Horse Riding Plans for the Kiddies this Year

The Kiddies went horse-riding for the first time in the summer of last year. They loved it! I must confess that I was a bit worried at first. I wasn’t too sure how they would handle being close to a horse, not to talk of actually riding one. But they handled it like pros. They were very confident and comfortable on the horses. I was so proud.

We had the opportunity to take the twins horse-riding last summer at Cheshire Ice Cream Farm. They rode on the horses for a few minutes and enjoyed every bit of it. And they haven’t stopped talking about it. Which is why we are now considering having them enrolled in horse-riding classes this year.


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My Interest in Horses

I have always been interested in horses as far as I can remember. Horses are so beautiful. I love watching them all glammed up in a horse turnout rug. They always look so adorable.

Back in the day, I got the opportunity to ride a horse once, but never got the chance to go for proper horse-riding lessons. Which is why I am eager to get the kiddies enrolled this year. I have had a look around for horse -riding schools close by and I have found a couple I think I like. There are loads of horse-riding schools available in Cheshire, which is great. I was surprise to find as many as I found. The only thing stopping me now is the prices of the lessons around. Getting qualified instructors means the lessons come with a hefty price tag as expected. One of the horse-riding schools we are interested is charging as high as £22 for a 30 minutes lesson.



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Horse-riding is high on our to-do list for the year, so we are definitely going to look into the kiddies having some lessons this year.


Do your kids go horse riding? How are they finding it?


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How to get your child to stop sucking fingers

My son sucked his fingers from when he was around 3 months old to 3 years. I ignored the habit for the first year as I knew it provided him some comfort. But when he turned 2, I wanted him to stop. I didn’t want him going to pre-school and still sucking his fingers. And after a routine dentist appointment, I knew I had to do something quickly about the finger sucking habit before it became a serious dental issue.


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After a some research, I found a product that would help him stop sucking his fingers, but I needed to wait until he clocked 3 to try it on him. The product – Mavala Stop, helps discourage nail-biting in adults and in children above 3 years. I figured it would work for great for sucking as well, and it did.  My son LOVED sucking his fingers. He could do it all day if we let him. So I was quite impressed when Mavala Stop helped him break the habit within days.

For those who have never heard of this Mavala Stop, it is a nail-biting (and finger sucking) deterrent. It is a completely harmless product which has the appearance of clear enamel.

How to use

All I had to do was apply a coat of Mavala Stop every day over the entire nail surface. It has a distinct bitter taste which will discourage anyone from putting the fingers into the mouth. I tried it on my nails myself and couldn’t bear to have my fingers in my mouth.


I only had to apply this product on my son’s nails a handful of times to get him to stop sucking his fingers.  He completely stopped sucking his fingers in under a week.



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I would recommend Mavala Stop to any parent dealing with fingers sucking or nail-biting. It also works great for adults. I know some people will shy away from getting their kids to stop sucking or biting by using a product like this, and I am not here to tell you how to raise your kids. But if you are in search of what to use to help your child break this habit, then you should try this product.


Do you have kids that suck their fingers or bite their nails? How did you help break the habit? Please share your tried and tested tips in the comments section below.


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The Kiddies Review Syrup and Salt Clothing Brand

I am always on the lookout for great kids clothing brand for the kiddies. So I was thrilled to discover Syrup and Salt. For those who have never heard of Syrup and Salt, it is an independent fashion label created by Kate Harrison, from her North Cornwall design studio. It is a fun-loving brand with stylish collections. The brand has a unique collection of stunning Sweatshirts, Tees, Kids Clothing and Jewellery.


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Syrup and Salt Sweatshirts

The Kiddies had the opportunity to review pieces from the sweatshirt collection for 2018/2019 . My son got the Yellow Kids Sunshine and Waves Sweatshirt, while my daughter got Grey Kids Sweatshirt with Glittery Lightning Bolt (Pink Highlight).


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Our mini photo shoot was fun as always. The twins enjoy taking photos, especially my daughter. She has a new pose for every new shot!

We really like these Syrup and Salt Sweatshirts. They are colourful and stylish. I really like the creative designs. The Grey Kids Sweatshirt with Glittery Lightning Bolt (Pink Highlight) is such a beauty. My daughter really likes the glittery lightning bolt with pink highlight. She has worn it a few times already as it complements her existing wardrobe so it is easy to style. The sweatshirt also washes really well which is a plus.

My son’s Yellow Kids Sunshine and Waves Sweatshirt is also very pretty. I love the bright colour, yellow looks lovely on him. The waves design is also very stylish. It reminds me of the summer months, which I am seriously missing at the moment. He has worn it a couple of times as well and it washes very too!


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You can grab these Sweatshirts for £30 each on the Syrup and Salt website. They would make great Christmas gifts this season. There are also other Sweatshirt designs available for kids and adults, so there should be a piece for everyone. There are also unique designs of Tees, Baby Vests and Jewellery available.


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What do you think of these Sweatshirts? Are you shopping for Christmas gifts? Please sound off in the comments section below. Also, if you like this post, please share with your family and friends on social media.

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