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We usually watch Internet tv – so Netflix, Amazon Video and YouTube, but sometimes the kiddies just want to watch regular tv shows on Cbeebies. They have loved watching programmes on Cbeebies since they were babies so it’s nice to see they still want to watch some of the programmes. I control the screen time in our house as much as possible. I don’t like the kids being on their tablets or watching TV for hours. And when they do watch their screens, I like them to be as educative as much as they are entertaining.



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Here are some of the programmes the kiddies are watching on Cbeebies –


Waffle The Wonder Dog Cbeebies

The twins love watching this show. It is about a dog called Waffle who is cute but always up to mischief. I think it is one of the new Cbeebies shows. I can’t remember seeing it some years ago, but it is a good one to watch. I have seen a few episodes with the kiddies and I can see why they like watching it. The Waffle Doggy theme song is also quite catchy. I find myself singing along with it.


Topsy and Tim Cbeebies

This show has been around for years now and the twins love it. They can relate with the boy/girl twins, and they find the programme entertaining. I like Topsy and Tim because it is interesting, relatable and very educative. The twins pick up a lot from watching it and they also like the catchy theme song. I must confess I like watching Topsy and Tim as well. I find their family quite entertaining.


Numberblocks Cbeebies

My kids are into numbers which is why they enjoy watching Numberblocks. This show is all about the adventures of 10 friends who enjoy counting on each other in Numberland. It is a great way of introducing chidden to numbers and maths. They pick up various ways of adding mew numbers and I hear they even watch this show at school, which just confirms how educative it is. If you are looking at getting your kids to understand numbers some more, this is a great show for them to watch.


Let’s Play Cbeebies

Another popular Cbeebies programme in our house is Let’s Play. The kiddies enjoy watching this show a lot. They find the many different episodes very entertaining and that is all thanks to the amazing presenters – Sidney Sloane and Rebecca Keatley. They manage to make every episode so much fun. We like it.


Get Well Soon Cbeebies

This show is all about Dr Ranj and friends. It teaches about health and hospitals, and what to expect with healthcare. It is so educative and I am glad my children enjoy watching Get Well Soon on Cbeebies. The Get Well Soon songs are also very catchy. There is a different song for every episode which is so amazing. I wonder how Dr Ranj manages to do all he does.



Are you kids into Cbeebies shows? Is their favourite on this list?

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  1. My son is a little old for Cbeebies now. However, nearly all of the shows you have listed were his favourites when he was younger, especially Topsy and Tim. We loved Cbeebies for the very reason you have mentioned…. it is both entertaining and educational. We have now progressed to CBBC and you’ll be pleased to hear there are a lot of similar style programmes on there for kids to enjoy as they get older. Especially, “Horrible Histories” , “Newsround” , “Blue Peter” and a special favourite of ours “Operation Ouch” with Dr Xand and Dr Chris.

  2. I like that you monitor what your kids and don’t allow them to spend so much time on TV. Many parents do not have the time for their kids these days. I don’t know about Cbeebies but it seems nice.

  3. My son has never seen cbeebies but i could introduce it to him. I always like to introduce him to shows that are educational and fun. He anyways get a little TV time. 30 minutes in a day

  4. I look at kids’ shows and can’t help but remember the ones I used to see before myself. You’re so right in saying that kids should watch what’s “educative as much as entertaining”. Thanks for the info.

  5. My kids used to watch CBBC, they have so cute, colorful, happy, full of fun & music shows! So positive things! Then kids grow older & drama & adventure kicks in, sometimes too much to be honest even under the parental guidance..

    • My nephew loves watching CBBC. Parental guidance is always needed when screen time is concerned. Thanks Jaana.

  6. I use to love watching CBeebies! My twin and I always liked ones that were full of adventure and life lessons. I haven’t heard of these new shows but I recon if I was little I’d like them, especially Topsy and Tim!

  7. We watch Netflix and just use the decorder programs too for most of our programs; that’s why I haven’t heard of Cbeebies just yet. Those kiddie programs look too cute. I still love kiddie programs because I’m forced to watch them by my smaller bro.

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