How to relax in the midst of chaos

Staying calm in the midst of chaos isn’t always easy, especially when we bring social media into the mix. It can be tricky to stay on top of our feelings when drama online and you have to work online, but there are many ways to stay relaxed. In this blog post, I am going to share some tips to help you stay relaxed in the midst of chaos or drama. These tips are tried and tested.

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How to relax in the midst of chaos

Focus on what elevates

I scroll past different types of news online and I ignore majority of them. News is not something I seek out or watch, so I tend to not see majority of them. I rather focus on what elevates me then dwell on what doesn’t. It is important to stay aware of what is going on but it id important you know the difference between staying aware of what is happening and dwelling on what is happening. The former is what you need to do.

Have a routine

It is really important to have a daily routine that works for your family. That way you know what needs to be done and you can stay on top of your day and not get carried away with the confusion and chaos. You can create a flexible routine that allows you change things around during the day but still gives you that safety net as well. I find that my days are a lot better when I stick to my routine.

Eat healthy foods

This tip is a big one. You are what you consume, and this is why you need to ensure you are eating healthy to stay healthy. I have been a Vegetarian for over a year now and it has completely changed my life. Ensure you only eat healthy foods to keep your body in good shape.

Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is really important especially now. The power of a good night sleep can never be overemphasised. We all need to get enough sleep to keep our body and mind healthy. Try going to bed an hour early everyday for a week and see how you feel.

Worry less

Many of us spend time worrying about things we have no business worrying about. It is important to worry less in order to stay healthy and happy. Worry leads to more stress, and that is really the last thing many of us need. Try as much as possible to take your mind off whatever you may be worrying about and spend time doing what you enjoy.

Listen to music

Good music heals the soul and that is one of the reasons why I ensure I listen to good music everyday. Some of my favourite artistes are Cece Winans, Enya, William McDowell, Adele, Mercy Chinwo and many more.

How do you relax in the midst of chaos? Do you have any tried and tested tips to share? Please sound off in the comments section, let’s chat! Thanks for reading. Have a lovely day.



6 Clever Productivity Tips That Will Improve Your Workday

*Collaborative post.

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Productivity is what we all aim to achieve and excel at, yet it’s often difficult, especially if we’re dealing with other problems too. But, it’s easy to be productive if you’re focused and healthy, which is why it’s important to adopt some positive habits in order to experience amazing results. However, that’s often easier said than done, which means you should also practice some self-discipline and patience. 

Therefore, if you’re struggling with productivity, here are some useful tips that will help you improve your workflow. 

1. Divide and organize your work tasks 

If you have a big workload looming over your head, then you know how difficult it is to get started and work continuously. That’s why you should divide and organize your work tasks: doing things that way will make it easier to stay focused and complete everything on time. Instead of doing everything at once, it’s better to divide your workload into smaller chunks and start from there. You’ll feel less stress that way, which is important if you want to be productive.

2. Make sure you’re fed and hydrated 

Working on an empty stomach is okay as long as it doesn’t disturb your work process. But, everything is better when you’re properly fed and hydrated. However, make sure to eat in moderation because overeating can lead to sleepiness and lack of motivation. Also, having a glass of water nearby can help you take small sips and stay hydrated throughout your workday. In case you love drinking coffee, then it’s important to consume only 1-2 cups each day because drinking too much caffeine can lead to tremors and anxiety. 

3. Get enough sleep 

Sleeping is important, especially if you work a lot during the day. Unfortunately, many people tend to sacrifice their sleep in favor of work, which can be detrimental to one’s health. Sure, staying up from time to time in order to finish working is fine, as long as it’s not something you do often. Also, make sure to invest in a quality bed and mattress, so your body will be able to rest and relax while you sleep. You can check out great mattresses here, and remember to try them out before you decide to make a final purchase. Sleeping for 7-9 hours every day is important if you want to boost your productivity and stay healthy. 

4. Know when to stop 

If you work too hard without taking care of your well-being, it’s very likely you’ll experience some symptoms of burnout and exhaustion. Therefore, if you see that your workload is getting bigger and that you can’t do anything about it, then it’s important to take a break. Going on a vacation or taking some time off to rest should be your priority, otherwise, you might end up harming yourself. Seeking professional help due to work issues should be normalized because only then people will be able to reach their professional goals. 

5. Don’t multitask if you’re not good at it 

Multitasking is often considered a pinnacle of productivity, but that’s not always the case. Simply, you shouldn’t multitask if you’re not good at it. Instead, learn how to monotask successfully, because it’s always better to take care of one thing first before you move on to other tasks and work-related duties. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should spend hours dealing with one task only, but at least make sure that you get something done before you decide to do something else. 

6. Remove distractions 

Sometimes, it’s easy to get lost in scrolling down your phone while ignoring work. That’s why it’s important to remove distractions that don’t serve you. For example, leaving your phone in another room is always a good idea, mainly if you tend to use it too much. Additionally, there are many add-ons and extensions that block access to certain websites such as Facebook or Twitter, so you’ll be able to work without getting distracted. 


These productivity tips will definitely boost your performance and improve your workday. Therefore, feel free to use them anytime you want to be more productive, and soon you’ll see amazing results.


Seven Small Ways You Can Be More Positive

*Collaborative post.

Every day will have something in it that is positive, whether it’s a smile from a loved one, a change in bad circumstances, or your luck changing. Somedays you need to look a little more to find it, especially with how pressured the world is at the moment. But, it is there. 

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Let’s have some of the ways you can keep yourself positive below: 

Keep A Gratitude Journal

Writing in a gratitude journal can make you feel miles better if you are struggling to see the positivity in your life. The more specific you can be the better. There has been a number of studies that show that gratitude is heavily linked to your positive emotions, life satisfaction, and overall well-being. People often find it difficult to see the gratitude in their life and used things like talking to family and friends or online psychic readings as a way to see what is good. 

Listen To Music And Sounds That You Enjoy 

Listen to the sounds and music that make you feel how you want to feel. Research suggests that music is powerful and is able to activate the part of our brain that releases a feel-good chemical called dopamine, it also relaxes the body. This means that happy music can, in fact, make you feel happy. 

Share Your Positivity 

With the way that the world is at the moment, the chances are that if you are feeling a little lower than normal, other people are too. Why not send a few thank you emails, or do one act of kindness each day. There are many studies that prove that acts of kindness can dramatically boost your happiness, make you live longers, and improve depression

Challenge Your Negative Thinking 

If you’re thinking negatively about something, someone, or a situation, try taking a minute and asking yourself if there could be a more positive way to view it. There is plenty of studies that have shown that thinking more optimistically is brilliant for your health and good for your well-being. 

Smile More 

It may sound too simple, however, simply smiling more can make you feel happier. The feedback that is sent to your brain when you smile, can have an impact on your emotions. So smile at people passing by, smile to yourself when listening to your favorite song, and remember to smile in those happy moments. 

Follow Your Passion

You should always try to do something that makes you excited. Sign up to volunteer for something you believe in, or start a class to learn something new. It can help you to find a sense of meaning in your life, live longer, have better life satisfaction, and make you live healthier. 


Even if you take a few minutes a day to mediate it can be brilliant for your mood, help to decrease stress, and improve your sleep. If you meditate regularly you will find that you have greater self-awareness, are calmer, and have better focus. 

These are seven small ways you can keep yourself positive. Is there anything that you do to keep yourself positive? Please share some of them in the comments below. 


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