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In the pursuit of finding the right hair products for my natural hair and that of my daughter’s, I have come across so many haircare products. I recently came across Just For Me Natural Hair Milk by Soft & Beautiful. My hairstylist used it on my hair and I liked it. So I ordered one for myself and my daughter to share to see how we get on with it. We have used this hair product for over 2 weeks now on a daily basis, and we really like it. It is an amazing haircare product. I love what it does to our hair, especially my daughter’s hair. I don’t have to worry about our baby hair going astray now thanks to this amazing Just For Me Natural Hair Milk.


Product Description

Just For Me Natural Hair Milk is a smoothing edges crème. It is an alcohol-free formula that manipulates hair perfectly.


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  1. This haircare product does what it says on the pack. It smoothes the hair edges and leaves it all shiny and smooth.
  2. It is alcohol free, which is great.
  3. This product works best for tight, curly or wavy hair.
  4. It does not leave the edges hard after application, which is amazing. I hate it when haircare products that are meant to smoothen the edges, dry them out.




I can’t fault this product. It performs brilliantly and it is now one my favourite haircare products.



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We love this Just For Me Natural Hair Milk by Soft & Beautiful so much that we even blogged about it. You can watch the video review below on our YouTube Channel.



If you like this product, you can grab it here. It currently retails at £6.69 only for 113g/4oz Tub.

What do you think of this hair product? Have you tried it before? How do you care for your natural hair? Please leave a comment in the comments section below.

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  1. Honestly, this is the first time I heard about the product. I want to try this one out. I have thick straight hair and sometimes the ends get dry and split. Maybe this will help with that issue.

  2. This is a kiddies product, right? I remember Just For Me relaxer kit, now they’re making natural hair products. Hah!

    • Grown ups can use it too! I remember that relaxer too! I guess they are moving with the times 😊

  3. This sounds very interesting! I myself have oily hair. I’ll ask my friend who’s trying to fight against dry hair to see your post.

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  6. As a guy, I tend to use/borrow/steal my sister’s hair products and use it on my own curly hair. So far, only hair milk products with coconut in its name has somewhat strengthened and increased the volume of my hair. Making it like a bed, but curly. And makes it easy to trim down.

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