How to clean your wooden furniture

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Wooden furniture is easy and affordable to maintain. I love have wooden furniture in our home as they are so child friendly. When you have a growing family, the first thing you need to do is to make sure your house is child friendly and it is a lot easier to do when you have wooden furniture, unlike when your home is filled with glass furniture.

I recently came across Sheesham Furniture range and it is an excellent example of a beautiful wood furniture range. The lovely collection is made from highest quality Indian Sheesham and it is filled with a variety of great looking furniture, from bookcases to coffee tables. There is a piece of furniture for everyone in the range.


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If you have wooden furniture and you are wondering how best to clean your wooden furniture, here are some cleaning tips you may find very handy.


Start with a damp microfiber cloth

Microfibre cloth is so useful. I always make sure I have some of them in my kitchen cupboard for when I need to clean. Always start cleaning your wooden furniture by wiping with a damp microfibre cloth to get rid of dust and dirt. The cloth should just feel damp and not wet so you don’t damage your furniture. Once you wipe with a damp microfibre cloth, you need to quickly wipe the furniture again with a dry cloth to remove any wetness.


Use dish washing liquid

Dish washing liquid can be used in other ways in the home apart from washing dishes. I always add them to my cleaning cloth when I need to quickly clean a messy part in our house and it works great. To get rid of dirt and grime, add a few drops of dish washing soap with some water. That usually gets rid of any gummy or sticky residue. Once the area is clean, wipe again with a dry cloth to get rid of any wetness.


Avoid polish sprays on wooden furniture

Polish sprays smell great and may clean very well but they are not best when it comes to cleaning wooden furniture because they usually leave a residue. However, you can apply a good wood furniture polish sparingly to add some shine. Polishing your wood a few times a year is ideal. Always ensure you do your cleaning in a well ventilated room, especially when you are using cleaners or sprays.


Are you a fan of wooden furniture? What are your thoughts?









How I Grew My Blog Following to 29,000 & Counting

I have had a couple of people ask me how I grew my blog following so I decided to write-up a post explaining how I did, what blog promotions worked for me, and what tips you should consider trying. Grab a cuppa, and enjoy the read…….

Christmas Night In

Posting Regularly

I blog pretty much everyday, multiple times on some days, and that helps improve my blog following, as there is always a new post to attract more eyeballs to my blog, and most of those eyeballs usually stay on as followers. I know posting so regularly doesn’t work for some bloggers, but it works brilliantly for me.

Posting a Varied Content

Fashion and Style Police started off as a niche blog. It was all fashion back in the day, but now, it is 60% fashion, 20% beauty, 10% lifestyle and 10% blogging tips, at the moment, and I love it this way. I enjoy writing about various topics, I find it interesting and engaging, and it helps attract more blog readers who eventually become followers.

My blog followers follow me for various reasons. Some enjoy reading anything I publish, some follow me to get updates on my outfit and fashion posts, some are here for the product reviews and beauty posts, while some follow to get heads up on my lifestyle/blogging posts. My varied posts bring in more readers, as people are usually interested in various topics. Running a varied blog gets me more followers. It may not work for niche blogs, but it works fine for me.

Facebook Ad Promotions

I have previously written about how Facebook ad promotions helped grow my Facebook blog page, and it is still growing. I currently have over 16,000 fans on my page. I have had this page since I set up the blog over 3 years ago. However, once I started to run monthly Facebook ads, I started to see a spike in my followers. The beauty of Facebook ad promotions is that you can set your budget to as little as £3, and target a specific audience. For as little as £7, I can get over 500 new likes, once I target my audience right.

When targeting, I look out for people who will have interest in the kind of blog posts I write. It works like magic for me.

Shrinking Violet Kit


Read, Comment and Follow Other Blogs

I read, comment and follow loads of blogs, and many reciprocate. However, I should say I only follow blogs/bloggers I truly have an interest in. I don’t do follow for follow, I don’t expect every blogger I follow to follow me back, but I do unfollow those bloggers that do not respond to genuine tweets or comments, I find that so rude.

Being Social Online

I try to engage with my followers online. I find that the more I engage on social media, especially on Twitter and Instagram, the more followers I get. Being social in a good way, does help.

So there you have it, some of the ways I have grown my blog following. How have you grown yours? What tips have worked for you? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

Also, my book – How to Cash In as a Blogger, is currently FREE on Amazon for the next 48 hours, so start downloading.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely week ahead.


Some Funny/Random Things That Happened To Me This Week

Some very funny, random things happened to me this week, and I thought I should share them with y’all…

Random Coffee


  • I read about this Peek User Testing website on Twitter some days ago and the Curious George in me decided to try it out for myself. I submitted my URL on the site and got the results via email, few hours later and boy was it funny. The ‘random’ person had no clue really, she couldn’t even make up her mind on whether she thought my blog was interesting or not (using her own words). She spent about 2 minutes trying to make up her mind on whether my blog was about fashion or trends, LMAO. It was the funniest thing ever. I wish I could share the video of the results but I can’t. You can get your blog analysed by them just for laughs, Google Peek User Testing and the site should pop up. Warning: do not tak the ‘random’ analyst too seriously.


  • PRs and Brands taking the piss like literally. Asking for EVERYTHING and MORE for peanuts in return, and when I say peanuts, I mean money too small, you can do little or nothing with in the UK, say £20. I once had a brand somewhere in China, offer to pay me $13 and had the audacity to say she was offering me a good deal, as she usually pays bloggers $3, I was like what? I guess we bloggers will continue to be taken advantage off until we know our worth and take a stand. I personally have taken a stand, I stopped playing a fool a long time ago.



  • A dog trying to steal my shine while taking an outfit post. It was hilarious, the dog tried to jump on me in the middle of the photoshoot, lol…


  • I have my first laser treatment booked in for this week and I am excited but at the same time nervous. I will fill you in on that soon, so keep reading.


So there are my random happenings of the week. Share yours in the comment section and let’s have a giggle.

Thanks for reading.


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