Female Body Shapes: The Pocket Rocket Shaped Woman


So last week, I wrote about the Balcony Shaped Woman, if you missed that post, catch up here.

This week is all about the Pocket Rocket Woman. I never knew such a shape existed until I started researching the various female body shapes and that is one of the things I love about the Female Body Shapes series, it opens my eyes to facts I never knew.

The Pocket Rocket-shaped woman is petite and curvy – some of these women are blessed with very sexy hourglass measurements on their miniature frames,  celebrities like Kylie Minogue and Elizabeth Taylor are examples of the Pocket Rocket curvy woman. Others like  Natalie Portman, Clara Bow, and Norma Desmond have less symmetrical proportions.

Here are the DOs and DONTs of this shape:


  1. Keep your accessories small and simple so they don’t overshadow you
  2. Go for fitted pieces to show off or create curves
  3. Opt for high heels to give you an illusion of a longer frame
  4. Go for colour block outfits, they make the body appear longer
  5. Go for V-neck pieces, they give the illusion of a longer body
  6. If hats are right up your street, go for hats with small proportions
  7. Embrace your style with custom accessories.


Since their development in the 1960s, pin badges are still an evergreen element of the fashion industry. Custom pin badges are as much about self-expression as they have trending. It is common to see them on red carpets, catwalks, fashion week street shoots, and as regular items of luxury brands. And it can even be preserved as a collection!

Custom pin badges image

Natalie Portman



  1. Avoid maxi skirts and dresses, they will make you appear shorter.
  2. Avoid wearing any bold pattern or colour for the same reason listed above.
  3. Stay away from dungarees and shorts, it will make you look like a child.
  4. Stay away from ponchos, they will swallow up your small frame instantly.

Are you a pocket rocket woman? What do you think of this body shape? Sound off in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

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  1. I’m def a Pocket Rocket woman – I never knew that term existed either until now! I’m pretty good at keeping away from the ‘don’ts’ except perhaps the shorts, which I wear on hols through necessity! Being small it’s certainly very easy to look swamped if you don’t choose your fashion items wisely! Great post! Tx

  2. As I’m 4ft 11 and class myself as curvy (lower half, not so much top) I’m happy we have a cool name as pocket rocket. Although I never feel I can stay away from certain clothing, I wear shorts, I think anyone can wear things if they are done to suit and flatter your shape. Great post by the way it’s to finally have a name for our shape!

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