3 Great Carrier Oils for Natural Hair

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Our hair needs to be moisturised regularly to look and feel healthy. This is why the type of hair products we use is very important. You want to pay attention to the ingredients in the products you use on your hair to ensure they are top quality and natural (if you are on a natural hair care journey like me). I like to use natural carrier oils on my hair. They always leave my hair hydrated and moisturised. Anything else just feels heavy on my hair.

Here are my current top 3 great carrier oils for natural hair:

Organic Black Seed Oil

Product Review: Organic Black Seed Oil image

This Organic Black Seed Oil is 100% virgin cold pressed. It can be used in a variety of ways but I currently use it on my hair and skin. I love how it leaves my hair moisturised and soft. I have also noticed it aids hair growth, so if you are looking for an oil to use to support hair growth, this Organic Black Seed Natural Oil is a great option. 

Naissance Liquid Fractionated Coconut Oil

Coconut Massage Oil Image

I have been using this particular coconut oil for many years and I can see myself using it for many more years to come. I have just ordered another bottle as I am due to run out any day now. The coconut oil is 100% pure, cruelty-free, and Vegan. It can be used in a variety of ways and it is so good. I love how it leaves my hair and skin looking hydrated and moisturised. It is also super affordable, you can grab yours via the link below. The packaging has slightly changed but the content is the same.

Organic Rosehip Oil

Rosehip Oil Review Picture

Organic Rosehip Oil is another fab option for hair oils. I have been using this particular brand for a few months and it is really good. I have noticed that it moisturises my hair really well. My hair is quite dry and so it needs a little more oil than most, which is why moisturising oils are really good for my hair. This Organic Rosehip Oil is 100% cold pressed, cruelty-free, and free from free of parabens, silicon, sulfates, pesticides, artificial colouring, and perfumes.

What are your thoughts on these 3 carrier oils for hair? Have you used any of them in the past? Please share your views and experiences in the comments section below, and let’s chat. Thanks for stopping by.


How to grow your hair faster

For as long as I can remember, I have almost always desired to grow my hair faster. Over the years, I have read various articles and tried all types of hair products that promised to grow my hair fast. Many of them did not do much. I have come to realise that like many things, it is more about the practice than the products. In other words, it is how I care for my hair that grows my hair and not really the products I use. Since the light bulb moment, I have taken care of my hair in many different ways and I have discovered which methods work best for my hair. I also care for my daughter’s hair using the same methods.

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How to grow your hair faster

Here are some of the methods that have worked perfectly for my hair over the years –

Tip 1 – Go natural

I started keeping my hair natural some years ago and it is the best thing I have ever done for my hair. Chemicals were doing dangerous things to my scalp and my hair was so weak. I didn’t go down the big chop route so it was a slow journey back to the roots but no regrets. I love how healthy and thick my hair is now.

Tip 2 – No heat or artificial products

I let my hair air-dry when I wash it. No dryers on my hair. If you must use a dryer, get one with a cold setting. Heat damages the hair. Also, I use only natural hair products. Nothing artificial touches my hair. I like to use essential oils and other carrier oils. They work great for my hair type. If you have a dry scalp like mine, it is very important you keep your scalp moisturised every day. I usually have my oils and water mixed up and ready to use in a spray bottle.

Tip 3 – Sleep with a silk bonnet

It is important you take care of your hair while you sleep. I always sleep with a silk scarf and bonnet every night. That way my hair stays protected all through the night and neat as well.

Tip 4 – Have on protective styles

It is very important for us to care for our hair by wearing more protective styles. I always have my hair in a braid or 2 at the minimum. It is easier to care for your hair when you have on a protective style as well.

How do you care for your hair?


The Rules for Beautiful Hair

A woman’s hair is her crown and it needs to be nurtured to look beautiful and healthy. I neglected my hair for many years so I know all about how damaging it is for your hair when the right hair products are not used or when you don’t spend time caring for it. Life happened and I now give my hair the attention and care it needs to thrive. I went naturally a few years ago and I only use natural hair products to nourish my hair. The rules for beautiful hair are similar to those for lovely skin. I will be writing a post showing off how long my hair is now and what my hair routine really looks like.  For now, here is a picture of my current hair length.

Beautiful hair image

The Rules for Beautiful Hair
Keep your hair clean

I wash my hair every 2 weeks. Washing it every week will do my hair more damage than good. How often you should wash your hair depends on your hair type? Wash it as often as you need to keep it clean and healthy.

Stimulate your hair

It is very important to keep your hair stimulated. I do this by massaging hair oils into my scalp every day. This aids hair growth and keeps the scalp healthy.

Moisturise your hair

My hair and scalp are quite dry, so I moisturise twice a day. I have a spray bottle containing water and oils, and I use that twice a day alongside hair oils.

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Keep your hair smelling good

The season of sweat is here and if you neglect your hair, it will end up smelling terrible. I love my hair smelling good. My essential oils do the job for me. I sprinkle a few jobs of my favourite essential oils into my spray bottle and that leaves my hair moisturised and smelling divine.


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