The Rules for Beautiful Hair

A woman’s hair is her crown and it needs to be nurtured to look beautiful and healthy. I neglected my hair for many years so I know all about how damaging it is for your hair when the right hair products are not used or when you don’t spend time caring for it. Life happened and I now give my hair the attention and care it needs to thrive. I went naturally a few years ago and I only use natural hair products to nourish my hair. The rules for beautiful hair are similar to those for lovely skin. I will be writing a post showing off how long my hair is now and what my hair routine really looks like.  For now, here is a picture of my current hair length.

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The Rules for Beautiful Hair
Keep your hair clean

I wash my hair every 2 weeks. Washing it every week will do my hair more damage than good. How often you should wash your hair depends on your hair type? Wash it as often as you need to keep it clean and healthy.

Stimulate your hair

It is very important to keep your hair stimulated. I do this by massaging hair oils into my scalp every day. This aids hair growth and keeps the scalp healthy.

Moisturise your hair

My hair and scalp are quite dry, so I moisturise twice a day. I have a spray bottle containing water and oils, and I use that twice a day alongside hair oils.

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Keep your hair smelling good

The season of sweat is here and if you neglect your hair, it will end up smelling terrible. I love my hair smelling good. My essential oils do the job for me. I sprinkle a few jobs of my favourite essential oils into my spray bottle and that leaves my hair moisturised and smelling divine.


Product Review: Lavender Essential Oil

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I have been using this Lavender Essential Oil by Naissance for many months now. I am a huge fan of the brand and I have used many of their oils. Naissance has various oils and they are all vegan friendly. The brand also does not test on animals, so it is definitely a brand worth trying if you are into oils in general. This Lavender Essential Oil is a great oil to have around the house. It can be used in many different ways and I love how versatile this essential oil is.

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Product Description

Lavender Essential Oil is one of the most popular among the essential oils and it is extremely versatile oil with a plethora of uses. In aromatherapy, it is thought to have a calming and soothing effect on the senses. Add a few drops to your diffuser or burner and immerse yourself in the relaxing and balancing nature of Lavender Oil.
Lavender is such a versatile oil, it blends well with almost all oils, especially floral and citrus oils. Experiment with your blends, the possibilities are endless.


Lavandula Angustifolia(Lavender) Oil

  1. This Lavender Essential Oil is 100% natural.
  2. I love the fact that I can use this oil in many different ways. I add some drops of this oil into my hair moisturiser and shampoo. This oil is also sprinkled on my pillow to aid a good night sleep.
  3. The brand does not test on animals and this oil is vegan friendly.
  4. It is super easy to blend this Lavender Essential Oil with other oils. I blended mine with Coconut Oil, Almond Sweet Oil and many more oils, and they always blend so well.
  5. I love the aroma of this essential oil. It smells amazing.
  6. The packaging is simple and practical.


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I can’t fault this Lavender Essential Oil. It is an amazing oil and can be used in a variety of ways. Lavender Essential Oil is one of my favourite essential oils because it is so versatile, easy to blend in and smells divine. You can shop yours on Amazon via the link below –

Please read the instructions on the pack before using any essential oil. You should follow all directions of use properly to avoid any problems. I will be writing about the amazing benefits of Lavender Oil for the hair soon so look out for that post.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day.




The Benefits of Using a Hair Masque

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We are huge fans of SheaMoisture in our house. I use many products from their skincare and haircare ranges. SheaMoisture products are absolutely amazing, which is why we use many of them. They work great for my hair and my daughter’s hair. I can’t imagine not using SheaMoisture products. One of the products we use from SheaMoisture is the hair masque. We currently use SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Hair Masque and it has done wonders on our hair. I know many women are not aware of the benefits of using a hair masque on a regular basis.

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Here are a few benefits for you to know –

Shiny and Softer Hair

A good hair masque like the SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Masque leaves your hair really soft and manageable. The hair is also a lot more shiny after using a hair masque.


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Repairs and Strengthens the Hair

A good hair masque repairs and strengthens the hair. It leaves the hair a lot stronger and repairs damaged hair. If you hair needs a little pick me up, a good hair masque may be all you need to bring your hair back to life.

Healthy Scalp

Hair masque help the scalp stay healthy and dandruff free. I would be lost without my hair masque.

Moisturised Hair

A good hair masque would leave your hair moisturised and hydrated. My hair game changed for the better I discovered the amazing power and the benefits of a hair masque.

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The benefits of using a hair masque are too numerous to mention here. I use a hair masque every fortnight when my hair is not in a protective style and I really like the magic it does to my hair. My hair is looking very healthy now thanks to this hair product and many more. You can shop this SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Masque with Sea kelp and Argan Oil below.

I will be showing off how full and healthy my hair is now in the next hair blog post so look out for that. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week ahead.

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