Beauty Muse: Elizabeth Taylor

Hey Beauty Lovers! It is a new week and I am loving the amazing sunny weather we are currently experiencing. The first post of this week is all about the Beauty Muse of the month. The beautiful icon – Elizabeth Taylor is the Beauty Muse for the month of September. I have always admired this woman. She was one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Her beauty was on a whole different level with the amazing facial features and stunning hair. Elizabeth Taylor is definitely a beauty muse all day, everyday. Do you agree?

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Beauty Muse: Elizabeth Taylor

One of the things I really loved about Elizabeth Taylor is that she aged beautifully and naturally, which was a lovely sight to behold, in comparison with some other celebrities who have tried to fight Mother Nature.

Here are some Elizabeth Taylor’s best kept beauty secrets:

She did her own makeup

I found it very interesting to discover that Elizabeth Taylor applied her own makeup on and off screen. Her makeup always looked lovely so she must have been very talented.

“When I was younger, for a long time I didn’t wear any make-up in films; when I did start to wear make-up, I always did it myself,” she once said.

Elizabeth Taylor didn’t like conditioners

This beauty muse did not like conditioners. She felt conditioners made her hair too sleek and she preferred the bouncy look. Thankfully, with the advancement in haircare products, there are so many options for hair conditioners, ladies with bouncy hair don’t have to worry about dealing with a too sleek look.

This Beauty Muse loved drugstore brands

Elizabeth Taylor loved affordable skincare brands. Her favourite was Jergens and she used the lotion religiously.

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What do you think of Elizabeth Taylor as a Beauty Muse? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.





The Benefits of Using a Hair Masque

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We are huge fans of SheaMoisture in our house. I use many products from their skincare and haircare ranges. SheaMoisture products are absolutely amazing, which is why we use many of them. They work great for my hair and my daughter’s hair. I can’t imagine not using SheaMoisture products. One of the products we use from SheaMoisture is the hair masque. We currently use SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Hair Masque and it has done wonders on our hair. I know many women are not aware of the benefits of using a hair masque on a regular basis.

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Here are a few benefits for you to know –

Shiny and Softer Hair

A good hair masque like the SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Masque leaves your hair really soft and manageable. The hair is also a lot more shiny after using a hair masque.


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Repairs and Strengthens the Hair

A good hair masque repairs and strengthens the hair. It leaves the hair a lot stronger and repairs damaged hair. If you hair needs a little pick me up, a good hair masque may be all you need to bring your hair back to life.

Healthy Scalp

Hair masque help the scalp stay healthy and dandruff free. I would be lost without my hair masque.

Moisturised Hair

A good hair masque would leave your hair moisturised and hydrated. My hair game changed for the better I discovered the amazing power and the benefits of a hair masque.

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The benefits of using a hair masque are too numerous to mention here. I use a hair masque every fortnight when my hair is not in a protective style and I really like the magic it does to my hair. My hair is looking very healthy now thanks to this hair product and many more. You can shop this SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Masque with Sea kelp and Argan Oil below.

I will be showing off how full and healthy my hair is now in the next hair blog post so look out for that. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week ahead.

How to Cope in the Dreaded Changing Rooms

I wrote about my issue with changing rooms in stores some weeks ago, and I was pleased to find that many other women struggled with trying on clothes in dreaded changing rooms. The discovery wasn’t surprising to me at all. I knew I wasn’t the only one avoiding store changing rooms. If you Google up “Dreaded Changing Rooms”, you will find many articles on this issue. Which is why I am writing this post on how to cope in the Dreaded Changing Rooms, if you find yourself there.



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Go for the inner changing rooms

My main issue with the changing rooms is my fear that someone would stumble in mistakenly or deliberately. The curtains also do not provide enough privacy. I find that there are usually little gaps at each side which is why I like to go for the inner changing rooms for a bit more privacy and security.


Be realistic

My first tip when it comes to surviving the changing room is to be realistic. Select clothing that would suit your body shape and make sure they come in the right size. There is no point for you to pick a size 12 dress if you are a size 8. The dress would never look good on you. Also, the fact that the skirt looks amazing on the shop assistant does not mean it would look good on you. Go for styles that would complement your figure.

Being realistic in the changing room is a way to make the process a lot easier.


Walk around in the pieces

Before you decide on whether you are buying the pieces, make sure you sit down and walk around in it. That way you would get an idea of how the clothing would look and feel on a regular day for you. Also, you sitting down is a way for you to take your time and have a good look before you decide on whether to buy or not. What looks good standing up may look horrible when you sit down. That dress that looks lovely when standing up may look tight and off when you sit down.

The last thing you need is to rush when trying on clothes. You are in the changing room already, you may as well take your time.



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Give yourself a 360

I know many of us struggle with the mirrors in the changing rooms. It could be due to the lightning and the type of mirrors used but you need to give yourself a 360 when trying on clothes. Using the mirrors would help you see the whole outfit from all angles so you get no nasty surprise when you are out and about in your new piece.


These tips do work for me when I have to deal with the dreaded changing rooms. I like to avoid changing rooms as much as I can which is why I go for online shopping, but when I have to go into the shops, these tips come in handy.

How do you cope in changing rooms? Do you have any tips that work for you? Please share them in the comments section below.

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