The Secrets to Getting that Dream Job

Some people know what job they want to do from when they are very young, and others have no idea at all. To find what might be your dream job you, first of all, need to do some research into what different jobs actually involve. There are some that can sound quite glamorous, but when it comes down to it they are not as much fun as you might of first thought. Then there are others that will pay you a lot of money, but is it worth it if you dread going to work every day? A balance is what is needed. A job you will enjoy that pays you a reasonable salary.


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Research and Research Again

You can find out about working in marketing, the medical profession, the motor industry, tourism, baking, and all types of other jobs by searching online. There are sites that will let you know what duties will be expected of you in any job at all, and they will let you know what qualifications you need and what you can expect to earn.

You may find that you need to complete an online fnp course or to get extra qualifications in Math’s, for instance. These sites will give you that information so that you do not waste your time applying for jobs you are not qualified for. Of course, there are some jobs that no qualifications are needed for, and it could be that it is one of those that you want to be employed in.

Once you have some idea, it is good to look at the latest news for that particular industry and look at some of the websites for the large companies in your chosen area. They will often have press releases that will tell you more, and sometimes have a careers section where you might be able to apply for a job.

If you are lucky enough to get an interview this way, study the company and their values before you attend. Check out their social media site and find as much information as you can so that the interviewer knows you are interested in them.


Conduct Some Practice Interviews

It is a good idea to get some friends or colleagues to do some practice interviews with you. Different people will ask different questions, so if you can find a few people to help you with this it would be even better. If you know anyone that works in the field you are trying to get into, it would be great if they could be one of the pretend interviewers.

If you are a school leaver or changing your career path, there can be questions asked that will make you seek out answers. It is not as good as on the job learning, but it can be useful if it makes you seek out more information before your real interview.


Sell Yourself

While still being truthful, you need to sell yourself in any cover letter and your CV. These are the first impression any prospective employer sees and first impressions count. Make sure your CV highlights your strengths, and do not be afraid to admit to some weaknesses as well. That shows honesty, which will always go down well with anyone seeking to employ people.

Your CV should be targeted at the industry you want to work in, and the language should be clear and concise. If you need help putting your CV together, you will find examples on the Internet of CV’s relating to many different industries. Use the tools that are online to help you, and give yourself more chance of getting that dream job.

For some employers, experience is as important as qualifications. Although you should let them know all about your education, previous employment and what qualifications you have, do not forget to tell them about any skills you have learned through experience. You may think they do not relate to the job you are after, the prospective employer may think otherwise.



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Make Your Online Presence Good

It is not unusual these days for employers to check people out on social media before they meet them. Check all your post on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and delete any that might be an embarrassment. If you have a LinkedIn profile, make it look as good as you can. Include a few phrases that could relate to the job you are after so that when they look at you they will see the type of person they are after.

Don’t forget that employers sometimes search these sites looking for people who might be suitable for a position they have. Make sure your posts or profile have some keywords in them that will make it more likely they find you.


Be Prepared For The Interview

So the day has arrived where you are finally going to have an interview for your dream job. What should you have done to make sure you are well prepared? Hopefully, you will have practised the details of your work and education history so that when asked about them you can answer in a confident manner.  This will usually be the first part of any interview, and if you are not confident over these matters, it will not look good moving forward.

Don’t be surprised if they ask you about any interests or hobbies you have. This helps them to evaluate what sort of character you are and how well you interact with other people. Be prepared to discuss your interests as much as they want, as it could be the way you handle this part of the interview that wins you the job.

One last tip for your interview. If you are going for a job as an office manager, just as an example, don’t turn up in jeans and a t-shirt. Dress appropriately for the job you are after, as before you even open your mouth the way you look is important.


When you feel the interview is coming to a close, ask any questions you have. These should not be about how much holiday entitlement you will have but perhaps more along the line of the duties you will be expected to carry out. If you do not have any questions for them, make sure you finish the interview with a strong handshake and a pleasant smile.


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You have to assume that you will not be the only person interviewed for the job. Once you are out of the room it is not a bad idea to keep your name at the forefront of the interviewer’s mind.  Following up on the interview suggests that you are serious about taking on the job, and lets you remind them why you would be their best choice.

