Exploring the world of fishing

I have always found the whole idea of fishing very interesting. We lived close to a river many years ago and there was a lot of fishing going on there. It was always fun to watch how busy the river got on some days, especially in the warm summer months. Fishing is so popular in my town with the locals and it is super easy to see why. Spending time by the water, away from the hustle and bustle of the world is so relaxing. I like spending time outdoors and I love activities that keep me busy in nature.

Exploring the world of fishing

If you are thinking of exploring the world of fishing and you are not sure how to go about it all, here are some ideas and tips you may find handy.

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Get a fishing license

If you plan to go fishing in the UK, the first thing you will need to do is to get a fishing license. It is easy and affordable to get a fishing license. Children under 13 don’t need a license to fish. You will need to get the landowner’s permission to fish on private land. If you are looking to get into fishing, have a look online and pick the right fishing license for your needs. There are loads of options available.

Find a good spot

Picking the right location to fish is the first step. You want to select the right spot to enjoy the whole experience. Finding the right place to fish is easier if you live in a rural area. There are usually loads of options to choose from in the countryside, unlike the busy cities. Finding a nice quiet spot to fish would make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable.

Get the right carp bait

The most popular carp baits are usually boilies, pellets, corn, and maggots. You can explore different options to see what works for you. The best way to go about doing this is to shop around for bait bundle deals to explore different products. Once you have the right bait bundle, you are good to go.

Shop around for your fishing gear

As a fishing newbie, it is safer and more sensible to go easy on the fishing gear. You don’t want to splash out hundreds of pounds on new fishing gear only to discover you don’t need all the equipment you went shopping for. It is best to start off with the least amount of fishing gear and slowly add my items to your collection as you go along.

Enjoy the experience

Here is the most important tip of all. It is pointless following all the steps above and then when it comes to the actual experience, you don’t enjoy it. Make sure you relax and soak it all in to enjoy the experience.

Are you a pro at fishing or are you a newbie? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below, let’s chat. Thanks for reading, commenting, liking, and sharing. Have a good one.

The Starting Points of a Successful Workout Routine

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The key to a healthy lifestyle is very simple: you need to nourish your body with the right things and you need to be stronger. One of the key biomarkers of longevity and health is to be stronger. Naturally, a good workout routine, in combination with the right diet for you will do you wonders. The hardest thing for many of us is wondering where to begin. Let’s break it down and ensure that you know your foundations so you can build yourself into a healthier lifestyle.

Go Slow 

In fact, you need to go slower than you think. Many of us feel like we need to dive headlong into exercise because we had enough of feeling the way we do or are fed up with our weight. But before you start investing in comfy racerback bras and running sneakers, you’ve got to start by asking yourself why. The why is so important to the solution of your fitness routine. Do you want to lose X amount of lbs? Do you want to fit into a specific dress? Do you want to run a 10k? When you are designing your fitness programme, you’ve got to consider your fitness goals and you’ve got to progress slowly. 

You don’t want to overtrain because this will make you feel more fatigued and you could injure yourself. You may think that you’ve got to hit the gym 3 days a week. Starting out, you’ve got to do one session a week that will ensure that you increase your strength, range of motion, and endurance.

Know How to Monitor Your Progress

A lot of us love to just dive in. The key to monitoring your progress is not just to see how far you’ve come, but it can give you a hefty dose of reality. You may find that you’ve got to exercise a bit more to see the improvements, but you might find that you are doing just enough to meet your goals. 

Additionally, monitoring your progress is key for motivation. Everybody feels that they can get knocked off course. Having the ability to monitor your progress will give you the key to understanding how far away from your goals you really are. If you are on course, you start to realise that the end goal is in sight. When you have achieved your goal, you merely switch to another goal.

Listen to Your Body

As you begin your fitness program, you need plenty of time to warm up and cool down. you also need to realise that you don’t have to completely do all of your exercises at once; in fact, micro doses could be just as beneficial and a cheaper option than going to the gym. It’s also important to be flexible because if you’re not feeling great, you should allow yourself permission to take time off. If you do not rest properly, it can knock you further off course.

People are constantly making mistakes, and they think it is about diving in. The reality is that if you give yourself the foundations, it will make everything far more effective.



3 Tips for Self Employment

With the changes happening all over the world, more and more people are going into self-employment or thinking of going into it. I have been self-employed for many years now, and although it has been a bumpy rollercoaster, I would get on the ride again if I had to start all over again. Being self-employed has given me so many opportunities regular employment would not have given me and for that, I am forever grateful.

If you are thinking of going self-employed, here are 3 tips that would help you start in the right way.

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3 Tips for Self Employment
  • Pretend you are in an office

Working from home can be fun but it can also be very distracting. The best way to get around it while working from home is to act like you are in an actual office. That means getting out of bed and your PJs and starting the day all dressed up. That puts you in the right state of mind and allows you to stay productive.

  • Treat yourself well

This is another great tip for those who are new to self-employment because it is so easy to let yourself go and put your all into your job because you need it to bring in the money. I did this for many years and I had to learn the hard way. Nowadays, I am so gentle with myself. I work hard but I care for myself even harder, and this allows me to work successfully as a self-employed. I take days off work now; something I did in the early days. It is important to treat yourself as you would like a nice boss to treat you.

  • Say No to what does not serve you

This is one area I never really struggled in. I have and always will say NO to offers that don’t serve me. It is important to ensure you only take on the kind of work you want and remain selective. Depending on the sort of business you run, it is likely you get all sorts of offers. Being able to say NO as often as you need is crucial. You don’t want certain folks to run you out of business.

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Being a self-employed mother is a blessing. I won’t change any part of my journey and I am looking forward to the many years of self-employment ahead of me. Even if I go back to traditional work, I will still retain my self-employment as it serves as a creative outlet for me.

Are you self-employed? How are you finding the experience?



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