The Essential Guide to Dressing for an Interview

The first impression is one of the most important parts of an interview. Your resume and cover letter may get you in the door, but your in-person meeting will be the make or break factor. Since we know that putting together a stylish and professional outfit doesn’t exactly come naturally to everyone, here are a few guidelines to follow when preparing for an interview.


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Dress for the Job


You want to dress for the job that you are actually interviewing for; if you’re interviewing for a barista job at the new, hip coffee shop in town, you don’t need to show up in a business suit, but if you’re in a more professional setting, you’ll want to look the part.


Add Details


Add elements into your outfit that reflect specific traits that you can bring to the position. For instance, does the position require someone who is incredibly detail-oriented? Then maybe add in a few impeccable details to your look that will stand out, like a perfectly placed pin on your blouse or a pair of polished cufflinks. There’s one statement piece you can’t forgo: the statement watch. Everyone needs a staple timepiece—look punctual and polished in one easy step. Browse the selection of gold watches for men and women from MVMT to find something that complements your new office-worthy digs.


Wear a Blouse that Fits


If you’re opting for a blouse, keep it simple with a neutral option that fits well. Women often make the mistake of getting a blouse that’s too tight or too loose. Tight blouses can pull in the chest and make moving difficult, while loose blouses look baggy and unflattering. If you find it difficult to pick out the right blouse, purchase a larger size and get it tailored to fit you perfectly. Pair it with a sleek pencil skirt or ironed trousers to complete the look.


Add Shoes


Whether you choose to wear heels or flats, make sure your footwear is clean and polished. If you want to wear a pair of heels, make sure they’re not scuffed from your night out. Wear a pair that’s comfortable to walk in and won’t distract you while you wait for your interview. Nobody wants to think of pinched toes or blisters during their interview, so make sure your shoes are worn-in before the big day.


Wear Appropriate Makeup


Unless you’re interviewing for a fashion job, keep it simple with the makeup. Save the intense cat eye makeup and red lipstick for nighttime and go for a subtler look.  Stay away from distracting colors and wear neutral tones that accentuate your features. One simple way to keep your makeup from looking too dramatic is to apply it in the natural light. Hold a vanity mirror up to the window and apply your makeup accordingly.




Keep your accessories understated. Choose a simple bracelet, stud earrings, and delicate necklace to pull your look together. If your outfit is neutral, choose accessories with a little more sparkle or color to give your look more interest.


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Your interviewer likely won’t be looking at your fingers with a magnifying glass, but nobody likes to see dirty nails. If you’ve been neglecting your nails, it may be time for a manicure. Go for neutral nudes, pinks, or even red for a pop of color. Your nails need more than color; they also need to be trimmed and filed.




Check your hair before your interview. Leaning your head against the car seat, a gust of wind, or fluffing your hair before an interview can lead strands astray. Bring a hair tie, hairspray, or bobby pins just in case you need a quick touch up.


Follow these style guidelines and you’ll pull off a cool, professional look sure to get you noticed for all the right reasons. Nail the first impression and walk in with confidence so you can land your job.



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5 Ways to Steal a French Girl’s Style

Everyone knows how fashionable French women are. To me, they are the most stylish set of women in the world. They always inspire me with their sense of fashion and style.

French women have always been known to be classy. In my eyes, they are the definition of stylish. And no matter the age, French women have always kept up to date with fashion.


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If you want to look trendy the French way and don’t know where to start from, why not follow try these tips. They are so easy, you can literally steal them and own the style.


Keep to a colour scheme that is neutral and not vibrant clashes

The best type of style is the one that is kept simple. The funny thing is that simple may seem a little difficult to pull off than elaborate. But if you want to dress like the French then you need to stick with a neutral set of colours – one or two will do.

The French are not known for being making bold combinations of colours. Instead they stick to a few. This is where your monochrome outfits will come in handy. The most common colours used are black, white, blue, grey and beige.


Capture the relaxed look with loose fitting shirts and tops

The French love comfort and nothing does that better than loose clothing. You don’t have to wear fitting clothes in order to look stylish. To capture that French look, you do not have to accentuate your shape. Your focus should be on making sure that the outfit is a perfect match.

Laid back and French could be as easy as putting on a loose shirt, rolled up at the sleeves over a nice pair of comfortable jeans. You can also try a baggy shirt rolled up at the sleeves and black and white striped trousers.


Go for the stripes

The black and white stripes is a popular French cliché that is still worn today. Taking a cue from the monochromatic style of the French, black and white stripes make a good ensemble for those who want to copy the French style.  When it comes to the black and white stripes, the most popular is the striped top or jacket. Style that over a nice pair of black trousers to maintain the monochrome colour scheme.




Less is more

The French style is one that minimalist in nature. From the choice of colour and accessories, a French woman looks stylish, focusing on ensuring that they look simple. The best way to follow this is to tone down on the number of jewelry you use. Don’t overburden your outfit with layering. A simple neutral grey top over black trousers will hit the mark just right.


Add some men’s wear to your range of outfits

Believe it or not adding a masculine touch to your outfit can make you look very French. It not only makes you dress like the French, it also makes you strong and elegant as you maintain some femininity. A tailored black or grey suit would do the trick. Blazers also make a good fit. And, of course, together with a matching clutch purse, high heels and some red lipstick you’ll let your femininity shine through your outfit.


Are you a fan of the French Woman’s style?

Does Fashion Empower Women

Fashion means a whole lot of things to different people. For some, it means a means of expression. For others, it’s a way to feel good about themselves. Then there are others who see fashion as a movement.

Seeing fashion as way to empower yourself as a woman is something that is most times overlooked by a lot of women. No matter how fashion conscious they might seem, very few women are aware about the type of power fashion delivers. It’s all up to you to be conscious of it and steer it in the direction that will help you grow as a woman.



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But can fashion really empower women? I did a bit of research and soul-searching as I’m also into fashion and this is what I got:

Fashion makes you feel confident about yourself

There’s no doubt that looking good makes you feel great about yourself. And when you’re confident, you are able to do things in life fearlessly. For a woman, fashion empowers her to be able to come out of her shell. Fashion gives you that sense of security that you will be respected and heard because people usually address us the way we are dressed. Also, the boost of confidence fashion gives makes a woman feel unstoppable.

Fashion is a good avenue to make a living

Some of the women who venture into fashion industry have been extremely successful. Fashion is a lucrative business and there are so many angles from which you can start a career. From fashion blogging to fashion designing, or a being a personal stylist to sharing and selling courses or training, the options are endless, and the sky is only the beginning.

Being able to create a sustainable living from something that interests you is empowering as it gives you a sense of control over your life. You feel that you are able to support yourself and your family. You also define your income which empowers you to do greater things in life.

Fashion gives you the opportunity to share your message and make an impact

Fashion is expression. It’s a means of telling a story about society. While watching fashion shows on TV, I love listening to the behind-the-scenes interview with fashion designers. I observed that whenever they talk about their collection, there was usually a story behind it and a message they wanted to put out in the world.

Charity shows and fund raisers have been a great way women have impacted society through fashion. Their art through fashion has been an inspiration to several other upcoming designers, who look up to them for the motivation to pursue their dreams.



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So does fashion inspire women? Absolutely! It’s all about being able to take fashion leverage on its power to give you the confidence to be yourself, the economic power to live the life of freedom and the ability to share your message and be an inspiration to others.

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