Review/Win – I Love Reed Diffusers and Candles

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I love having reed diffusers and candles in my home. You can easily catch me burning a sweet smelling candle in my living room. There is something about candles and reed diffusers that relax me. Apart from the fact that they leave my house smelling lush, I love the relaxation they bring. Which is why I am excited to tell you all about this brand and there’s a giveaway as well, so keep reading.



I Love is a British bath, body and beauty brand launched in 2009. The brand creates some of the most amazing sweet smelling products I have ever had the privilege of sniffing. Their products are made from skin loving ingredients and they are designed to relax, soothe and pamper the skin.


I LOVE’s scents all draw inspiration from the essence of favourite memories and experiences, to create the most amazing fragrances. We then bottled them for everyone to enjoy and fall in love with. Naturally, the brand was named I LOVE and this is where our story began…


I had the privilege of trying some of I LOVE products and I can see myself using them everyday now. It is such a great brand that does not test on animals and it is vegan friendly too! Here are the products I got –





I adore this Vanilla Milk scented candle by I LOVE. The key notes are Bergamot, Vanilla, Milk Accord and Amber. The beautiful package caught my eye instantly. I love the little pouch it came in and the delicate light fragrance smells so good. This is now one of my favourite candles.




Scented candle giveaway image


The key notes for this Violet Dreams scented candle by I LOVE are Bergamot, Green Apple, Parma Violets and Rose. I love the  delicate fragrance of this candle. I usually leave my candles burning for about 3 hours and the fragrance still lingers on for days.




Reed Diffuser Image


When to comes to reed diffusers, this tops the list. The fragrance uplifts my mood. I love the fragrance of this reed diffuser so much. It promises to linger around the room for 12 weeks and I am looking forward to my bedroom smelling like this for the next 3 months.





I LOVE Giveaway image


This body wash contains natural fruit extracts and smells so amazing. I love the bright packaging and the way it transforms into a rich and creamy foam. The fact that it can also be used in a bath means you can get more of it this lovely product. I have used it a couple of times already and I really love the smell and the way it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth.




I LOVE Image


I like keeping my hands moisturised and this amazing hand and nail cream does the work for me. The hand cream is quickly absorbed and it leaves the hands moisturised, soft and supple. The compact packaging means I can easily pop it in my handbag, and it smells divine.






This Reed Diffuser smells so good. I am glad it runs for 12 weeks. It has changed the overall mood of my living room. Everyone comments on how sweet the fragrance is. My living room is now even more relaxing thanks to this I LOVE Glazed Raspberry Reed Diffuser.



Giveaway Details

To win a read diffuser and candle of your choice from the I LOVE range, you need to do the following –


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  3. Leave a comment telling me what you think of the brand. Remember to include your Twitter name so I know where to find you.


The giveaway is open to 18 years and over UK residents. It runs for 2 weeks ending 15 August at 11pm. The winner will be randomly selected and contacted on Twitter. Good luck everyone!

Social Media Tips – Instagram is for art and creativity

The first mistake I made as a blogger was treating every social media platform the same way. It took me years to understand how each one works, and how I had to use them differently. I wrote a few weeks ago about how Twitter is mainly for chit-chat and networking. It took me ages to figure that bit out and it took me even longer to fully understand the ever changing world of Instagram. Instagram is not my favourite social media platform but it has grown on me. It is one of the trickiest social media platforms at the moment and one of the hardest to grow, which is why many influencers find it super frustrating.


Beige flute sleeve sequin maxi dress picture


I made so many mistakes in the early days of being on Instagram and I am still learning how best to use the platform. It is not quite as straightforward as Twitter. The ever changing algorithms make it more difficult to find the right technique to grow your account, which is why many  users end up using bots to increase their engagement and following. However, this is not recommended.

Instagram is a social media platform to showcase art and creativity. It is all about pretty photos, videos and catchy captions! Here are 5 tips you may find useful in making the most of your Instagram –


Treat it as a standalone

Instagram is a standalone kind of platform. It doesn’t allow you include links in your photos/videos like other platforms, so you don’t get much blog referrals from it. The best way to handle Instagram is to use it differently from how you use other social media platforms, and not to promote every single blog post on it. The users of Instagram don’t want to be redirected to another platform. They want to stand on it, and Instagram has created the app to do just that. Trying to send your followers anywhere else won’t work.

My approach to instagram is very different now from how it was years ago. I don’t promote every blog post on it, only a few. I hardly even talk about my blog on there these days. I just share photos with captions that work. My blog link is in my bio so it is clear I have a blog, but I don’t try to drive every engagement I get over to the blog anymore.


Use the Instagram Stories

Another way of making the most of your Instagram account is by putting up stories. This is  something I only started doing regularly and I can see the results already. My engagement rate has increased massively so I know Instagram likes when you use the stories feature. I now put on stories everyday and my views keep increasing tremendously. So start putting up daily stories if you want your account to grow.


Fashion Image


Spend money on Instagram Ads

Now I know many people would not want to put spend money promoting their posts on Instagram, but if you want some form of growth, another way is to spend money on Instagram ads. I do this quite regularly and it has helped. The trick to this is to make sure the post you are promoting is worth the amount you are spending. I also spend the minimum amount I can most of the time and I am happy with the results I get.


Have an interesting bio

Since Instagram is all about art and creativity, it makes sense to be as creative as you can with your bio. Anyone who visit your page should know what you are all about just by reading your bio. You have a limited word count to use in your bio, so make every word count.


Use hashtags

Using the right hashtags can introduce your page to a new audience every time you post. I like to keep my hashtags to 30 or under and I use relevant hashtags with less than a million posts most of the time. It works but I won’t say it works massively. I do get an average of an extra 50 – 80 likes when I use the right hashtags.



What do you think of these Instagram social media tips? Do you have any tried and tested tip to share?







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