Things You Must Update When Relocating Your Business Location

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Have you ever moved your business location? It is not an undemanding task, but it is necessary to stay competitive. This article will give you the steps that every business should take when they move their physical address for their home or office. You may think that updating your website and marketing materials is enough, but other things need to be done as well. Read on to find out more.

Change Your Physical Address Online

Changing your physical address online is one of the most important things you can do when moving your business location. Make sure to update your address on every website and online directory where it appears. It includes your company website, Google Maps, Yelp, and other online directories or review sites.

It would be great if you asked yourself the following questions in regards to changing your physical address:

What are the benefits of buying an official business address?

For example, is there any difference between registering my company in London to having an official mailing/registered address here?

Answering these questions will help you decide if renting or purchasing a physical registered office address is suitable for your company.

Update Your Address on Every Piece of Marketing You Have

Updating your address on every piece of marketing you have is extremely important in that it will help ensure that you are receiving all of the information about your business.

Update Citations

You’ll want to ensure that every site on which you have a presence has updated their address with yours, including local directories and review sites. It is because Google uses these types of sources for its citation indexing, so it’s essential to keep them current.

Updating your citations has the following benefits:

  • Helps customers find you correctly
  • Maintains your online reputation
  • Keeps your business looking professional

Update paid search campaigns

Update Your Paid Search Campaigns

Even if you are running a campaign to drive mobile phone users directly to your new location, you’ll want to ensure that the movement itself is updated with the correct address. It can be done by modifying the URL of each ad group within an AdWords account.

Try To Keep Your Phone Number

If possible, try not to change or disconnect any services explicitly related to your business’s telephone number because this will likely result in having it severed for good if they cannot update their records accordingly.

Keeping your phone number is vital because customers may still try to reach you at the old number and because it can help with your SEO efforts.


Inform Government Agencies and Community Partners & Friends About Moving

You should also reach out to local governing bodies and other companies who may have some relationship with yours, informing them of your new address. Additionally, don’t forget to tell all of your friends and followers on social media about your move.


Making the necessary updates when moving your business location is key to a smooth transition. By taking care of everything from updating addresses on marketing materials to reaching out to community partners, you’ll be well on your way to having a successful relocation.


Tips For Marketing Your Brand & Finding Success In Business

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a fashion brand or any other type of company that’s trying to sell a product or service. You’ll want to work on creating a strong and notable brand that people recognise and want to make purchases from.

You’ll need a marketing strategy and way to reach your customers and get your message across clearly and concisely. There are some tips for marketing your brand that will help ensure you find success in business and are around for the long haul.

Establish Your Goals

Establish your overarching goals as you work on designing and executing a marketing strategy. You need goals that are measurable and achievable. It may help to invest in OKR coaching for your team so you can properly monitor your progress and successfully achieve your goals. It’s an excellent opportunity to turn your good ideas into reality. For instance, maybe it’s that you want to increase conversion rates or gain more loyal customers and retain them for a longer period. It’ll not only allow you to measure how you’re doing but also set you up to create a strong brand.

Decide on the Benefits Your Brand Offers

Another tip for marketing your brand and finding success in business is to decide on the benefits your brand offers. Figure out all the reasons why someone should choose you over the competition to help drum up interest in your business. There are likely several key qualities and benefits of your brand and working with you so you need to make sure these are communicated to the right people. Your goal is to differentiate your business in as many ways as you can so that there’s a clear reason why consumers should choose to buy from you. Decide how you’re adding value to the equation and then come up with proper messaging that gets this information across to others.  

Define Your Target Audience

You should know exactly who your customers are and your target audience. You don’t want to play guessing games, make assumptions, or market to too broad of a category. Your target market must find your brand appealing and have the desire to want to check out your products or services. Perform extensive customer research so you know their needs and what they want from your business. One idea is to create buyer personas so you get to know their perspective and purchasing habits better. This will help you formulate your messaging and make sure you’re in the right places at the right time as you try to get the word out about your brand and products.

Understand Your Competitors

It might also be useful to research competitor brands within your industry and get to know them better. Figure out what they offer that’s so appealing and the reasons why consumers choose to work with them. Instead of copying what they’re doing, you can use what’s working for them to inspire you to make impactful and positive changes at your company. You can also find out where they’re missing the mark and failing to deliver so that you can step in and fill this gap. If you know what they’re up to and doing then you can work to stand apart from them for all the right reasons.

Offer A Consistent & Rewarding Brand Experience

Be and stay true to your brand by offering a consistent and rewarding brand experience. Market your brand and find success in business by giving your customers what they want and wowing them every chance you get. Consistency and not veering too far off from what you stand for is a key component to finding success with your brand. For example, you need to work on having a consistent brand voice across all channels so that you stay true to the brand you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. You can make sure everyone is on the same page and doing their part by creating and distributing brand guidelines at your business.

