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I have admired Coleen Rooney for as long as I have known her. She is a very pretty and elegant lady. Quite the opposite of a typical WAG, if am being honest. And I love that about her. Her fashion sense WOWS me every time, and I think our personal style is quite similar. I remember reading her book – Welcome to my World, in 2007 and being blown away by the story of her life. Herself and Wayne Rooney are definitely not overnight successes.

Coleen Rooney is not your typical footballer wife. She is like another Victoria Beckham in her own right, with her successful business. She is not living under the shadow of her successful footballer husband and I admire her for that. It would have been tempting to just relax and play WAG.


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Rooney’s Style

Coleen Rooney loves the relaxed chic look, and I can see why. It looks amazing on her and suits her personality. As the wife of a footballer and a mother to 3 boys, her relaxed style is great for school football tours with her boys, or watching Wayne Rooney play a football match live. This stylish mother of 3 soon to be 4, looks real and fabulous at the same time.


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I came across an interview she had with Liverpool Echo, and I enjoyed reading it. Here are some excerpts from the interview –


Q: You’re now a style icon to lots of women, but whose style do you admire?

A: It is nice for me when people say ‘oh I like what you wore’ and now what I really love is when girls come up and tell me that they’ve just ordered something from my collection.

I haven’t seen anyone wearing it yet, but it’s still early so I think maybe I’ll start to see more and more and when I do I’ll just have a little smile to myself.

I don’t really have one style icon. I tend to take bits and bobs from looks and then try to put my own mark on them. I think if I had to choose one it would be Audrey Hepburn, because her style was just so elegant and classic, the simple black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s was really beautiful. I try to choose things that I know, when I look at them in a few years’ time, I’ll still think ‘oh I really like that.’ Someone now I like is Blake Lively from Gossip Girl, I like the fashion choices she makes.



What do you think of Coleen Rooney’s style? Are you a fan?


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5 Ways to be Stylish, Fashionable and Beautiful

Living in modern world is all about appearances. The way you look defines who you are and how other people approach you. Without any doubt, looks are important. It is especially important today for people living in the modern world. It is not the question which clothes you should buy and where. It is also not as much about fashion but more about your whole approach to your looks. Read the following info to know how to survive a highly competing environment and be stylish, fashionable, and beautiful.



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Being original is the key when it comes to distinguishing yourself from others. All people nowadays want to be like no one else. Everybody wants to be original but only few are truly original. Originality comes not from shopping magazines and buying products but from your heart and soul. You need to use your brain and be yourself no matter what others think or say about it.

Without any doubt, style is always fashionable and it is style that makes people beautiful. But you simply can’t buy style. You can only feel it. The best to start doing it is to quit listening to others and start listening to yourself. That is the true philosophy of style. Style is more important than fashion. Style makes fashion. Fashion comes and goes but style always lasts and stands.



Always buy clothes that fit you. It means that you should not follow any advice but that of your friends and close ones. Never follow any trends or something like. Trends are dead and everybody now decides for himself and herself what is stylish.  You definitely should know for yourself what better suits you. Being original is the best style and it is always fashionable. When you’re buying new clothes, don’t only think about comfort. Always look for clothes that are not only comfortable but that look good on you as well. Try to maintain one style and don’t change the way you look significantly from day-to-day.


Haircut and Facial Hair

Your haircut and facial hair in case you’re man as just as important as what you wear. You should pick one haircut that you think suits you best and maintain it. Ask your friends and close ones which one of all your haircuts suited you best. Never forget to think for yourself because you’re the one who knows best what suits you better. Most men look for their facial hair by themselves. Nevertheless, barber shops are now in style again. You can go there and an authoritative specialist will advise you what to do with you beard and/or a moustache. Because, after all, you visit a barber for a haircut so, why don’t let him look after your beard as well?


Different Seasons

One thing that can easily ruin your style is how you change your clothes season by season. You can’t wear your cool coat in the summer just the same as you can walk in your awesome jeans when it 10 degrees below zero. Therefore, you need to adjust your looks so one season won’t make you look completely different from how you look during another season.



Style and beauty are not only in your looks. Your behavior, approach to other people, and your whole attitude either make you beautiful and stylish or not. You need to express interest in other people and be naturally curious desiring to know them better. If it’s difficult for you to meet new people, visit and look for somebody to keep you company. The psychology of style is that you need to feel style rather than wear it. Style is the way of thinking. If you think you go style, then, well, you got it.

All in all, now you know what to do to be stylish, fashionable, and beautiful. Never forget that everything is about originality. Good luck!


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5 Ways to Add a Feminine Touch to an Oversized Look

Let’s admit it, ladies. You have at least one or two oversized outfits in your wardrobe that you don’t want to give up. For example, those cute wooly jumpers for the winter, the large t-shirt that makes you feel so comfortable or that denim shirt that you love to roll in the sleeves. Yes, you are guilty. And I am too! So how do you add a feminine touch to an oversized look?


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Over the years, I have done a lot of experimenting with oversized clothing and searched for smart ways to give them that feminine touch and still preserve the comfort that we love so much. Here are some tips that you can use to get the best of both worlds.


Style with a belt

Belts are a go-to accessory and they always make outfits look really unique. Belts help to also add a little contrast to the colour of your outfit.

Wearing an oversized shirt often hides your feminine figure and makes you look boxy. Adding a waist belt takes the edge off an oversized shirt and clearly defines your waistline, giving you that hourglass figure.


Strike a balance

The best way to wear any outfit is to ensure that everything is to proportion. The mistake some women make is that they do not work towards achieving a balance in their dressing. Combining outfits is an art. The trick to dressing well is to make sure that the proportions are evened out at all times.

For example, if you are wearing an oversized shirt, the correct item to match it with is something that is skinnier. This is because it creates a perfect balance. When you keep that trick in mind, you always end up looking elegant and your outfits always look well thought of.


Wear statement pieces as accessories

When you wear an oversized outfit, a lot of attention is placed on it. Sometimes an oversized piece can be too loud. What was meant to look fashionable starts to look like a fashion mistake. The best way to deal with a situation like that is to tone it down or divert their attention to something else.

That’s where statement accessories come in. They are very feminine and the right pieces can help tone down the oversized look and collect all the focus on your feminine jewelry. You don’t need to put on too many accessories. Statement necklaces or bracelets would do just the trick.


Keep your jackets unbuttoned

This tip works only with jackets or oversized cover-ups. A large jacket, blazer or cover-up may look and feel very comfortable, but with the buttons all done you start to look bulky. That’s not good news when it comes to looking feminine. To break the bulky look, keep your jackets, blazers or cover-ups unbuttoned.

This is just one side of the coin When you keep your jacket unbuttoned, you need to make sure that what you have inside is not large as well. That defeats the whole aim of preventing the bulkiness.


Put on feminine shoes

If you’re wearing loose trousers then adding a touch of femininity to them lies in choosing the right shoes that reflect femininity. Shoes like high heels to elongate the legs hidden in the loose trousers, or cute yet comfortable sandals that will add a bit of that girly touch would be among the right choices.


Do you love the oversized look? How do you add a feminine touch to it?


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