All About Matched Betting

I am proud to announce the fact that I am no longer a Matched Betting virgin. I have heard so much about this Matched Betting service, especially on social media. And I have been dying to find out more about it. Many bloggers claim they make thousands of pounds a month from Matched Betting, so as a serial onlineprenuer, I needed to see for myself. So I am glad I have finally had the opportunity to try it, thanks to the very useful Profit Accumulator website.

For those who have never heard of Matched Betting, it is a tax and risk free betting technique used by individuals to profit from the free bets and incentives offered by bookmakers. It is based on a mathematical equation rather than luck, which makes perfect sense.

While Profit Accumulator is a website that shows the best profitable offers available, and talk you through how to make your profit with the help of videos, very clear instructions, forums and articles. The Profit Accumulator website clearly explains how to win the bets.




As a new customer, I had the opportunity to make use of the free trial membership on Profit Accumulator, and I made the most of it. I found the Profit Accumulator website so easy to navigate, it was very user-friendly, and the videos were very helpful. There were instructions and vidoes that explained every step in detail, and for a novice like me, that is exactly what I needed.

I also liked the fact that the free trial is a completely free subscription. I did not need to put down any card details, unlike some other “free subscriptions” that still insist on having your card details, even though it is free.

The Profit Accumulator website takes the complication out of matched betting because the website does all the ground work for you. All you literally have to do is watch the videos, follow the instructions (taking notes if you have to), and bet. It is that simple.





There is also a dedicated support team available to all members online and via phone, six days a week, which is handy. The platinum members (they pay a subscription) get access to the private forums; a community of over 20,000 like-minded Matched Bettors, all working together with the same goal in mind – to make money.

Overall, I think this free service is worth trying if you are into things like this. And if you are not, you could use it to test the waters and discover what Matched Betting is all about, and see if you maybe into things like it. You have nothing to lose really.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you tried the Profit Accumulator website before?

Please sound off in the comments section below.


*Collaborative Post




The Future of Blogging

The Blogosphere is growing every second. When I go back in time, I realize how much blogging has evolved. With the gigantic improvements in technology giving millions of people access to mobile phones and internet access, millions of blogs are being read everyday.

Millions of people are constantly in search of information. The amount of information consumed on a daily basis, has encouraged the growth of several blogs. Just the way millions of people want to consume information there are also millions of people who want to create and share information.


Happy New Year


We Bloggers have taken it upon ourselves to share our knowledge, expertise and experience. Sharing what we know has not only helped people solve their problems, we have also been able to build a mini empire from our blogs. Many of us have been able to earn a steady income from our blogs or thanks to our blogs.

The future of blogging is looking very bright and I believe it is going to get brighter for many bloggers. Here are a couple of predictions I have on the future of blogging.

  1. Blogging content will be further diversified

Over the past few years, we’ve seen that blog content doesn’t have to be written. The information shared on blog posts has found its way to video and audio. We’re starting to see a hybrid of content. For example, there are blog posts that contain text as well as video to enrich the value in the content shared and to appeal to people who are able to consume content through video.

It seems like we’ll see more people trying out other form of creating content like vlogging on video and podcasts. There’s a high possibility more blogs will embrace the 3 forms of content and create content that will be suitable for different people.

  1. Blogging will thrive with increased interdependence

It seems that more and more bloggers recognize the importance of networking and collaboration. This has helped in several ways. One of the ways is through guest posting. Guest posting drives traffic to your blog and it also helps the blog owner with content creation.

It seems like we will be seeing more collaborations in form of interviews, style features (I should bring back the fashion diva feature), guest posts, podcast guests and guests in videos. This interdependence will give blog visitors a chance to get a cocktail of perspectives and information.

  1. Blogging together with social media is inevitable

Social media is hitting it strong. Information seems to spread faster on social media. This makes social media an important part in blogging.

Although social media users are out to get more information over on social media, there seems to be an increasing interest in getting to know bloggers personally.

It seems like more bloggers will share more of their personal life to help build a strong following.

  1. Bloggers are turning more into publishers than just content creators

Blogging has gone beyond just writing a couple of articles. Blogging has turned into the new independent personal online “magazine”.

Blogging is now taking a more defined shape with clear research-backed rules to help create content that will not only give value but that will attract and retain devoted readers.

Over the years, blogging has evolved from being a just hobby to a real business. And I can’t wait to see how amazing 2017 would be.

What do you think? What does the future of blogging look like to you?

Win Lenovo 7 Inches 8 GB Tablet

Hey peeps. I have another giveaway for you in the Christmas Giveaway Series. This time I am giving away this black Lenovo 7 inches 8 GB Tablet worth £89.99.





This family friendly tablet with 7 inch IPS display and 10 hours battery life allows hours of entertainment, ideal for keeping the kids quiet on long car journeys or reading during your long commute. It has a powerful quad-core processor that ensures smooth and quick performance. This Lenovo tablet has a built-in GPS, WiFi, rear and front cameras, for instant photo sharing and fabulous selfies. With 8 GB internal storage and up to 64 GB memory card capacity, you can download apps, music and take pictures, without running out of storage. It is the perfect tablet for the whole family with the ability to create multiple accounts all on the same tablet.


Here are the rules of the giveaway:

  1. Follow me on Twitter.
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  3. Follow me on Instagram
  4. Leave a comment stating why you want this and don’t forget to include your Twitter and Instagram names so I know how to find you.

The giveaway will run from today 9th December and end on 16th December at 10pm. The winner will be randomly selected and contacted on Twitter and has to respond in 24 hours or another winner will be selected.

This giveaway is open to UK residents only, 18+.

Good luck guys xo