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The kiddies start primary school in September and I am proper excited. We have a lot of things to put in place before then, most of which are new to me, as the twins are my first. They have been in pre school for almost 2 years now. And we have had the freedom of wearing anything and getting really flexible early years education. All that would be changing in September, and we are getting for the massive changes with the serious schooling. One way we are getting ready for back to school in September is by labelling every item the kiddies take to school. There is nothing like starting to early when you have a lot on your plate. So my back to school preparation starts now in June with My NameTags.


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The kiddies have always had labelled items even in pre school where they don’t even wear a uniform. So I will definitely be carrying on labelling their items in primary because they would be less likely to lose them when they are labelled.

For the new school session, I will be using named coloured sticker labels by My NameTags. I find these colour stickers very useful and easy to use. They make my parenting a lot easier. I won’t want to have to deal with missing clothing or shoes with these tags hopefully. And the stickers also look very good too! They come in different designs and they can be personalised as well which is amazing.


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My NameTags are quite affordable which is a blessing. With all the endless back to school items to get, we need to save all the money we can save.



56 colour iron-ons £11.95
56 colour stickers £11.95 
75 black & white iron-ons & 75 black & white stickers £11.95
120 black & white iron-ons £11.95
180 black & white stickers £11.95


I  prefer the colour stickers to the iron-ons because they are quicker and easier to use. Lord knows I don’t have the time to iron on stickers.

My Nametags name labels come with a 10 year warranty which is brilliant. They are washing machine, tumble dryer, microwave, dishwasher and steriliser friendly; and are guaranteed not to fall off in the wash.


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So far, the stickers have lived up to their reputation. I have used a couple of them on some clothing for the kids and they are still on it looking good. Looking to see how long they would stick on before they fall off, and if they do fall off at all.

I recommend My NameTags to everyone getting the kids ready for back to school. The stickers are really cool. And they are loads of designs to pick from as well.


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How are you getting the kids ready for back to school? Are you an early bird like me? What are your thoughts on these name tags.


*Disclaimer: I was sent name tag labels. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. I can’t believe there’s something even quicker than iron on! We always had to sew them into my oldest son’s clothes. Labelling is so important as stuff is always going missing.

  2. Ooh these stickers look good! How exciting that they start school in September – time flies, doesn’t it?! LOVE the stickers in the shoes. With the cost of shoes, you don’t want to risk losing them.

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  4. Labeling is such a good thing! At my child’s school the lost and found table always seems to be a growing conflict. It’s good to label to prevent loss!

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