5 Freelance Jobs in demand now

I have been freelancing for almost 10 years and it is nice to see that the freelancing world is even busier now. Many people are choosing every day to become self-employed and with working from home being the new normal, there are more freelance jobs in demand now. What I love about being a freelancer is that I have the ability to plan my schedule. I have time to do what needs to be done at a time that is convenient for me. Although being a freelancer/self-employed person comes with loads of issues, it is very rewarding.

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If you are playing with the idea of setting up your business or even testing the freelance waters on the side to see how it all goes, you have landed on the right blog! Here are 5 freelance jobs in demand right now:

Virtual Assistant

There are loads of Virtual Assistant (VA) jobs available online. You just need to search on the major job sites to find them. Virtual assistants are the new office managers and admin assistants. The role is so important as it allows business owners to pursue other aspects of their business, and leave the organising and managing to the VAs. If you have great organisational, time management, and IT skills, you may be able to start your freelance journey as a VA.


Freelance writers are always in demand and there are loads of freelance gigs available online. I have come across many and the rates are usually quite good depending on the niche and company. Medical/science writers tend to get a bit more than other niches but the experience itself is rewarding if you really like writing. Getting into the world of freelance as a writer is relatively easy if writing comes naturally to you. Having a blog helps as you can show prospective clients what you can bring to the table.


Do you have an excellent command of the English language, grammar, writing, and spelling style?  If you do, and you are detail-oriented with a good eye for spotting mistakes, you may be interested in pursuing a freelance career as a proofreader. The rates tend to vary depending on the niche and client, but there are loads of opportunities you could chase up online. There are also proofreading courses that could help you launch a freelance career, so have a good search online for one that catches your eye.

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Social Media Manager

Being a freelance social media manager can be a lucrative gig with the right client. There are lots of opportunities online so the possibilities are endless. If you like the idea of managing a brand’s reputation online and if you have the skills required to grow an online presence, then you may want to look into being a social media manager.

Content Creator

And I saved the best for last with this job idea. Having your own blog allows you to create the content you want when you want. Clients do have input on what goes on sponsored content, but you have more room to make it yours since it is your platform. I have done all the jobs listed here (except one) and my favourite by a mile is this being a Content Creator. I love the flexibility and the fact that I have the final say on what goes on each content. It takes a while to earn regular income as a blogger, but once you have blogged for a few years, your income starts to build up.

What do you think of these freelance jobs? Have you tried any of them? Please share your thoughts.


How to Help Your Business Succeed

*Collaborative post.

There’s no such thing as guaranteed success in the business world. There are simply too many variables at play — even companies that looked, on paper, to be excellent ideas turned into a failure for reasons that are difficult to pinpoint. However, while you can’t guarantee your success, you can increase your chances of being successful. It’s all about increasing your advantages, which will weigh the odds in your favour. In this blog, we’ll look at some useful tips that’ll help you to do just that. 

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Hire Trustworthy Employees

You’re the person that’ll have the biggest impact on the success of your company. But your staff won’t be too far behind. If you have subpar employees, then you can’t be too surprised if you get subpar results. On the other hand, if you can develop a hiring process that pushes the best employees in your direction, then the future of your business will look brighter. Of course, it’s not enough to just hire good employees; you’ll need to create a working environment that allows them to produce their best work. If you’re guilty of micromanaging, learn how to stop; you’ll find that their output is much better when they’re allowed to just get on with things.

Get the Tools

There are many, many tools and resources that companies can use to improve their operations and produce better work. But you won’t get those advantages if you don’t have those tools within your organisation. It’s a good idea to periodically look at the tools that other companies in your industry rely on and then work on bringing them into your operations. Whether it’s hardware, software, or tools that allow employees to collaborate and work remotely, they’ll have an impact on your business.  

Outsider Help

You can’t do everything at your business, and not only that, but you shouldn’t do everything at your business. There are some things that are too complex or too time-consuming to be taken care of in-house. On the complex side of things are your legal, accounting, and marketing tasks; it would be better to hire Beyond Law Group Solicitors to manage the legal side of things rather than doing it yourself. A good accounting firm can ensure that your money is well-managed, while a marketing agency will help to spread the word about your company, helping you to bring in most customers. 

Take Care Of Yourself

Finally, remember to take care of yourself. You’ll want your business to succeed, but if you push yourself too far, then you could accidentally end up causing more harm to your business because your output wouldn’t be as efficient as it would be if you felt good. If you’re exercising, meditating, eating well, and having set cut-off hours, then you’ll always have the energy you need to deliver your best work. We said earlier how you’re the most important person at your business, and it’s true — treat yourself as the star player that needs to be taken care of, and results will come. 

Managing The Administrative Burden Of Fashion Pop-Up Stores

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A fashion pop-up store is a temporary storefront selling apparel that, thanks to its somewhat exclusive and time-based nature, inspires excitement through and through. There are many reasons to run a fashion pop-up show, from showcasing the works of local designers, to supporting causes, to simply getting your own garments out there.

Renting a space or a booth at a fashion event can be a good place to start. Yet outside of sitting there and perhaps starting an event on social media, it can be hard to know how to generate interest and what you should do in order to properly promote the event itself. On top of that, you may find it difficult to keep up with the administrative burden surrounding it.

That’s why in this post, we hope to discuss a few supplemental tips that can help you succeed in the logistical management of such a project. We also extend our best wishes, as this kind of entrepreneurial spirit is exactly what anyone in the fashion space needs for success.

Rent A Storage Space

From the tables to the hanging racks, to any other display materials, and of course the clothes themselves, this task can be quite bulky in terms of the pure amount of objects and packages you need to bring with you. This is why renting a storage space can be so effective; here you’ll be able to dictate the pace of your logistics and also keep your goods safe from the weather and possible theft before you’re ready to start organizing your stall or shop.

With a professional storage area, you can make sure that the clothes will always be waiting for you in great condition, ready to sell. It’s a minimal expense for long-term peace of mind.

Brand Your Event

Sure, you might have a pop-up store that will only be here temporarily, but that doesn’t mean you have less of a responsibility to sell people on the idea. This is why it’s a great idea to focus on branding as much as anything else. 

A cohesive name for your fashion store, an easy and clear means of discussing what it’s in support of or what the designer’s name is, and applying this material to all of your social media events, blogs and profiles can make a tremendous difference. Using a freelance graphic designer and copywriter through a site like Upwork or even Fiverr can be a great way to start that – and to get an affordable branding package in one fell swoop.

Hire/Train Brand Ambassadors

Sure, you might not have a foremost business that operates with full-time employees, but it’s worth having presenters, ambassadors, or simply points of professional contact at your show so you don’t have to chaperone people around all day. You’d be surprised how easy it can be to hire professionals in this role, and in some cases, you may even be able to ask for help from the local fashion course of a university and pay some students to attend. This way, you can make sure your popup store is well attended, and that any issues can be addressed with nuance.


With this advice, we hope you can more easily manage the administrative burden of your fashion pop-up store. We’re certain this will remain a success for you.


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