Product Review: Ted Baker Roses and Cassis Body Spray

I love Ted Baker products a lot! Their bags and footwear always catch my eye, and I have quite a few of them. The brand’s accessories are always so colourful and pretty, great for the spring and summer months. Nowadays I find myself loving Ted Bakers fragrances. I find the scents heavenly and affordable, which is why I am now so drawn to them. Have you tried any of the fragrances by Ted Baker? This amazing Ted Baker Roses and Cassis Body Spray is an amazing fragrance. I have been using it for a few weeks now and it smells divine. It also stays on for ages, which is really good. I love pretty much everything about this Ted Baker Body Spray. It ticks all my fragrance boxes and more.

Product Description

This body spray is chic, bold and very stylish. A rich, velvety touch for oh-so-serious sophistication. With notes of blackcurrant cassis for elegance, style and ultimate opulence in every spritz.

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  • This body spray smells great! I love the fragrance. It is not too overpowering; it is just perfect.
  • I love the simple packaging. It works great and the dark and pink bottle is really pretty.
  •  This product has not been tested on animals
  • It is quite affordable at £6.40 for a 150ml bottle.

None. I love everything this body spray.

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If you are after a new body spray, you should give this body spray a try. It is a great body spray to have in your fragrance collection or to give away as a nice little gift.

What do think of this Ted Baker Roses and Cassis Body Spray? Have you tried it before? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, let’s chat.

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5 Time Saving Hacks for Your Wardrobe

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If you’re someone that struggles with finding an outfit each day then chances are, it may be time to do some organization in your wardrobe. If you’re someone that has a lot of clothes but nothing to wear, then it’s best to go ahead and begin implementing changes.  This will not only save you a lot of time each day (especially if you have to go to work), but this is also going to make your day so much less stressful as well.  These are some time-saving tips for your wardrobe!

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Start by creating a capsule wardrobe

These are popping up more and more on social media, it’s essentially a selection of clothing that all pairs together quite nicely. It tends to include no more than 20 items, which can include trousers, jeans, skirts, dresses, jackets or coats, shirts, and blouses. It’s a good first step to becoming more conscious about what you’re buying and it also helps in ensuring everything can pair together nicely.

Develop a signature look

Creating a personal uniform or signature look will entail you finding timeless pieces and they will forever appeal to you and your taste. This will be the type of aesthetic, style, or color scheme that you’ll tend to wear very often.  This can also help as it’s a hack for having a more productive day because you will essentially have your outfit planned out since everything complements each other.

Go for a more minimalist approach

Remember when Marie Kondo was popular a couple of years ago? The Marie Kondo method still holds. You should get rid of clothes that don’t spark any joy and that do not get worn. Decluttering will look great for your closet but it will also greatly assist in saving you time each day. This will even allow you to take a look at the clothes you never wear and evaluate why you never wear them anymore.

Stock up on neutrals

Neutrals are in, but they’re always been timeless. Nowadays, most fashion enthusiasts believe neutrals are just white and brown but that’s further than the case. While it’s important to have neutral-colored clothing in your wardrobe, as most of the clothes will complement each other. It’s also important to have your accessories color coordinated as well, this includes ear gauges, belts, and even handbags.  It’s also so important to have something in each category of what you own ( shoes, shirt, pants, coat, etc.) that can easily accommodate whatever outfit you’re trying to pull off.

Create a photo library

If you’ve ever seen the movie Clueless, then chances are you remember at the beginning of the movie Cher had a computer software program that would match up clothes for her to wear for the day. That was something that so many people dreamt of having. Well, the good news is, it finally exists! There are now plenty of wardrobe planning apps that you can choose from to help you out in creating your outfits. This not only saves you time from digging in your wardrobe, but it also helps out preventing any messes!


The Dos and Don’ts of Investing In Branded Merchandise For Your Business

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When you run a small or medium sized business, you’ll do anything to spread the word about your company. As we all know, competing with bigger businesses in terms of visibility is basically impossible; Amazon, Nike, McDonalds, Starbucks – these huge corporates are everywhere. 

One strategy many people turn to to promote their company is branded clothing and other merchandise. Not only does branded clothing help to make money from your brand – that is, if you can flog it – but it will also help the overall branding and message of your company sink into people’s minds. There are, however, common mistakes that small business owners make that can be both expensive and detrimental to the brand overall.

In this article, you’ll discover some of the dos and don’ts of investing in branded merchandise. Let’s get started!

The Dos of Investing in Branded Merchandise

Here are some of the things you SHOULD do if you are having branded merchandise made for your business.

1. DO find a merchandising company that produces high quality products.

If you want to sell merchandise that goes with your brand, do it right. Your customers will expect your merchandise to be of the same standard of work you deliver from your own company – so if the merchandise is poor quality, they will associate this with your brand. Find a merchandising company that makes things that last, so when someone buys a branded shirt or mug from you, they can count on quality. 

2. DO organize a small merchandise release before investing huge amounts of money.

The thing about merchandise is that you never truly know how well it will sell. Your customers might absolutely love it, or they might be less interested than you expect! Because of this, you should always release your merchandise in stages. You can purchase the right equipment and supplies once you have identified your logistics and operations. In order to print detailed designs on printed t-shirts, direct-to-garment printing will be required; all you need is a high-quality printer, like the AA Prestige A3, along with AA Prestige A3 DTF inks and supplies for printing the fine details. When your company’s supplies meet quality standards, you can ensure that your business plan remains balanced. That way you can test the waters, and gauge interest before you invest further

The Don’ts of Investing in Branded Merchandise
1. DON’T tell other business owners what you’re doing.

Unfortunately, the business world is every man for himself. Although collaborations are more popular now than ever before, you should keep your cards close to your chest. That way you won’t wind up giving away the game or even potentially subjecting yourself to theft of intellectual property. Until the plans are finalised and all legal documents are signed, don’t tell other business owners what you’re up to.

2. DON’T use companies with unethical practices.

Your merchandise will be an extension of the values you hold dear as a company. If you use a merchandising company that creates their products using unfair labour conditions or pay, your customers can use this as a reason not to shop with you in the future. Make sure the merchandising business you use is legitimate.

Final Thoughts

Selling branded merchandise is a great idea to spread the word about who you are as a business. Make sure you follow these tips so you get it right first time around, and avoid making expensive mistakes.




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