Money Talk – How Would I Spend One Hundred Thousand Pounds?

Money makes the world go round and the truth is money is never really enough for anyone. No matter how much you have, there would always be a need for more. I am all about making money legitimately and making my money work for me. In the last couple of years, I have been thinking long and hard about retirement, pension and investments. Also, I have been busy thinking about what I would do if I came across a large chunk of money. How would I spend one hundred thousand pounds? This million dollar question has popped up in my head many times and I always have an answer for it.


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Here are 5 ways I would go about spending it.


Pay the mortgage

The first thing I would do is to put some money towards the mortgage, in order to reduce the outstanding amount on it as much as possible. Living mortgage free is the end goal and that should hopefully happen in a couple of years. I can’t imagine having to pay accommodation bills in my later years. That thought is quite scary.


Go on holiday

I love travelling as many of you would know by now. I love to visit as many countries as possible every year. My current target is to visit at least 2 countries every year. I have smashed that target for three years now, and I am hoping to smash it again this year. So far this year, I have visited Maryland and New York in the US, and I have plans to visit one or two more countries before the end of the year.

If I had one hundred thousand pounds at my disposal, I would be putting some money towards our holidays. There are many other cities and countries we would love to explore, and it would be great to take some other family members with us as a treat.


Pay the debt

I would pay off all my debts. So all credit cards would be paid up in full, never to be used again. When it comes to money, I am very sensible. I am more of a saver than a. spender, so I am not as deep into debt like many others I know. But paying the little debt I have would be a smart way to go financially.


Save and invest

As the saver that I am, I will be putting a huge chunk of the money into a savings account; most likely an ISA. And invest a huge chunk into stocks and shares for the future.


Home improvements

I will definitely use a percentage of the money on home improvements. There are a lot of changes I would make to our home decor if I had the money to splurge. But since I don’t have that yet, it is a waiting game.


How would you spend one hundred thousand pounds?




A Day at Newbury Racecourse

I have always wanted to experience a Raceday. It sounds like a fun/posh experience. Watching horses race would be nice. Which is why I am thrilled to be working with Newbury Racecourse as a Brand Ambassador this year. Newbury Racecourse combines 100 years of heritage with modern-day sporting and spectacular events. Their Racedays are definitely worth experiencing this summer. So if you are contemplating doing something different this season, here are some reasons why attending a Raceday event should be at the top of your list.


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Why you should go for a day at Newbury Racecourse


Good Old Entertainment

Newbury Racecourse is offering top quality entertainment with over 29 racedays a year. It is one of the leading horse racing venues in the UK with a variety of contemporary facilities to make use of during your visit. If you are into races/horses, then a day at the Racecourse would be right up your street. There is nothing more entertaining than watching horse riders do their thing, if you are into racedays of course.

There are a number of different types of races that take place throughout the season like races solely for purebred Arabian horses which is something that is different from other races.


A reason to dress posh

A few people I know complain about having fancy dresses and accessories but nowhere to wear them. Well not anymore. Newbury Racecourse allows you play dress up like every other Race Event. So if you are in the pursuit of where to go looking glam, look no further. The dress code for a Raceday is all about the smart attire; men are usually dressed in a collared shirt and trousers with smart shoes. While women are usually dolled up in pretty dresses, hats/fascinators and heels.

Another great part of Newbury Racecourse is the Ladies Day Event, which is the social event of the Newbury summer season. This stylish event combines racing with fashion. It is a great way to enjoy fashion and races at the same time.

Also Newbury Racecourse do a Free Birthday Ticket which would be a great reason to visit the racecourse as a birthday treat.


Good dining

The Newbury Racecourse has a rich variety of food and drink outlets available with many different options. So apart from the good horse riding entertainment and reason to look all glammed up, you also have a good time dining in some of the best restaurants. What else is there to ask for? Once there is entertainment and good food, I am all good!

Newbury have a vast amount of dining options available. Just to mention a few; The Brasserie, The Contemporary Bar & Lounge, and there is also the award winning fine dining restaurant – The Hennessy.



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So if a day at the Newbury Racecourse catches your fancy then you are in luck. Check out these upcoming race days – Weatherbys Super Sprint Day with a performance from Craig David, and Ladies Day with a DJ set from Rudimental and Ladbrokes Trophy Day. They promise to be good old fun! And let me know what you think of Race Events in the comments section. 

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Cheshire Feels Like California

The Lovely Weather in Cheshire

I was telling a friend the other day, how crazy this whole weather thing is. I would never have predicted the warm weather we are currently experiencing. Cheshire feels like California. The weather has been dead warm for weeks now which is very usual for us here in Cheshire. And it has been pretty warm in most parts of the UK. We usually have a very short summer, much later in the year. But this year, we skipped spring altogether, and dived right into the warm weather.

I like the weather to a certain extent. It feels great to not hear the corny jokes about how horrible the British weather. They get boring sometimes. It also feels great to be able to style our summer pieces.

We have been making the most of the lovely sunshine as much as possible. Our summer wardrobes are looking good. We are enjoying the fact that we can wear less and lighter clothes. The kids have worn shorts all week, and we always have our sun cream with us for protection. How is the weather where you are?


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Bring on the Weekend

The weekend is almost here and I am seriously looking forward to it. I am looking forward to it so much that I have been busy reading a book with funny weekend quotes and Saturday quotes to get me even more in the mood. My Hay Fever has been a lot better this week thanks to changes in my lifestyle. I have been implementing the Hay Fever Tips I shared on the blog some weeks ago, and my overall health has improved. I hope it keeps improving. Hay Fever is one of the most uncomfortable illness to have.

This week has been very busy and it has been hard being on top of everything thanks to the half term holiday we enjoyed the last week. We spent the holiday in Chelmsford, Essex; and we had a terrific time with the family. We didn’t want the holiday to come to an end. Which is always the case when we get together with the crew. How was your half term week? Do you have any weekend plans?


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Hired: Six Months Undercover in Low-Wage Britain

I have been reading Hired: Six Months Undercover in Low-Wage Britain by James Bloodworth and it is quite an interesting read. It is all about the author going undercover to work in many companies to discover what life is really like for the workers. I found the book informing, enlightening and very disturbing. It is shocking to see how big corporations treat their staff. And how many people live from hand to mouth. Reading this book has made me even more grateful for even the little things. I hear about how many people struggle to survive on low-income jobs, with many on zero contract jobs in London and I find it worrying. It is a book worth reading for sure. 

Reading  Hired: Six Months Undercover in Low-Wage Britain also brought back memories of some of the previous jobs I had. I once worked in a call centre in Bristol whilst studying for my masters in International Human Resources at the University of the West of England (UWE). I had a zero hours contract with the company. But the good thing then was I wasn’t bothered. I had enough money to survive at uni, the money from job was just extra money to shop with. But that isn’t the case with many others. Many people solely relied on the income to survive and having a zero hours contract meant work was never guaranteed. 

I still remember how many times I would be booked to come into work, only to get a call an hour or 2 before to be told I was no longer needed for the day. It was my first job in the UK, and this was around the year 2008/2009. It was quite experience, and I would never forget it.


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Good all that is now a distant memory and this is now my reality. When I remember where I am coming from, I am thankful, and it makes me work even harder. I am looking to keep doing what I do and improve in what needs improvement. My plan is to work on my blog SEO and draw in even more traffic. I found an SEO services London company, and I am seriously considering having them on board.

How do you attract more blog traffic? Please share your tips. Have you ever visited Cheshire? What do you think of the county in general?


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