). And they were more excited when they realised I was going to be taking some photographs.


Thoughts on the girls school uniform range

I am really impressed with the overall quality of Tesco F&F uniforms. They look like they would last a very long time. I like the White Teflon Polos. The light price tag of £2.50 for a pack of 2 polo shirts got my attention. That is a great bargain. Plus the shirts look very durable and the Stain Repellent Teflon means the Polos would stay white for longer. Which is exactly what I want them to do. Kids are usually very active. And most times they come out of their classrooms looking like the rolled in sand. So having these white polo shirts with a stain repellent technology would make my laundry life a lot easier.

The Girls Polo White has a beautiful collar design which my daughter really likes. It is so cute and girly. We also like the grey pinafore dress. It is such a pretty design with the neat pleats and silver zip. My little lady is really looking forward to wearing it to primary school.


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Thoughts on the boys school uniform range

The 2 pack grey slim leg trousers is a great fit for my son. The trouser length is perfect. I like the adjustable waist and the slim leg design a lot. The re-enforced knees are also handy to have especially when you have active children like mine. Both my kids are really active, especially my son. So I am happy to know his new school trousers comes with  reinforced knees. The trousers look like quality pieces that would stand the test of time.

Having shopped the Tesco F&F School Clothing Range, I can now see why the range is so popular with many mothers all over the country. The Tesco F&F Uniform is Mumsnet Rated. 262 Mumsnet users tested the Tesco F&F school uniform range: 82% would buy again and 75% would recommend.  These stats don’t surprise me. I can clearly see why 82% would buy again, and why 75% would recommend the range. The great quality of the school uniforms speak for themselves. 


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Final thoughts

I really the Tesco 100 day guarantee. It shows Tesco is certain about the quality and durability of their school uniform range and that speaks is really amazing. This means parents can shop in confidence because they know they can exchange the uniform if it wears out within 100 days. The thought of that alone makes me really happy. And I can’t wait to see what these school uniforms look like after 100 days of wear.



Tesco School Uniform Picture Lifestyle Blogger Cheshire UK Image Tesco F&F School Uniform Picture


I will be updating this post once we have had 100 days of wear. And I will be informing you all on how the school uniform pieces look. So keep an eye out for that update on here and my Instagram page.

What are your thoughts on this Tesco F&F School Uniform Range? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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100 Days Later

The uniforms still look as good as new. The whites are still whites and the greys are still grey. There are no tears or stubborn stains on the pieces  They have survived 100 days of wear and they look as great as they looked the first day the twins wore them. I am very impressed with the quality of F&F informs and I will be shouting from the rooftops about them.


*Collaborative post.

115 responses

  1. It’s so good that they do a 100 day guarantee because we all know how destructive children can be when it comes to clothes!

  2. Awwwww! Very nice. Little cuties.

    The uniforms are quite durable and long lasting for their prices. I use Tesco a lot to shop for my kids’ back to school wears as well and I have not had a problem with them at all.

    Great post and more awareness for Tesco.

  3. This is worth knowing for next year. Aww they look perfect in their uniforms. I bet you are so proud. I hope their new start goes well for all of you.

  4. The kids look great and you can’t fault the quality of F & F clothing. Tesco School uniform are resistant and look really smart. My son has them and I also order from the embroidery service at Tesco too for this sweatshirts.

  5. They look adorable and ready for school. And those uniform pieces are so classic and will last a long time. Great choices for them!

  6. What’s about the 100 days test that all stores have been advertising. I think one should increase their test to 150 days or more to stand out in the market. Over and above that I love your kids they are so photogenic and not camera shy. Really good kids model. Hope you can sign them up with a modelling agency. Nice one

  7. Oooh I love that you can get uniforms at Tesco, we can’t do that in Australia. Ours are stupidly expensive as well. Just another reason to move! haha

    Your kids look super cute in their uniforms though, how exciting for big school.

    Jackie (Organised Mum Life)

    • Oh wow! That is a great reason to move. I won’t be able to cope with expensive school uniforms. Thanks Jackie.

  8. I haven’t ever heard of Tesco before, but it certainly sounds like the brand is of good quality! I also haven’t ever heard school referred to as “reception” either, but it sure makes it sounds more exciting 🙂 Hope your kids have a wonderful school year and that you get some much-needed you time!

    • We call the first year of primary school reception here in the UK. Some schools also call it foundation. Thanks Kristi.

  9. Back to School time can be so hectic and chaotic and it can be such an accomplished feeling for mom when she is all done with school shopping. The school uniforms are just so adorable especially little skirts, dresses, and rompers.

  10. Your children look absolutely adorable in their uniforms! Back to school shopping is both exciting and exhausting at times. I try to start early so I’m not overwelmed. Thanks for sharing!

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  12. Aw your littles look super cute in their school uniforms. I really like the 100 day guarantee that is such a lovely idea!

  13. Oh Tesco! Always a good time, and filled with amazing finds. I really wish we had one here. Super adorable back to school uniforms!

  14. Our ‘company adopted’ 12 year old started going back to school and had to think about books, uniform and shenanigans. Trust me articles like yours help us stay sane and organized without panicking. Much love to the bright duo!

  15. Their uniforms are so cute, adorable looking kids! Enjoy your first day in school, make memories and enjoy learning!

  16. They look adorable and ready for school. I love that their uniform wasn’t hard to find. I hope that it will last all year in great condition; especially because the material sounds like quality. Reinforcing the knees also shows extra care and attention have been taken.

  17. Oh my word, they are too cute. Their uniforms look adorable on them. Part of me wishes we had school uniforms in Portugal just so I could get pictures like these! Hope they enjoy big school x

  18. Wow they look so excited for the school! How I wish we have TESCO here, I heard many good reviews and good products from them.

  19. I am a huge fan of Tesco F&F range. Always get my night suit from there! The quality is great and these uniforms look bang on!

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