The Kiddies Review YELLIES

October is here and that means Halloween is around the corner. And the kiddies are having fun yelling with YELLIES! My twins love playing with toys especially when they are new and shiny. So they were super excited when these new toys dropped on our doorstep the other day.


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YELLIES is a cute colourful spider pet that responds to your voice. They are are sound-activated and respond to talking, yelling, clapping, singing, and even music. Great toys for loud toddlers like mine!


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The kiddies got Klutzers – the green and orange spider, as well as Toofy Spooder – the purple spider. And they have been very busy with them. My boy has taken to Klutzers as one of his favourite colours if green, while my girl is loving Toofy Spooder as her favourite is purple. They enjoy watching the eyes of their spider pets light up. They also find how they move and respond to voices very fascinating. It is so much fun to watch them play with their new YELLIES. 

I found it very easy to get the YELLIES out of the pack. Some toys manufacturers make toys so difficult to unwrap with all the many fastenings but these were dead easy. I also love the fact that these spider pet toys came with 3 x 1.5V A76 alkaline batteries included already.


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These toys are great gift ideas for children 5 years and over. They would make ideal gifts for Christmas, birthdays and even as a Halloween treat! They are 12 different YELLIES to pick from, with 5 currently available, so you can browse through Hasbro website for the right one. Each spider pet has a unique personality so discover your favourite. You could also collect them all for £12.99 each. They are available at SMYTHS Toys, Amazon, and other stores.


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YELLIES is now a hit in our house. And I can see us collecting some more of them. The kids love playing with them so much. They are now the new favourite toys in their toy collection. What do you think of YELLIES? Sound off in the comments section below.

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The Kiddies Review My Little Pony, FurReal and Star Wars Chewie

The Kiddies have settled into their new school routine and are loving it. I am happy they loving it so much. I was a bit worried about how they would cope with the long days in school as they only ever did half days in pre school, but I had nothing to worry about. They have been good. Tired but good, and that works great for us.

Once they get back from school, and the snacks have been consumed, they like to play with their toys. So you can imagine how excited they were when they got some new toys courtesy of Hasbro.






The FurReal Rock-a-too Show Bird toy is very entertaining. It keeps my kids entertained for hours non stop. They love how colourful it is, and the 50+ sound-and-motion combinations keeps them occupied. This is now one of their favourite toys and I can see why.


FurReal Show Bird Review Image FurReal Show Bird Review Picture


This FurReal toy has three modes of play. And it is full of songs, dances, and laughs. It is such a cool toy with the funny jokes, sounds and movement. It even records voices and plays them back musically.

The FurReal Rock-a-too Show Bird is available in all major retailers and it is great for kids 4 years and over. I think it is a great toy pet to have for kids who want pets. My twins have been asking for a pet for sometime and I know we are not ready for that commitment now, so a toy pet would work great instead.

FurReal Rock-a-too Show Bird would definitely put a smile on your child’s face no matter how serious they try to be.


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My Little Pony Playset Image


My daughter is crazy about My Little Pony. She has seen all the episodes on Netflix, and we all saw My Little Pony Movie last year at the cinema thanks to her obsession with the ponies. Her favourite pony is Princess Twilight – Princess of Friendship. She collects the Ponies as well, so we have them all over the house. So I knew she would love this My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Collection Twilight Sparkle Playset. It is a hit in our house.


Princess Twilight Friendship Collection Image


This playset is a great gift idea for My Little Pony fans and kids that love role play. I like the school concept as my kids just started Reception last week, so this playlet is very timely. It comes with 24 accessories and a Twilight Sparkle pony figure. The entryway beams with light, and the scroll on the roof lights up to show images from the series. It is definitely a beautiful playlet. You can get this in most good retailers and it is appropriate for kids who are 3 years and above.


My Little Pony Playset Review ImageMy Little Pony Twilight Sparkle Magical School of Friendship image School of Friendship Image




Star Wars Chewie Review Image


The Kiddies love this Star Wars Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie. It stands 16 inches tall and features more than 100 sound and motion combinations. The kids love the signature Wookiee-talk back interaction, and how Chewie responds to external movements and sounds. It roars back everytime the kids make a noise.

Star Wars Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie features poseable legs and can respond with a variety of facial expressions for fun surprises. It comes with the iconic bandolier and satchel.


Star Wars Ultimate Co Pilot Toy image Star Wars Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie Image


You can grab this toy at all good retailers. It is great gift idea for children 4 years and over.


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What do you think of these toys? Do sound off in the comments section below. Thanks for reading.


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5 Tips for helping your child with their writing skills

Writing is one of the four key skills of language development that helps an individual to communicate effectively. They are:- Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The skills are acquired in order.

However, in this article, our focus is going to be in Writing. Writing is an active skill that is crucial in this day and age. However, parents often wonder how they can improve their kids writing skills.


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Writing is not am an easy task, and it may take time to develop a strong sense of writing. But parents can do a lot to help their kids accomplish this skill through a set of fun activities.  For instance, if your child learn about composition writing for primary school students, they are sure to benefit.


The Top 5 Tips Your Child Needs to Focus on To Better His Writing Skills

So, if you are a parent, bookmark the following tips that will make writing a fun task for your child.

  1. Reading

Reading is the learning skill that leads up to writing. It is important to introduce kids to regular reading that will help strengthen their writing skills.

Reading helps children acquire new words and vocabulary that can be used during writing. However, if you have a young child, it is best always to practice reading together.

  1. Avail a variety of writing materials.

Providing kids with fun writing materials such as colourful worksheets and pens is a great move. However one can make the process even more fun.

Switching up materials or creating worksheets can be motivational tools.  For instance, instead of regular pens or markers try finger painting or sidewalk chalk on the pavement.

  1. Create a conducive writing station.

Create a corner of your house specifically for writing. Space should be free from distractions. Space should inspire kids to want to write, thus should have all writing materials.

However, designing an authentic reading space especially for kids can be tough. Fortunately, the reading environment does not have to be one place then it is best to switch it up. And one more piece of advice, ensure space is rich in the paint because this will attract kids.




Writing Skills Picture Image



  1. Motivate writing for particular reasons.

For instance, you can encourage your kids to keep a journal. This is a fun way for them to put down their thoughts as they write especially on a daily basis.

You can also motivate them to write new short stories about things that inspire them. If your daughter loves princesses, then you can help her write a new short story about princesses.

  1. Praise their work.

Learn to celebrate your child’s writing milestones. Every time they have a new piece of writing encourage them by reinforcing, them positively.

Eventually, their confidence will build up and the more they will want to write.


Writing isn’t just a way to write. It’s also a medium to express and a way to learn more. Learning language and being able to express yourself is one of those life skills that’s going to help your child in their career, no matter what they choose to become.


Do you have any writing tips for kids to share?


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