A handwritten thank you letter is always impressive, but you could also send an email if that is simpler for you. If the process seems to be moving very slowly, check in occasionally to see how much nearer they are to making a decision.

It will probably feel like you need to put a lot of effort into getting your dream job, but if you succeed, you will be very glad you did. When you hear that you have been hired for the position you wanted, thoughts of all the hard work to get it will just disappear. If you fail the first time, there will be other jobs just like it. Don’t give up, learn by the experience you have had and try to improve for the next job application.


What is your dream job?


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Blogging Tips – How to Streamline your Blog Content Creation

Blogging is a lot of work. I have been blogging for close to 6 years now and it gets harder the more you blog. If you plan to take your blog from a hobby to a business, then you have to be prepared to do the work. I work pretty much everyday on one blog related job or the other. If I am not writing or articles blog posts, I am taking and editing photos, or scheduling social media posts.

There is always something to do when you work from home and run a business. It is tricky to separate home life from work life because it all happens in the same place. And my team are my family members but it works great for us. We won’t have it any other way.


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You can’t succeed as a content creator if you don’t create content regularly. A good way to stay on top of your content creation as a blogger is to streamline your content. Here are ways you can go about doing that.


Have a blogging schedule

I blog pretty much everyday, so that is my schedule. Sometimes, I am unable to blog for some days when life gets in the way which is the same for all of us. Having said that, it works better when your readers know when to expect a new blog post. Having a blogging schedule is a great way to grow your readership and stay ahead of the game.


Get a blogging journal

Blogging journals are great for writing down ideas and anything related to your blog. I always have mine on me for whenever inspiration strikes. If I am unable to get to my journal, I make use of my iPhone notepad. Have a list of blog post ideas in a journal means you always have fresh ideas for your blog posts.


Determine the objective of your content

Before you start writing your posts, it makes sense to determine the objective of the blog post. Once you have that outlined, then the rest of the content would follow naturally. Having a clear objective of your content means you have a good title, relevant focus keyword and additional keywords all good to go. That way the blog post would be interesting to read and easy to find on search engines.


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Keep writing

I write a post pretty much everyday. Sometimes I write about 2/3 posts a day, depending on deadlines and what campaigns I am working on. Writing everyday has helped me become a better writer. And my number 1 blogging tip to anyone thinking of turning their blog to a business, is to read and write as many times as possible everyday.

When it comes to streamlining your blog content creation, the more you write, the more blog posts you would have in your draft. So that means you would always have posts ready to be published even on days when you are unable to write.


How do you streamline your blog content creation? Do you have any tips to share?



10 Things You Can Do To Create a More Fulfilling Life

We all want to live a fulfilling life, and in this sense, having a life that is harmonious and stable is of imperative importance.  See, we all enjoy the fireworks of life, such as the fun nights out, romantic holidays and the like. But these are often short bursts of happiness that don’t mean as much if you’re not operating from a stable base of having a harmonious life.

In psychology, there’s something known as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs which expands on this principle. It states a hierarchy of emotional, physical and practical needs that must be met in order to feel fulfilled in life.


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Whilst this can be an interesting model to look into, this article offers a lighter insight into practical things you can do create a more fulfilling life.


  1. HOME

Having a solid sense of home is imperative to a more fulfilling life.  If you think about what home is, it’s ultimately a feeling of security, safety and belonging that makes you “feel at home”.  It’s not necessarily living in the fanciest house with most opulent fixtures and fittings or magazine worthy interior design.  

Home is a “safe place” that should be somewhere you feel peaceful, comfortable and grounded.  In this sense, keeping on top of your home is pretty important as it’s hard to feel at peace when your home is untidy or cluttered.

The saying “tidy house tidy mind” rings true with most people. Many find it much easier to feel good about life when they are living in a clutter free environment.  If you’ve ever been in a situation where the washing up is piling up on the counter, then whilst it isn’t a big deal, in the real world – the emotional impact of this can be disproportionately high and affect other areas of life.



