Portugal Travel Diaries

Here are the final set of pictures from our half term trip to Algarve Portugal. We also visited Faro and Lagos. It was a fun relaxing trip. We had a great time and I wish I could go back and soak in some more sunshine. The weather in Cheshire has been dreadful lately. How is the weather where you are? This Cheshire weather is making me miss Algarve so much, but I will survive until my next sunny vacation.


Say Cheese

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While in Portugal, we decided to visit Lagos. We have heard so much about the city so we decided to make the most of our time there. Driving down to Lagos from Algarve. The kiddies always enjoy road trips as long as they are fed and have some form of entertainment. It took us around an hour to get Lagos, thanks to Google maps and our Enterprise rental car.



View from the Car Park in Lagos Portugal

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The city of Lagos was cool to see. I am happy I got great shots to treasure for life. I could clearly see the similarities between Lagos Portugal and Lagos Nigeria. It was a fun experience all around. We had the opportunity to walk around the centre of the city and soak in all it had to offer. The only issue we had was when the kiddies found a ride they wanted to get on, and us not having our wallets on us. That was the end of our sight seeing. Kids have the power like that….



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Our ride back to Algarve was ok. Having said that, we found that many roads didn’t have street lights so they were really dark. Good M is an experienced driver and has driven in many countries. I won’t advise anyone who is not very confident driving to drive here as the roads can be very different with lots of roads and uncountable roundabouts. There was a roundabout on almost every single road we went on.



Goofing around in the centre

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It was a short but fun trip. I know we will be visiting Portugal again in the future. Probably a different part of the country. I love exploring Europe. So far we have been to Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Paris (a few times), Barcelona, Milan, Dublin, Edinburgh, and now I can add Algarve to the list of countries in Europe I have visited. I would love to visit the Scandinavian countries next, maybe that would happened for us next year. M has been to most of the Scandinavian countries I want to visit already because his work takes him all over the world. And he has only good things to say about them.


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We spent our last evening at the Beach. It was quiet as most people had left already which was just what I needed. I am not a fan of crowded places, especially beaches and swimming pools. The Kiddies had fun posing for pictures, playing with sand and water. All I wanted to do was to walk around  and admire the beautiful beach. It was even more beautiful in the evening.


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And this travel post brings the end of our Portugal Travel Diairies. I hope you have enjoyed reading the short series as much as I enjoyed sharing them with you.

Have you been to any part of Portugal? What are your thoughts? Please share them in the comments section below. Thanks for stopping by and have a relaxing weekend.



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How to Get Your Life Back on Track

If you feel that, for whatever reason, your life has veered off course and you’re now not heading in the direction that you envisaged you would be, then it’s time you got it back on track. Doing so isn’t simply a case of waking up one day and hoping everything will fall into place for you, however. To get back on the straight and narrow,you have to do a number of things and put in an abundance of hard work. With that in mind, here’s what you should be doing, as well as what it takes, to get your life back on track:


First: The first thing that you need to do in your quest to get your life back on track is to open yourself up to the acceptance of help. You need to do so because you’re going to want support, especially when it comes to facing certain challenges that require a specific skill set to overcome. For instance, if you feel like you’ve come to a point where you are overly reliant or addicted to a substance, then you’re going to need help from experts in the field of drug treatment and rehabilitation therapy. You’re not going to kick the habit alone or without the knowledge that such professionals bring to the table, which is why you should accept the help that they offer.



Hair style natural hair image


Second: If you’ve gone through a particularly tough time and you feel like that is the reason for your life veering off track, then you need to stop trying to force your healing process. You need to give yourself time to think about the things that you’ve gone through and mourn anything that you may have lost, be that a person or just a piece of yourself. You need to be patient with the pace at which you recover, and you should never jump into doing anything you do not feel wholly comfortable with doing. In the future, yes, you will have to start pushing yourself if you want to find success in your life. For now, however, be patient with yourself.


Third: Once you feel like you are in a position to truly make strides forward into your future, you need to start acting in a way that accommodates your new way of living. This involves setting your own values, and sticking to them no matter what happens. It also involves you finding a way to deal with your life today, teaching yourself to neither think too much about yesterday or tomorrow. Plus, you need to always think positively, focus on what can go right rather than what could go wrong. Life is all about mindset, and if you get into the habit of thinking optimistically, more opportunities will find their way to you.


You deserve for your life to be heading in the direction that you wish for it to take. To get it on this route, you’re going to have to take the above advice and put it all into practice.


*Collaborative post.  

Creating the Perfect Outdoor Area for Your Pet

As much as they love snuggling up inside the home on those long, cold nights or dull, rainy days, there’s nothing our pets love more than getting out and about in the great outdoors. Which is why your outdoor area has to be in a good shape. While dogs will quite happily go for a run in the park, most cats prefer to stay closer to home and therefore, it’s imperative that your garden or outdoor space is pet-friendly and suitable for your furry friend to explore, play or nap in!


Outdoors for pets image


Safety is key and it is important that your pet is secure and knows that they are safe when they are out in the garden. However, it can be easy to overlook some of the common issues and dangers that your outdoor area may present to an inquisitive nose!

Here are some top tips to help you get your garden space in tip-top condition ready for your pets to enjoy!



Pets are notorious escape artists, and you never know when something might spook your cat or intrigue your dog. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that your outdoor space is secure – this means keeping any gates firmly closed, ensuring there are no gaps in or under fences or hedges, and if necessary, making sure that your cat can’t easily jump over the boundary! While this may feel a little claustrophobic at first, it’s important to remember that your pet’s safety should always come first.



Both dogs and cats love nothing more than a snooze in the sun or reclining in their favourite shady spot, so make sure that you are capitalising on the comfort factor by incorporating this into the design of your garden. You could even try investing in artificial grass for the ultimate pet-friendly, low-maintenance lawn. Learn more about the benefits of artificial grass for your pet here and take the next step towards the ultimate lawn for your garden!


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If you’re a bit of a green-fingered gardener, the last thing you want is your pet to trample all over your prized plants. Therefore, it’s important to carefully consider the design and layout of your garden and settle on a plan that will keep everyone happy! Remember that pets will need some space to play in and let off some steam, similar to any children in your family. With this in mind, it may be a good idea to incorporate features like raised flower beds and hardier plants into your garden to help ward off unruly pets and keep your gardening dreams alive.



While you might think that a particular plant looks lovely, that newly-installed flower might just spell disaster for your pet. As with their safety and security, it’s essential to always keep your pet’s health in mind and make sure that their outdoor area is free from potential harm. Although it is always worth double checking before you buy, some of the most common plants that are toxic to pets include the crocus, lily, tulip, foxtail and azalea.



Although not every garden will have an influx of animal visitors, the chances are that most residential gardens will have wildlife of some sort visiting on a fairly regular basis. From birds and bugs to hedgehogs, foxes, and mice, you may be surprised by the variety of animals passing through your garden! While many animals will naturally avoid gardens where they can see or smell your pet, some may be a bit bolder and venture into their territory. If this happens, make sure to closely monitor the situation, and if necessary, be prepared to prevent your pet fromentering the garden while the wild animal is there. When it comes to bugs, watch out for bees and wasps in the warmer months – some pets may try to snap at them, which could lead to stings.

No matter whether you have a dog, a cat or a small animal, with just a little preparation, it won’t be long before you and your pet areout there soaking up the sunshine in your own little slice of paradise.


*Collaborative post.


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