Aquarius Individual Fashion Sense

Some call us weird, others call us wonderful. Many people we are inventive and quirky, and we are!

I am not so into Zodiac signs anymore, unlike when I was a lot younger. But I do know quite a lot about Zodiac signs and their meanings, especially mine which is Aquarius. I tick most of the Aquarius boxes. I am the humanitarian and philanthropist of the zodiac. We Aquarius do not shy away from lending a helping hand when needed. We are passionate, unconventional, independent and we have the need to express our ingenuity, which is why I blog I guess. Fashion and Style Police is a creative outlet for me, and it has changed my life for the better. It is definitely one of the best things that ever happened to me.


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Being an Aquarius also explains a lot of things about my life, my personality and what makes me tick. It also explains my fashion sense. I have been doing some reading of fashion in general, and why we like certain styles. Why specific designs and pieces appeal to some and not others. And I have come to realise that our zodiac signs could play a role in our fashion sense.


So what is the Aquarius Individual Fashion Sense all about?

Unconventional and Original

The Aquarius personal style is usually unconventional and very original. We are usually free-spirited when it comes to fashion, which is why we tend to wear pieces in different ways. Having an original fashion sense is amazing, as there is never a dull fashion moment for a fashionista Aquarius chic. The possibilities are endless in the styling department.


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Predict Trends

The Aquarius woman has the forward thinking gift, which is amazing when put to fashion and style use. Aquarians can predict fashion trends well in advance and can play around with various styles in the pursuit of the perfect look.

The talented fashion designer Mary Quant predicted trends well in advance. She invented the mini-skirt, creating a uniform for the 1960s women’s lib movement. But she forever gives credit to her clients.

“It was the girls on the King’s Road who invented the mini. I was making easy, youthful, simple clothes, in which you could move, in which you could run and jump, and we would make them the length the customer wanted. I wore them very short and the customers would say, ‘Shorter, shorter.’”


Do you think your zodiac sign plays a role in your fashion sense?

Creating a blogging space in your home

For those of us who work from home, it can be hard to separate our living space from our working space. Which is why many experts advise us to have a dedicated office or home section for our work. I must confess, I don’t have a dedicated office space in my home. We were supposed to get our study up and running years ago. But life happened and keep happening, which is why the study does not look like a study. And why my blogging space is still a work in progress.

Although I don’t have a home office per se, I do have some spots in my home that I like to work in more than others. Being a blogger means I have a few gadgets to help me work effectively. And it can be tricky to have them all in one spot. So I tend to move around the house a lot when I work. Where I work in my home depends on my mood, the weather, where the kids at and what sort of work.

Create the perfect blogging space or spaces is easy once you have the right tools. Here are the most important you would need to blog effectively this 2018.


Get a writing desk

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Regardless of the sort of space you have, for you to blog easy, you would need a good writing desk. If you intend to blog long-term, then you need to invest in comfort. The last thing you would want is damaging your posture while working.

This Splice Writing Desk above is a perfect example of a great desk to use. I came across this sleek writing desk online, and the minimalist design and grey finish caught my eye. This would be perfect for working from home.



Lionshome image


Another perfect example of a great writing desk is this Gandino Writing Desk above. I also found this stunning desk while browsing online for home furniture and I was blown away. The design is such a beauty. It would look amazing in my home.


Pick a great spot

If you have the option of picking a spot to work in, make sure you go for a great spot. A spot with a view and ventilation is great. You would also need an airy room with a some place to move around.

I like things being tidy and organised, so I won’t be able to work or live in a house with clutter everywhere. That would be a massive distraction. And we all know how expensive distractions can be when you work from home.


Have all your gadgets

For blogging you would obviously need a reliable laptop and a smart phone . Having a reliable tablet is also a plus for when you can’t get on your laptop. If you can afford to, having a great camera would be ideal. I know some bloggers take photos only on their phones, but if you plan on taking your blog seriously, you would need to make some investments, one of them being a camera.

You should also have some photo props to make your pictures look extra pretty. Wall papers are great for this. Fluffy rugs, flowers and anything else you can think of could also work great.


Have you created a blogging space in your home? How did you go about it? What do you think of the writing desks above?




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