How to Deal with Toxic People and Protect your Mental Health

Toxic people are everywhere so you will come in contact with a few at some point in your life. We have them in schools, offices, families, communities and even in churches. If you are a healthy person, you will find dealing with toxic people draining. I know from experience how draining they can be. Toxic people can drain the life out of you, that undergoing therapy may be the only to regain your sanity.

I have had my own fair share of dealing with toxic people and situations. And I still spot them every now and again. They are everywhere, which makes it almost impossible to completely avoid them. Which is why it is important to know how to deal with toxic people, and protect your mental health.



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Who are toxic people?

Toxic People are like emotional vampires that drain your energy. They are the people in your life who constantly complain about everything and anything. These people always put the blame on someone else and never take responsibility for their actions or inactions.

Toxic People always turn things around so things you thought they had done wrong are suddenly your fault. They also tend to overreact to bad events and usually have a chaotic life, full of drama and negativity.


How do you deal with toxic people?

Dealing with toxic people is quite easy once you know who they are. The first task is identifying the toxic in your life. Once that is done, you will be able to recognise them for what they really are, and ignore their negative energy.

The second task is dealing with the toxic people. The best way of going about this is by minimising contact with them as much as possible. Once you learn to ignore them and not take in their negative energy, you will be fine.

It can be hard to ignore certain situations and people sometimes, but ignoring these people is one of the best things you can do for your mental health. If you get drawn into their negative way of life, the chaos and drama may consumed you, leaving you a shadow of your former self. Rise above them and keep your distance.



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Protecting your mental health with some therapy

For some of us, it may have taken years to recognise certain people as toxic. This relationship with these people may have left us drained and feeling inadequate. If this is you, then some therapy may be required. Your mental health will thank you for it.

Therapy will help you train yourself when coming in contact with energy draining people. You will learn how to switch off mentally when the complaining, fault-finding and energy-draining behaviour begins.

If the toxic person in your life is a friend or family member you care about, you can encourage them to go into therapy. An experienced Therapist may be able to solve the underlying issue behind the negative way of life.


In conclusion

If you have noticed certain people always trigger aggression, frustration, depression, sadness or any other type of negative emotion in you, then looking within may help. Changing the way you react to them may help. You need to understand that you have no control over their behaviour, but you can control yours.

Pay attention to your reaction when these situations present themselves. Ignoring and zoning out does help massively. If your reaction does little or nothing to help, then just reduce the presence of these toxic people in your lives.

I have read loads of books on Psychology as it is an area I have strong interest in for some weird reason. I will be reviewing a couple of the eBooks I have read sometime in the new year, so look at for those review posts if you are interested.


How do you deal with toxic people in your life? How do you ensure you take care of your mental health?



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Keeping Energy Costs Down this Winter

This season is usually very expensive thanks to the holiday season and cold weather. We spend all our money on Christmas presents and decorations, warm clothing (at least for the kids), and on keeping our home warm. Prior to being a mummy, I had a full-time job in Manchester in one of the big energy companies. I was in the Home Move department, so I dealt with opening and closing accounts when customers move in and out of houses. It was interesting to see how much people spent on keeping their homes warm, and I had to learn various energy-saving tips, in order to be able to advice customers correctly.

It is important to ensure we keep our energy costs down, or we will be spending a fortune every year on energy. Now keeping the energy costs down does not necessarily mean we have to sit in a cold house. It means we have to be smart when it comes to using energy, so we don’t waste money.


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Here are 5 energy-saving tips that you may find useful –


Ensure your Radiators, Boiler and Hot Water Tank are working properly

Make sure you have your Boiler and Hot Water Tank (if you have one) serviced annually. It is best to get the service done every year just the winter season. That way any faults will be picked by the Gas Safety Engineer. We get ours done for about £60 every year, and it is money well spent if you ask me. It just gives you that extra peace of mind that all your appliances are working as they should.

Our Gas Safety Engineer checks all the Radiators as well to be make sure they are all working properly. The last thing you would need is to have a breakdown issue during winter, with the freezing weather. We have had to buy some replacement parts over the years, which our engineer recommended we did to avoid a more serious issue. There are many companies you can find that offer these replacement parts, boilers and radiators when needed. You can check out this supplier for more info.


Fix your Deal

I always ensure we go for a fixed energy tariff. That way our prices are fixed for the duration of the contract. It has helped us save hundreds of pounds. We don’t have to deal with the fluctuation in prices. It is the oldest trick in the energy-saving book, but it is amazing how many people still do not do this.


Have a Timer

Our heating is timed to come on at certain intervals, and so is our hot water. That way we don’t have our heating on all day. It also helps keep our home warm but not too warm.




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Wash at 30 degrees

I do all of my laundry at 30 degrees, and I have been doing so for many years now. Our clothes are washed properly and my energy bill is low. Washing at 30 degrees means I don’t waste hot water, because the more hot water I use, the more I have to heat up.


Switch it Off

If it is not in use, switch it off. Switch off radiators in rooms not in use, lights in empty rooms, and appliances not in use. Doing that can save you some money every year. Research has shown that switching off lights when you step out for a bit can save £10 a year.


What do you think of these energy-saving tips? How are you keeping your energy costs down this winter? Please share your tried and tested tips below.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a lovely day.


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How to Sound More Relatable on Your Blog

Blogging is a lot different from other forms of writing. It’s more informal, personal and relatable. I like to think of blogging like having a good conversation with a good friend at Starbucks. But instead of talking, you’re writing it all down.

As a blogger, it took me time to ease into the unique style of writing blogging offers. I had to learn to be more relatable to my audience. With a lot of practice I was able to master the art of effectively communicating with my audience through my blog.


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If you’ve also been struggling with trying to sound more relatable on your blog, here are some tips that may help.


  1. Look for a common ground

Imagine you’re meeting someone for the first time. What’s the best way to get a conversation started? Of course, by talking about something that they’re interested in. But what sustains the conversation? It’s if the thing they’re interested in interests you too.

That’s exactly how it’s like when you’re blogging. To sound more relatable in your blog you need to find a common ground that both you and your audience are interested in.

Share similar experiences. You can also use the same words and expressions they would have used. Identifying the similarities you have with your audience is a great way to create content that they can easily relate with.


  1. Show empathy

Before you start crafting content for your blog, always have it at the back of your mind that your audience wants to connect with someone who is as human as they are. So when you’re blogging, show empathy. Let your content show them that you care about their feelings, their challenges and their goals. Show that you understand them.


  1. Inject gratitude and appreciation

Your blog is nothing without your readers.  So the least you could do is to thank your readers for stopping by your blog or taking time to read your blog post. You may not necessarily write a long thank you note in your blog post. A line or two in the comments thanking your readers for their time can make a big difference.


  1. Imagine you’re having a conversation with a good friend

I think this is the key to writing that perfect relatable blog post. And the funny thing is that this is the tip that most bloggers miss the most.

Ask yourself: How would you talk about your blog topic with your close friend?

Don’t look at your blog as a place where only you do the talking. You need to picture yourself having a conversation with a member of your target audience. It’s so much easier to relate with someone who is trying to engage you in conversation than with someone who is trying to pour all the information in one swoop.

Add some personality.  Use words (no swear words) you would use in real life like “duh”, ”yay” or “ouch”.  Such words make your audience feel like they are having a conversation with a real person. Don’t be afraid to throw in some insider jokes that your audience can relate with.


What are your thoughts on these blogging tips? How do you sound more relatable on your blog?

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