Meditate some more to reduce the lockdown stress

This lockdown can be so stressful. Some days are better than others. It is hard keeping track of the days of the week when you are home in lockdown everyday. If you are into meditating, you are in luck. You should actually meditate some more to reduce the lockdown stress and stay on top of your mental health. I have been mediating loads and it has really helped me improve my wellbeing. Meditating is a free way to reduce stress and improve your overall mental health. Since many of us are stuck indoors, meditating some more will do wonders for both the physical and the mental health.

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If meditating is new to you and you have no clue how to go about meditating, I would advise you to dig up some YouTube videos on mediating. There are loads on there to help you. You can also read books on meditation and how to meditate if you prefer reading to watching videos or you can combine the two channels and get all the knowledge you need. There are many apps for meditation. My current favourite app is Abide. It is a Christian app and it has completely changed my life for the better. It is a premium app but really affordable. I have tried loads of Apps, and the Abide App is the best by far. The App has meditations for various topics including sleep and very interesting bedtime stories. It is so amazing. You need to try it for yourself to discover how great it is.

Meditating is one gift I am glad to have discovered. If you are struggling with negative emotions during this turbulent season, mediating regularly will help loads. I have quiet times multiple times throughout the day and meditating is a big part of it. It helps me tune in and tune out the noise and negativity going on at the moment.

Do you mediate regularly?


Working from home in quarantine

We have officially been in lockdown for about four weeks now and it looks like this is going to go on for at least three more weeks. I have been working from home for years, so that bit is not new. What is new is having to share my working space with the rest of the fam all day, everyday. That part is the tricky bit. I am used to having a good few hours to work, study and just chill, while the kiddies are in school. All that is out of the window now. I was really worried about how I would cope when this quarantine initially started.

Working from home in quarantine

I thought I would struggle a lot to get anything done. However, I have adjusted pretty well. I do what I can in the early hours of the morning before the rest of the house wakes and I slot in what needs doing throughout the day while the kiddies are engaged. Anything else that needs doing, I sort out later in the evening while the twins are in bed.


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Work is quiet anyways so I don’t really have much to do. Uni assignments have all been handed in so I am just waiting on the results. I will be rounding all uni work for the year next month, which is brillant. The break is well needed. I will be starting the second year in October, and by then, all this should be over hopefully.

Being able to work from home is a blessing

I am grateful to be able to work from home even though it is very quiet. Working from home has always been a privilege and a blessing. It is definitely not easy to get anything done but determination and passion is crucial when it comes to getting anything done. Working from home in quarantine?  How are you all coping in quarantine? Please sound off in the comments section below. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the rest of your week.

Looking For A New Hobby This Spring? Get Creative With One Of These!

*Collaborative post.

Your lawn is swimming in the sunshine, and your living room’s plants are slowly getting back to life. It is time to shake off the languor of winter and get rid of the extra kilos that Christmas and Easter inevitably bring on! If the first sunny days of the year make you feel energized and ready to take on a new challenge, put your creative juices to work by picking a new hobby. Here is some inspiration!

Meditation or Yoga

If spring is the awakening of the body, meditation is the awakening of the mind. Several studies have proven its ability to lower stress levels, enhance productivity, and even give you the much-needed energy boost you had been waiting for all winter. The beauty of meditation is that there is no must-follow formula for every person. Pick the technique you feel the most comfortable with and start your day with 20-30 mins of mindfulness. Alternatively, work on your summer body with regular yoga practice!

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Grow a vegetable garden or plants

Have you been dreaming about spending sunny days reconnecting with nature? Growing your vegetable garden has unique benefits that extend to your dinner table! Whether you are all in for a vegan-week challenge or you like to care for your plants, spring is the best time for gardening. If you are looking for an affordable hobby that gives you the chance to think and relax, try growing your herbs.

Knitting and crocheting

Do you always feel guilty about not using your porch or balcony enough? Switch the tv off and move your most comfortable chair outside. Knitting or crocheting are affordable options for a new hobby, you can get started straight away, and you can see results in no time. This pastime is also the best way to craft the scarf of your dream to go with your just-bought warm-weather fashion tops.

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Photo by Retha Ferguson from Pexels

New (Exciting) recipes

Caring for your little ones means that you might be spending more time in the kitchen than you ever wanted to. If you are bored of making mash potatoes and beans on toast on repeat, now is the best time to try out new inspired recipes. Whether you are after the perfect sourdough or figuring out how to turn a mass of icing into the birthday cake of your kids’ dreams, cooking can take a whole new turn. 


Always felt like a misunderstood artist or never had a chance to dedicate yourself to the arts? This hobby might require a little investment at first to gather all the materials you might need, but it is rewarding! Some of the proven benefits of painting include strengthening your memory, building your creative thinking, and improving your problem-solving skills. Best of all, drawing, painting, or colouring are excellent remedies against stress and anxiety.

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The takeaways

No matter what hobby you have decided to dedicate yourself to this spring, aim at picking one that allows you to be outdoors and at your healthiest. It can be hard to find your best physical and mental shape after months of indoor-living, so use your new passion to exercise your mind, body, and creativity. What will your favourite hobby be this spring?


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