My Ancestry DNA Test with Living DNA

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I recently got the opportunity to have an ancestry DNA test done with Living DNA and I jumped at the chance. If you read my last post about me wanting to have an ancestry DNA test done, you will know how eager I was to get this test done. It has been on mind for years now, so I was very happy when I got the chance to do this.

For those who have never heard of this test before, it is a 3 in 1 DNA ancestry test like no other by Living DNA. The results of the test will tell you who you are and where you come from. It answers questions you may have surrounding your family ancestry and shows your full history.


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The Process

Once I got the Living DNA sampling kit, I got it activated on the website and then I followed the instructions on the kit. I took a cheek swab and had the pack sent back. Within 36 hours, I got an email confirming they have received my kit and were working on my swab. Within 3 weeks, I got an email informing me that my results were now ready and I could view it in my online account. I wasn’t prepared for what I read.


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The results cover 3 aspects of DNA – Family Ancestry (Autosomal DNA), Motherline Ancestry (mtDNA) and Fatherline Ancestry (Y-DNA, males only).


Family Ancestry (Autosomal DNA)

This part of the test looks at my ancestors in recent times (about 10 generations ago). The 90.7% African ancestry was expected but I thought the figure would be a lot higher. I didn’t expect to see the 7.6 European and 1.7 Near East. That was a shock. The 7.6 European part (France) is mainly from my father’s side from the looks of it. While the 1.7 Near East (Turkey) is mainly from my mother’s side according to the Motherline Coverage Map.


Motherline Coverage Map (mtDNA)

This part of the test looks at my direct maternal ancestry. It was interesting to read about my Motherline. I found the Motherline Coverage Map (mtDNA) very informative. It was good to see all the regions where we share a common ancient ancestor.

The highest on the Map were Chad, Kenya and Mozambique with 38%. I thought Nigeria would be at the top but it was down in the middle at 18%. Portugal, Syria and Equitorial Guinea were at the bottom of the Map at 1% each. The information on the map has definitely given me food for thought.


We are all connected

It is interesting to see how we humans are all connected. These results have definitely given me something to think about and I can see myself doing some more digging. It has answered many of my questions surrounding my genetic ancestry and I am happy I got the opportunity to do it.

You can get yours done by buying the kit on the Living DNA website for £99. I bet your results would fascinate you like mine fascinated me.

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How to keep a healthy lifestyle when you travel for work

What if I told you that the quality of your life drops when you travel for work?

I was completely taken aback when I came across a study that people who travel often end up with symptoms of anxiety, depression, obesity and high blood pressure.

As a frequent traveller, I must admit that there is a tendency to slack on my healthy lifestyle when I travel. Just like many people who travel for work, it can be a challenge to do simple healthy activities like exercising and making better choices with your meals. Of course, the change of time zones destabilizes me leaving me sleep deprived.

What I observed is that when you make the decision to make healthier choices irrespective of which country you find yourself in, it’s extremely possible to keep a healthy lifestyle when you travel for work.


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Here are some healthy and simple lifestyle choices you can make when you travel for work.


Switch your means of transportation

It’s so much more convenient to move around a new country or city in a car or taxi. However, convenience doesn’t always guarantee a healthy lifestyle.

Instead of hailing for a cab or renting a car, why not start walking to your destination? Walking is a healthy physical activity that will keep you fit while you’re in another country. The best part about taking a walk is that you get to soak in the scenery and explore the city you’re in.


Be conscious about what you eat

There is a tendency to be a little lax in your choice of food when you travel. And it’s understandable. You won’t be able to cook your own meals and since you’ll only be staying for a short time it won’t hurt eating poorly for a couple of days.

But those are just excuses. You should be as conscious about what you eat when you travel as you are when you’re home. Take time to carefully examine what’s available to eat. Choose food that is balanced and not too fatty.

Another tip is to practice intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting has a lot of health benefits and it’s perhaps one of the most ideal steps to take when you want to stay healthy.




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Don’t stay stuck in a gym

Although it’s great to know that most hotels have gyms now, there’s nothing spectacular about working out in one. I’m not saying that gyms are bad. It’s just that all you’ll see are big equipment, weights and sweaty people.

However, you’ll get to enjoy the full benefit of your travel when you do your workout outside. Take a jog in the nearby park, cycle through the neighbourhood, or do some other outdoor sports. This way you not only give yourself a good workout, you also get to appreciate your new environment.


Get creative with your happy hours

There’s nothing like unwinding after a long day of work. You could go for a drink with some of your colleagues at a local bar or eat out at some restaurant.

But what if you think differently and add some culture to your hangouts? Instead of grabbing some drinks after work, why not go to the museum with your colleagues. This would not only help you get to know the culture of place you’re in, it also helps you relax and stimulate your mind as you learn new things.


How do you stay healthy when you travel for work?

Read One Book a Week Challenge

Last year, I set a target for myself to read a book a week. I didn’t smash my target, but I read many books. This year, I am making sure I hit my read a book a week challenge do. My plan is to read 1 week a week on my Amazon Kindle, and I am currently smashing it. I am currently reading my 4th book for the year 2019!


Week 1 – You Need a Budget: The Proven System for Breaking the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle, Getting Out of Debt, and Living the Life You Want

Reading this book by Jesse Meecham was a great way to start the year and get my finance priorities straight. If you need some help managing a budget, then this book is the one for you. It was great read.


Amazon Kindle Picture



Week 2 – The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Keeping Your Sh*t Together: How to Run Your Business Without Letting it Run You

I read this book in the second week of January. It is a great book, lovely to business owners. This book written by Sherry Walling and Rob Walling. It is full of tips to help your business thrive. If you need to read a business book this month, read this.


Week 3 – The Sisters of Battle Road: The Extraordinary True Story of Six Sisters Evacuated from Wartime London

I read this book some days ago. It is a wartime book and I found the story of the Jarmen sisters very intriguing. I have always been curious about world war period and how life was for the people back then. I finished this book within a few days.


Week 4 – Gaslighting: How to recognise manipulative and emotionally abusive people and break free

This is the book I am currently reading. I downloading it on my Kindle some days ago, and I am currently loving it. Stephanie Sarkis has done an amazing job with this book. It is full of wisdom and so easy to read. If you are interested in mental health and psychology books, then this book is what you need.


Read a book a week challenge image



I am excited about this read a book a week challenge. Reading is one of my many loves. I think it is a great way to improve my creativity, relax and educate myself.

I will be sharing what I am reading on Twitter and my Facebook page every week, so look out for the updates.


What book are you currently reading? Please share in the comments section.


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