Whilst it’s not necessary to be rich in order to live a fulfilling life, it is important you have an income that is under your control.  In addition, being in control of your financial situation – even if you’re in debt – is paramount to feeling fulfilled in life.

See, a lot of times financial situations can feel like a snowball rolling down a mountain side, getting more and more out of control. And when this happens, we tend to bury our head in the sand as we can’t cope with the increasing stress of the situation.  

That said, one of the most important things we can do to feel good about ourselves and live a more fulfilling life is to keep on top of our finances. And the essential ingredient to this is a feeling of being in control. Both in terms of of the income you bring in and in terms of the management of your financial situation.



There are many ways to learn, and education isn’t limited to an academic course at a university.  The key to a more fulfilling life is a feeling of progress. That could be studying an electrical engineering degree or learning how to make a particular backdrop for your fashion vlog. Learning is learning, and the more we feel we are making progress, the better we feel about ourselves and the more fulfilling our life becomes.



Many people consider health and wellbeing to be at the foundation of a fulfilling life. Yet so often we find ourselves taking our state of health for granted until it’s diminished. And it’s only at that point we tend to appreciate what we had all along.

Therefore, in addition to taking care of your health you also want to take the time to appreciate the gift of health that most people take for granted.



The better you feel about yourself, the more fulfilling your life will become. And whilst there are daily maintenance tasks such as brushing our teeth that we all should be engaging in, there are little treats such as facials we should have once in a while to keep on top of our appearance, particularly as our skincare changes with ageing.

Then, in addition to your physical appearance, the clothes you wear convey who you are on the inside. So being comfortable and confident with your own unique sense of style is important. As the more you feel like you are expressing who you truly are, the more fulfilled you will feel within yourself.


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  1.  YOU TIME

If you’re depleted and exhausted then life is not going to feel fulfilling. Moreover, you enter a vicious cycle where you end up being grumpy and irritable with the people you love. So taking time out for yourself is vitally important. Whether this is a regular exercise class, indulging in a particularly hobby, or simply having a candle lit bath with your favourite box set playing on your laptop.

Similarly, in addition to “you time”, if you’re in a relationship then you’ll want to make some “together time” too. As often the fun, laughter and intimacy can evaporate from a relationship if it is not tended to. Like a fire, it needs fuel in order to keep alight.



Fulfilment has a tendency to work from the outside in. Which means no matter how good your circumstances are on the outside, if on the inside, you feel lousy then you will not be fulfilled.

Mastering your mindset in this sense, is critical to fulfilment, as the thoughts you think create the feelings that you experience, which ultimately create your life experience. So be sure to shift your focus on the positive, spend time appreciating rather than complaining, and be gentle with yourself.




The majority of people, today, when you scrape beneath the surface seem to be suffering from a lack of self-esteem or self-worth. In this sense, more self-acceptance is the remedy which means loving yourself the way you are. And not setting up rules such as “I will feel good about myself when X happens…”

There’s a tendency to look to the outside world to fill an inner void, which almost always fails to work. For instance, we feel unappreciated and lonely, therefore, we indulge in a shopping trip to take the edge of these feelings.

Now, we’re all guilty of distracting ourselves from time to time, but distraction can become unhealthy, if it leads to a dissociation from how we truly feel inside.  The best way to feel better is to acknowledge the feeling exists and then ask yourself a question – what needs to happen in order to feel better… then listen… it’s as simple as that.



We are often stuck in a trap where we keep doing the same things but somehow expect different results.  When you think of the metaphor of having physical pain, there’s usually something that triggers this pain, aggravating it, and similarly there are things that soothe the pain too.  In a nutshell, you simply want to stop doing the things that are hurting you, and this way, you will have a more fulfilling life.



In that vein, there are sometimes negative and depleting people in life that we hang around, either through choice (e.g. friends) or necessity (e.g. family).  If you want to have a more fulfilling life then you need to get around more positive, nourishing and encouraging people that have the capacity to support you rather than drain and deplete you.


In summary, creating a more fulfilling life is often about feeling in control of yourself and nourishing yourself from the inside out. It is about making progress, feeling good about your body, eating healthy food, and taking the time you need to relax.   


How do you create a more fulfilling life?


*Collaborative post.

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