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I am planning my next vacation in my head. Nothing has been booked yet but I am thinking somewhere warm and sunny like Dubai or Vegas would be fantastic. Especially now as the sunshine is gradually leaving the UK, it would be nice to escape to a warm region. The online travel specialist; Love Holidays is carrying out a research on people’s travel behaviours; what motivates us to go abroad, do we keep to baggage allowance and what your beauty travel essentials are?

The weather plays a major role in deciding where I spend my holiday. Since we hardly ever have good weather in the UK, I tend to opt for warmer countries where it is nice and sunny, and where I can dress up in my summer outfits and rock my sunnies for some days.


I always try to travel light but most times I end up with excess luggage, especially now that we have kids. It is so hard to travel light when going on holiday. There is just so much junk we need to go with, it is unbelievable. Then we come back with even more junk, guess because we love to shop too much.

The online travel specialist; Love Holidays will is carrying a research I cannot afford to go on holiday without my beauty products. They may be bulky to travel with but I would be lost without them. Here are my beauty travel essentials:


I travel with my entire makeup bag. Crazy but true. It makes my life easier because I can’t be bothered picking out what to travel with and what not to. I may have to change this in future when my beauty products increase, they seem to be increasing a lot these days , but for now, I pack them.


I like rocking a simple hairstyle when I am on holiday because I usually spend a lot of time relaxing in the pool or on a beach. Any fussy hairstyle will be messed up pretty quickly. I usually take a hair spray, a hair polish and a V05 Extreme Style Rework Fibre Putty  with me depending on the hairstyle I have on.

VO5 Extreme Style


When I go on holiday, I make sure I look after my skin just as I would, so I take these products with me:

  • Fair and White Moisturiser which contains SPF.
  • Vita Coco Coconut Oil
  • Garnier makeup remover
  • Marykay Face Toner
  • Some cotton wool
  • Huggies Baby Wipes


I cannot go on holiday without any of these items. Guess this explains why I always end up with an excess luggage.

Now over to you. What motivates you to go abroad? What are your travel beauty essentials? Do you exceed your baggage allowance? Leave me a comment, let’s chat.

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Product Review: SkinChemists Coldtox Activ+ Professional Facial Treatment


I received this Coldtox Activ+ Professional Facial Treatment by SkinChemists some weeks ago and I was super excited to try it out. This brand is quite popular with the celebrities, The Duchess of Cornwall, Tulisa Contostavlos, Rosie Fortescue, Amy Childs, Jourdan Dunn, all love it so you can imagine how exciting it was for me to review this product. I love home based beauty products I can use by myself, I don’t have the luxury of time to head off to a spa (although I would love to) for a facial, so having a product to try out from the comfort of my home felt so good.

This product is a professional quality rejuvenation treatment, one of its kind available on the consumer market to use at home. It comes in a pack containing 5 ampoules, which I used for 5 consecutive days.

Here is what SkinChemists had to say about this Coldtox Activ+ Professional Facial Treatment:

This pioneering professional facial treatment contains skinChemists own unique formulation of active ingredients designed to stimulate cell renewal whilst deeply hydrating the skin. The skin will experience a total regeneration and be left soft and supple, looking young, revived and healthy. Rich in active ingredient Marine Collagen, the serum will counteract the loss of collagen content associated with age as well as other physiological changed that result in lower moisture levels in the skin. Snow Algae, natures key to skin longevity, combats the effects of time by mimicking the mechanism of calorie restriction, improving the endurance of the skin. This in turn improves cellular defenses, as well as reinforcing, smoothing and hydrating the skin. Swiss Glacier Water splashes the skin with a dose of 24 hour refreshing hydration – maintaining the skin’s moisture all day long and providing in-depth comfort for dry skin.


Here are my thoughts:


  • It comes in a nice package and the ampoules are quite easy to snap open.
  • There is more than enough in each ampoule, to apply generously on the face and neck.
  • It works! After the 5 day treatment, my skin looked and felt really smooth.
  • For a facial treatment that works, the price is quite reasonable at £79.95.


  • None.

I recommend this product to anyone needing a home based professional facial treatment. I can’t fault this product as it does the job perfectly. My skin is glowing.

Have you tried this product? What do you think of home based facial treatments? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

*PR sample.

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