Why I hate trying on clothes in the changing room

I do 98% of my shopping online. Online shopping is convenient for me and it suits my current lifestyle as I hardly ever go anywhere. I rather pay a delivery charge and try the clothes in the comfort of my home, than head off to a shopping mall. However there are times when I have to go into a store to shop. I prefer buying shoes and jeans in store because I need to make sure they fit. The only time I shop for these online is when I know for a fact that they would suit because I have bought similar pieces/pairs before from the same store. So what happens when I have to go into a mall to shop and use the changing rooms? I just do it and get it over it quickly.

I am sure I am not the only one that hates trying on clothes in the changing room. I have had a few people tell me they rather try on clothes at home and return them if they don’t fit than use the changing rooms. It is strange that many of us feel that way about the changing room. So what is the deal with the changing rooms?


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Why I hate trying on clothes in the changing room

These are the reasons why I rather over trying on clothes in changing rooms –


I feel exposed

There is little privacy in changing rooms. I find the curtains don’t do a good job and I feel exposed when trying on clothes. I also have this weird feeling that someone could mistakenly/deliberately open the curtains.


They are always too small

As a twin mummy, I am usually out and about with the kids. Trying on clothes in small changing rooms with 2 very active toddlers is not ideal. The rooms are usually even too small for just one person, not to mention going in with kids.


Waiting for a free room

I am not the most patient person. My entire patience is used up with the twins so I have little or non left for anything else. Hanging around waiting for a free room to try on clothes feels like a waste of valuable time.



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Changing rooms are useful

Despite my reservations, I know how useful changing rooms can be. They are great for when you need to ensure that stunning dress fits great or that new brand has the jeans you have your eye on in your size. But I still avoid them when I can. I rather just try my finds at home and buy from trusted brands I know.


What are your thoughts on this? Do you avoid the changing rooms like I do?

The Kiddies Review My Little Pony Mare Y Go Round Carousel

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My daughter is obsessed with My Little Pony. She loves watching the many episodes on Netflix and she is forever collecting the ponies. We shot a YouTube video the other day and it was all about My Little Pony Mare Y Go Round Carousel. It is one of her favourites things to play. She has had this set for some years now and she still plays with it pretty much everyday.  We love the fact that this My Little Pony Mare Y Go Round Carousel Review has the original Hasbro MLP theme song. To get the music playing and the carousel moving, you need to slide the heart-shaped button. 

This My Little Pony set includes carousel, 2 pony figures, 2 carousel ponies, sticker sheet, 3 paper goods, and instructions. It suits children from ages 3 and above.


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If your little ones are into My Little Pony then they may love this Mare Y Go Round Carousel. It is a couple of years old now so you may not find it available in most stores or online, but I have managed to track it down on Amazon if you want one. It is exclusively available on Amazon and you can shop for it via this link.

We also managed to vlog about this Hasbro toy. You can watch our new video below. Also do like, comment and subscribe to our new YouTube Channel. We post videos a few times a week, so keep watching. You can also watch our preview vlog of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Castle Review on our channel.


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What do you think of this My Little Pony Mare Y Go Round Carousel? Is your child a fan of My Little Pony toys? Do sound off in the comments section below. Let’s chat.

Thanks for reading and watching. Have a lovely day.


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