Product Review: Botanics Simply Calm Face Cream

Hey beauty lovers! Another week, another product review post for you. I have been using this fab face cream by Botanics for many weeks now. It is enriched with Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil and Shea Butter. This Botanics nourishing, non-greasy hydrating face cream calms and hydrates stressed feeling skin, leaving it feeling moisturised, soothed and more hydrated.

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Product Review: Botanics Simply Calm Face Cream

Here are some of the amazing benefits of Botanics Simply Calm Face Cream –

•    Skin feels less stressed and hydrated after use
•   It helps improve the appearance of redness
•   Simply Calm Face Cream helps improve the appearance of stressed skin
•   It is also fast-absorbing

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Here are my thoughts on this amazing face cream:

  • It absorbs into the skin very fast.
  • This face cream leaves the skin very hydrated and moisturised.
  • I love the light fragrance.
  • It is not tested on animals.
  • This product contains no parabens, phthalates, mineral oils & SLS.
  • I love the texture of this face cream
  • It is a gentle product. Great for all skin types including sensitive skin.
  • I like the light price tag of £9.99.


I really like this face cream. It ticks all my skincare boxes and I love how my skin is looking. I can clearly see myself buying this Simply Calm Hydrating Face Cream by Botanics again and again. I love everything about it. There is literally nothing not to like. Plus the price tag is really affordable. I got mine from Boots online.

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What do you think of this Simply Calm Hydrating Face Cream by Botanics? Have you tried it before? Have you tried any products from Botanics? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. You can read my last product review post here.

Thanks for reading, commenting, sharing, and liking. Have a lovely week and stay safe wherever you are.

Why I haven’t had my hair done since February

I have been not visited my hairdresser since February 2020. This was a decision I made when the chaos started. I decided to quit many of the things I would do normally. Having my hair professionally done was one of them. Even when the government lifted the restrictions here in England, my restrictions were still on. The main reason why I have decided not to have my hair done professionally is that I wanted to pay more attention to it and grow it. I am pleased with how my hair is looking these days. It has grown rapidly in the last 3 months. I am looking forward to seeing how long and healthy it will look like by the end of the year. Also, the whole idea of wearing masks to the hairdressers didn’t encourage me to go in.

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Why I haven’t had my hair done since February

For those who do not know, I decided to go down the natural route some years ago. I got rid of all the hair relaxers and chemicals I have been using on my hair for decades and allowed my hair to be. The big chop route didn’t appeal to me, so I decided to let the relaxed ends outgrow themselves. It was a long process but it worked well in the end. I am looking forward to my hair growing longer so I can do more with it. Hopefully, I and my little girl will be able to visit our hairdresser within the next few months, but I don’t think I am ready just yet.

I love the fact that I can wash my hair every 2 weeks (or whenever I feel like) without worrying about messing up my cornrows. The fact that I am to deeply moisturise my hair with oils twice a day, from the scalp to the tips is also a big one for me. Usually, many of the hairstyles I do don’t allow me moisturise my hair the way I would like to. I have my hair in plaits or twists I do myself. It allows my hair to breathe easy.

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I now see why many natural hair women hardly have their hair in cornrow styles these days. If there is one thing this pandemic has allowed me to, it has given me a good reason to care for my hair the way my hair wants me to. The growth and the glow in my hair speak for itself. I went from not being able to grow my hair some months ago to haveing my hair grow longer and healthier every week. This experience has been mind-blowing. I will be sharing before and after photos to keep track of the length, so do lookout for the next natural hair update post.



Product Review: Tea Tree Essential Oil

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I am now an essential oil guru. There are so many bottles of essential oils in my house so expect many blog posts on them. My recent addition to my essential oils collection is this Tea Tree Oil by Tisserand. I have used this essential oil many times, it is so good. It can be used in many different ways. I use this oil on my hair, it also helps me when I have a blocked nose, a few drops on my pillow and I have a good night sleep. I have also used it to get rid of little ants and bugs around the house. If you need to try one essential oil this summer, I would strongly recommend you try Tea Tree Essential Oil.

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Brief history

Possibly one of the most renowned herbal treatments throughout the world, pungent Tea Tree is ideal for use in soothing and healing a plethora of ailments. It is thought that Tea Tree gained its modern name from English explorer Cpt James Cook, whose crew drank infusions of the plant to treat scurvy.

Hailing from Australia, indigenous aboriginal people have used Tea Tree for centuries to treat coughs, colds, fevers and headaches with its medicinal properties.


100% Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) leaf oil

  1. This essential oil is Vegan and Cruelty free. Tisserand Aromatherapy products and ingredients are not tested on animals.
  2. This oil contains no parabens, synthetic fragrances or SLES/SLS.
  3. I add a few drops of this oil into my hair spray product. It helps keep my hair healthy and moisturised. It also helps my hair grow like weed.
  4. A few drops of this help get rid of ants and bugs. I sprinkle a few drops in affected areas and the ants disappear.
  5. Tea Tree Oil blends easily with other oils.
  6. It is great for supporting the body during winter months. It helps in the treatment of colds, coughs and headaches.
  7. A few drops of Tea Tree in your shampoo will help relieve your scalp from itch and dandruff.
  8. You can also use this essential oil in a diffuser or oil burner or in a homemade blend (with a carrier oil) to use as a facial treatment, body oil or bath oil.
  1. I am not a huge fan of the smell but for the amazing benefits, I will cope with it.

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This product is definitely worth trying. You can grab yours via the link below –


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