Product Review: Baylis & Harding Goodness Rose & Geranium Natural Body Wash

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As a Vegetarian, I am always after new Vegan-friendly products to try. This is why I was keen to get my hands on Baylis & Harding Goodness Rose & Geranium Natural Body Wash after reading some lovely reviews online. This natural body wash is amazing. I have been using it for months now and I really like the product. 

Baylis & Harding Goodness Rose & Geranium Natural Body Wash Product Description

Rose and geranium – two of the most beautifully classic flowers in an English country garden, encased in beautifully minimalist packaging. The fragrance blends rose and geranium with rich amber and refreshing zesty top notes of lemon. Enriched by essential oils of Lemon and geranium.

Baylis & Harding Goodness Rose & Geranium Natural Body Wash image

  1. I love the simple and practical packaging. The 100 percent recyclable bottles are great for the environment
  2. The fragrance is amazing. I love how the light scent lingers on after a shower
  3. This body wash is Vegan-friendly. It includes mild, plant-based cleansers, and a 95 percent biodegradable formula
  4. This product is mild and gentle on the skin. It is great for all skin types including sensitive skin
  5. It is dye-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, and sulfate/SLS/SLES/ales-free
  6. I love how clean and soft it leaves my skin
  7. It is quite affordable. You can shop the product and more via the link below.


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I love this body wash and I can’t think of any cons. Everything about this product is amazing and it is great for the skin. I know I will be shopping for this product again. If you like the sound of this body wash, you can grab yours via the Amazon link below –

What do you think of Baylis & Harding Goodness Rose & Goodness Body Wash? Have you tried it before? Have you tried any products by Baylis & Harding? Please share your views in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by. Stay cool.



Beauty Muse: Michaela Coel

The captivating British Actress –  Michaela Coel is the Beauty Muse on Fashion and Style Police this month. I have always found this beauty very intriguing for some time now. I remember seeing her on Black Panther and many other movies. She always has my attention.

I recently started watching Black Earth Rising on Netflix and I am really enjoying the series. It has been on my watch list for a while and I am glad I finally got around to watching it. The storyline is so interesting and Michaela Coel’s character (Kate Ashby) is really fun to watch. She keeps me entertained; her acting skills are top-notch and she brings on the drama fully! I also think she is an amazing beauty muse.

Black Earth Rising Michaela Coel image

Beauty Muse: Michaela Coel

This stunning woman has some of the most amazing facial features I have ever seen. Her skin is simply flawless and beautiful. I would love to be a fly on her wall to spy on her skincare routine. Her hair is so cool! I love how she wears it and it suits her so much. It also makes her facial features even more prominent. I also find her eyes very; they always catch my eye. It just stands out with or without makeup.

Michaela Coel is a natural beauty. She looks gorgeous every time and she makes it look so effortless. Her look may be too intense for some but I like it. There is beauty in diversity and confidence and she brings them both strongly to the table. I like to see bold and confident women being themselves unapologetically, regardless of societal expectations. This beautiful woman is a breath of fresh air; she is beauty goals all day, every day.

Beauty Blogger image

Have you seen Black Earth Rising on Netflix? What do you think of the storyline?

Product Review: Simple Refreshing Shower Gel

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I have been using Simple Refreshing Shower Gel for some months. It is a natural, Vegan, Cruelty-Free product. I am a huge fan of Simple products because they are always simple and natural. This is the second product I am using by Simple and it is really good. It ticks most of my skincare boxes, keep reading to find out more about this fab product.

Product Review Simple image

I don’t use shower gels on my face, I prefer to use a bar of soap for my face and shower gel for my body. In my search for natural skincare products, I stumbled upon this Simple Refreshing Shower Gel. Check out my pros and cons below –

  1. This shower gel is gentle on the skin. It works great on my sensitive skin.
  2. It contains no soap, which is great.
  3. I like that there are no artificial ingredients or harsh chemicals in this shower gel.
  4. There are no animal-derived ingredients in this product.
  5. It has not been tested on animals.
  6. A little goes a long way with this shower gel. I only need a dash for my whole body. It lathers really well.
  7. I like that this shower gel leaves the skin clean, soft, and smooth
  8. It is quite affordable. You can shop for this product on Amazon via the link below.
  1. I am not a huge fan of the cucumber fragrance. It is a light scent so not too overpowering but I prefer other natural fragrances. My shower gel needs to have a fragrance I like. It adds to my overall bathing experience, so I may not be using this shower gel until they come in other fragrances.

Beauty Blogger UK Image Simple Refreshing Shower Gel review image

What do you think of this Simple Refreshing Shower Gel? Have you tried it before? Are you a fan of Simple products? Please sound off in the comments section below. Thanks for stopping by.



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