Have A Strong Online Presence

If you’re going to market your brand successfully and thrive in your industry then you must have a strong online presence. Work on improving your site’s visibility in search results and make sure that you’re showing up as the answer to their problems or questions. Users tend not to click through past the first page so the higher up you are in the rankings the better. You should have an attractive logo and tagline you can use in your materials and online and then use it repeatedly so that consumers become familiar with it. Make sure that your website is user-friendly and easy to use so that when potential customers do land on it they stay awhile and click around. Boost traffic to your site by using keywords in your blog articles and increasing the site speed.  

Deliver on Your Promise

You can build a stronger brand and find business success by ensuring your customers find you trustworthy and reliable. Focus on always delivering on your promise and going above and beyond whenever possible. It never hurts to exceed your customer’s expectations and truly impress them. At the very minimum, you should stay true to your word and not make promises you can’t keep. Always be forthcoming with updates and information about their orders and make sure they’re aware of any delays. Be responsive when your customers contact you and solve their problems quickly and efficiently so that they’re happy with the level of service you provide.


These tips for marketing your brand will help lead you down the right path to finding long-term success at your business. There’s no telling how far you can go or how much you’ll achieve when you focus on the right elements and commit to building a strong and consistent brand. Build a book of loyal customers over the years and you’ll find that people stick by you even through the ups and downs. You can effectively impact how people view your business by putting your brand out there and integrating it into all you do. Be willing to give these tips a try and then measure your results so you can see what’s working. 


Turning Your Love of Beauty Into a Business: 4 Parts To Ponder

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If you’ve spent so much time turning your spare room into a home office, you might have thought about how you can capitalise on this. If you have a love for all things beauty and fashion, and you’ve grown frustrated with your current job, or you are worried that the economy is going to result in redundancy for you, you may want to start thinking about what it takes to turn your love of beauty into a business. Also, if you don’t enjoy your job, now is the time to take control of your life. What does it take?

Look at Transferable Skills

Many people look at starting all over again as an opportunity to retrain. While in beauty, you can partake in aesthetics training and get relevant qualifications, you should not underestimate your transferable skills. If you are particularly good at doing your own makeup, is this something that you can transfer into another business venture? Some people need professional makeup artists, such as models or musicians, and when you start to gather some specific looks and styles, this is the best way to bring a portfolio together. It is so important to look at the transferable skills you already have, not just in terms of your love beauty, but also your skills learnt in other areas. 

Start Small, but Manageable

The important thing to remember when you are turning your love of beauty into a business is that you can overreach. It is important to learn that building up the business is about acquiring knowledge in a certain area, while also making sure that you are able to scale up the business in a manageable fashion. This is why it’s a good idea to start your business venture by doing something little, for example, a blog that incorporates affiliate marketing. When we start small, we have complete control over our product, and this is where we learn the most important lessons in running businesses. Because a business is not just about the product or the promotion, but it’s about the customer service. When we start to think about what customers need, we can have a solid grip on what our business should be, what it offers, and how we can promote ourselves.

It’s Who You Know!

Turning your love of beauty into a business is about making sure that you have the right clientele. You can be in a chicken and egg situation: making sure that you know that you’ve got the right customers or being 100% sure of your own image, but you need to be both. When it comes to bolstering your business, one of the most important ways to get yourself out there is to network. In terms of fashion and beauty, there are so many fashion and beauty bloggers out there, but also realising that you can network online, as well as in the real world. It is vital to learn how to network effectively, such as by demonstrating soft skills, but also not being pushy.

When people go to networking events, the truth of the matter is that everybody has a product to push, but this means you’ve got to come across as approachable without being pushy. Focus on building friendships first, and this works to help you find the people that will want to work with you but also it will help you find the people that you actually want to work with. Sometimes, we can scramble for customers and clients, but sometimes if they don’t align with our way of thinking, this can cause more problems than it’s worth.

Do Not Stand in the Way of Yourself

Running any form of business can be about finding the right time to make the leap from normal working life to unknown territory. It is usually ourselves that will stop us from taking a leap of faith. This usually involves doubt or some form of anxiety. And it’s a lot better to keep things as they are but we will never know what we can achieve if we do not make the leap. When the chance comes, we have to take it. And when it comes to doing something that you love and you have a passion for, you have to remember that you are the biggest obstacle. 

Sometimes we think that we’ve got to do sufficient preparation to take the leap, when we have a passion for something, turning this love of beauty and fashion into a business immediately translates to enthusiasm. Sometimes people picture themselves having more freedom, being more creative, and it’s important to pay the bills but it is just as important to turn something you love into a livelihood.




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